Magic Industry Empire - Volume 7 Chapter 133

Xu Yi watched as Marquis Descartes talked to the Rudson Kingdom’s representative, the Rudson Kingdom’s foreign affairs department’s chief Count Didamans with eyes that didn’t hide his scrutiny.

The Candra Empire’s peace talks were within his expectations and also outside of his expectations.

As the war continued, the Candra Empire had suffered loss after loss, even realizing from these defeats that their powerful army and most powerful Arch Magi were no use at all. They would surely think that it would be difficult for them to win this war.

Since it was like this, in order to guarantee the territorial integrity of the Candra Empire and to prevent further loss, the Candra Empire would take the initiative to propose peace talks so they could stall because if the peace talks were successful, the Candra Empire would be able to gain a large amount of time.

What Xu Yi didn’t expect was that the Candra Empire had recognized that they couldn’t directly face the Frestech Chamber of Commerce this early, so they had proposed peace talks much earlier than Xu Yi had expected.

This showed that the Candra Empire wasn’t like the rumours said, completely holding onto the idea that they were “the number one in the world”. They at least had people that could understand the situation.

So Xu Yi had personally come on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s behalf to these peace talks.

If the Candra Empire could understand the situation and bring out a plan that satisfied Xu Yi, he wouldn’t mind having real peace talks.

In the end, the Candra Empire was one of the two empires on the continent and with the current power of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, even if they worked with several countries, they couldn’t swallow all of the Candra Empire.

Using war to throw the Candra Empire into chaos was not what Xu Yi wanted to see at all.

In the history of earth, this happened quite a few times.

There was the ancient Mongolian army that was invincible, allowing their warhorses to sweep through all of Eurasia, almost building an empire that had completely covered all of Eurasia.

But this empire was only occupying the territory in name and the Mongol Empire didn’t actually have any control over their territories. It didn’t last long before they split apart and the Mongol Empire was destroyed.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had countless military magic machines that were ahead of the time and were invincible on the battlefield.

If Xu Yi was willing, he could have the Frestech Chamber of Commerce work with these countries to seize all of the Sines Continent without any resistance.

But there was no meaning to this.

Xu Yi’s ideal was to build a complete magic machine industrial system on the Sines Continent, greatly increasing the production force and production level of the continent. This would improve the state of civilization and improve everyone’s lives.

War was only a method, but it wasn’t the goal.

The reason for this war with the traditional force represented by the two empires was because the two empires wanted to seize control of the magic machine industry from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for the benefits hidden within.

Xu Yi didn’t mind splitting the benefits, but when it came to control, Xu Yi didn’t allow it to fall into anyone else’s hands.

Other than himself, Xu Yi didn’t believe that there was another person on the continent that had the same understanding and experience when it came to building a magic machine industrial system.

“If these peace talks succeed, we will definitely give your country a certain amount of compensation that will surely satisfy your country.”

At this time, Marquis Descartes and Count Didamans had finished their initial negotiations and turned to look at Xu Yi.

“Chairman Xu, does your Frestech Chamber of Commerce have any opinions?”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “The peace talks were proposed by your Candra Empire, so you should be the ones to propose conditions first.”

“Chairman Xu is right.” Marquis Descartes gave a nod and gave a signal with his hand.

Two people from the Candra Empire delegate behind him came forward, moving in front of Xu Yi and Count Didamans respectively, giving two documents to the two of them.

“These are the preliminary terms drawn up by the parliament, please have a look.”

Xu Yi and Count Didamans looked at each other before taking the document and carefully reading it before slightly knitting their brows.

In this document, the Candra Empire proposed that after the armistice, the Rudson Kingdom and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would remove their forces from the Candra Empire. The Candra Empire wouldn’t pursue the losses that they caused for the Candra Empire in this war.

This was considered normal since this was the foundation of truce between the two sides.

But in this treaty, the Candra Empire’s words were all aloof, making people feel uncomfortable.

Of course, the tone wasn’t important, what was important were the conditions.

The treaty that the Candra Empire proposed stated that after the truce, the Candra Empire would completely open themselves up to the Rudson Kingdom and Frestech Chamber of Commerce, while also providing a series of preferential policies.

For the Rudson Kingdom, the main thing was to alleviate the hostility at their borders, allowing the Rudson Kingdom citizens and merchants to freely enter the Candra Empire. While also give them preferential treatment that was almost equal to the Candra Empire citizens.

At the same time, the Candra Empire would remove the armies at their borders, while also choosing ten cities at the border to become trade zone cities. The Rudson Kingdom’s citizens wouldn’t have to pay any taxes in these ten cities and etc……

In short, although the policies that the Candra Empire gave the Rudson Kingdom looked good, there wasn’t much to them and the Candra Empire’s side wouldn’t actually invest that much resource into them.

It even…..seemed a bit like charity.

Compared to this, the Candra Empire’s conditions for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was much better.

The Candra Empire promised that after the truce, the Candra Empire would treat the Frestech Chamber of Commerce like a local company.

This meant that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wouldn’t need to pay a separate tariff when bringing goods into the Candra Empire, they would just need to pay the normal business tax like any other local Candra Empire company.

At the same time, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would receive protection from the Candra Empire locally. In the event of disputes or accidents, the Candra Empire officials would provide support to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Other than this, the Candra Empire also promised that they would further their cooperation with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. They promised that any cooperation with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would receive the highest priority and would receive many preferential policies.

At first sight, these conditions were very tempting because for a company like the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it could be considered very beneficial.

Just cancelling tariffs alone, would greatly increase the amount of products the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could import into the Candra Empire, greatly increasing their profits.

If there was another company that received these conditions, they would be grateful and even feel honoured towards the Candra Empire.

But when Xu Yi saw these conditions, he couldn’t help giving a cold laugh.

“Marquis Descartes, these are the conditions your Candra Empire is proposing?” Xu Yi raised the treaty in his hand and asked Marquis Descartes this question.

Marquis Descartes replied with a faint smile, “These are only the preliminary conditions. If there’s anything chairman Xu is dissatisfied with, we can still discuss this.”

“There’s nothing I’m dissatisfied with.” Xu Yi shook his head and threw the treaty in his hand. It was like the treaty had gained wings and landed right on the table in front of Marquis Descartes. Then Xu Yi raised his voice and said with a serious look, “I’m completely dissatisfied with this entire treaty! Marquis Descartes, if your Candra Empire has this attitude in a peace talk, then please go back. We will meet again on the battlefield.”

Marquis Descartes looked at the treaty on the table, but he didn’t show any panic on his face. After a bit of silence, he said with a smile, “Chairman Xu, we can slowly discuss terms in a peace talk. If you’re not satisfied with the conditions, we can come up with new conditions. Or perhaps you can just propose the conditions your Frestech Chamber of Commerce has and we can look it over. What do you think?”

Xu Yi looked at him and stood up, leaving the conference room.

The other Frestech Chamber of Commerce staff didn’t hesitate at all as they followed behind Xu Yi.

Marquis Descartes and the other members of the Candra Empire delegate were all stunned.

They never thought that Xu Yi would have such a big temper, directly leaving the scene in anger.

This was completely different from the various scenarios they had in mind.

If you were dissatisfied with the conditions, they could slowly discuss them like Marquis Descartes had said, but what was with leaving right away without even saying a thing?

Marquis Descartes was stunned for a while before turning to ask Count Didamans in a stiff manner, “Lord Count, chairman Xu……isn’t he being a bit too callous? Since your side has already accepted these peace talks with us, isn’t it a bit too excessive to show this kind of attitude?”

Count Didamans had a relaxed smile on his face as he looked at Marquis Descartes. After casually taking a sip of tea, he slowly said, “Marquis Descartes, you still can’t understand? Your Candra Empire was the one who proposed the peace talks this time, but you’re stating conditions like a willful child like this. Don’t you find it funny? You said that chairman Xu’s attitude isn’t good, but do you think that your attitude is good?”

Marquis Descartes’ expression sunk, “I’ve already said it, we can discuss any conditions that are dissatisfactory. Isn’t negotiations just to find a result that everyone is satisfied with?”

Count Didamans gave a laugh and shook his head. He put the teacup in his hand down and slowly turned to walk out.

The other members of the Rudson Kingdom delegate also left.

In the blink of an eye, there was only the Candra Empire delegate left in this large conference room. Even the waiters who were in charge of pouring water had left.

Marquis Descartes and the other members of the delegate looked at each other in blank dismay, not being able to say anything for a long time.