Magic Industry Empire - Volume 7 Chapter 143

It wasn’t just the powerful Arch Magi who were stunned.

The two empires had done everything, even using their precious heavy and light cavalry as cannon fodder, just to consume the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces’ ammunition. They had found a chance and they could even see a hope, but the moment the hundred Magic Airships had appeared, they had crushed the flames of hopes in the hearts of the people of the two empires with their dominating might.

It was clear that the powerful Arch Magi at the peak of the two empires’ army couldn’t deal with these Magic Airships. They weren’t even able to deal any damage to the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces on the ground. Just a single attack from them was able to crush the defensive lines that the two empires had gone all out to build, which turned the efforts of all the magicians into waste.

It wasn’t a comparison of who was stronger anymore, they weren’t on the same scale.

After recognizing this fact, the armies of the two empires lost all their courage to continue fighting.

After the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s Magic Airships stopped attacking, the camps of the two empires stood there in a daze. They couldn’t attack, they didn’t have the courage to attack, and they didn’t even have the courage to run.

Because they knew that if the Magic Airships wanted to kill them, with their speed marching on the ground, they would be unable to escape.

Seeing the roaring battlefield suddenly fall into a strange silence, Count Darcy couldn’t help curling his lips.

“It would be good if the Magic Airships could appear sooner, then we wouldn’t have had to spend all this time here.”

Chief Hart looked at him and gave a grunt, “The Magic Airships had to rush several hundred kilometers to get here, how could they appear that early? Then again, this was the strategy that sir chairman came up with, you heard it yourself.”

“Un, I was just curious. Since your company’s Magic Airships are this strong, then why did chairman Xu want us to fight here for all that time? In my opinion, that was a complete waste of time. It would be better to directly bombard them with the Magic Airships.”

“How much money do you think it takes to move the Magic Airship squad once?” Chief Hart glared at him, “Then again, sir chairman did this to crush the thoughts of resistance of the two empires, to make them not dare to presumptuously think that they could defeat us. If we don’t teach them a strong enough lesson on the battlefield, the two empires won’t be convinced.”

“Is that so?” Count Darcy stroked his chin as he revealed a confused look, “I still don’t understand why chairman Xu has to do it like this. With the current abilities of your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, if you work with our Rudson Kingdom, while we couldn’t completely occupy the Candra Empire, it isn’t hard to defeat the Candra Empire. Why are you going through all this trouble?”

“We don’t need to understand. Sir chairman has his own thoughts in doing this.” Chief Hart coldly said.

Count Darcy shook his head. He thought that Xu Yi’s prestige among the subordinates of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce really was high, it was even to the point that they didn’t question him.

But with the abilities that Xu Yi had demonstrated over the years, he was worthy of this kind of prestige.

The four Arch Magi and the sixteen Great Magicians in the air didn’t give up and kept attacking the Magic Airships with spells. The four Arch Magus even saw that normal spells had no use, so they flew up to the Magic Airships and released their Magic Domains, covering the Magic Airships and looking for a chance to destroy them.

This was without a doubt a risky move.

Because whether it was from the past reports or from the current fight, the abilities of the Magic Airships had already surpassed their magic knowledge. They still had space to dodge when they were far away, but when they were close, it would make their room to dodge very small and it would be very easy to fall into danger.

However, what made them despair was not that the ordinary spells of the Great Magicians and the powerful Forbidden Spells being erased by the blue light that came from the Magic Airships, not having any effect on them. It was that even when they released their Magic Domains, once it touched the blue barrier, it would disappear and wouldn’t affect anything.

With the blue light, it was like all magic was snow on a hot summer’s day.

When the four Arch Magi wanted to continue using their Magic Domains to keep attacking the Magic Airships, there was a gentle voice that came from above. Not only did the four Arch Magi clearly hear it, it also spread to the ears of the four Great Magicians, as well as the entire battlefield.

“This fight is over now.”

Following that calm voice, there was a figure that appeared in the air, appearing in front of the four Arch Magi and the sixteen Great Magicians.

Xu Yi!

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s Xu Yi!

Anyone whose eyes were good enough could recognize him with a single glance.

The hearts of the four Arch Magi in the air tensed and they immediately sent their Magic Domains at Xu Yi.

With four Arch Magi working together, even if Xu Yi himself was an Arch Magus, he couldn’t easily deal with it!

This fellow dared to present himself in front of everyone like this, it was seeking death!

As long as they killed him, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards would be in chaos and they would win this battle!

Seeing Xu Yi appear, these thoughts appeared in the mind of the four Arch Magi.

They didn’t think at all as they released their full power attack at Xu Yi.

Those sixteen Great Magicians behind them hesitated even less as they worked with the four Arch Magi to release their most powerful attack.

Facing this terrifying attack, not to mention a new Arch Magus like Xu Yi, even a veteran Arch Magus wouldn’t be able to do anything.

However, Xu Yi didn’t have a trace of panic on his face, rather he revealed a relaxed smile.

He didn’t make any moves at all as a light blue light appeared in front of him.

Seeing this familiar light blue light, the four Arch Magi and sixteen Great Magicians let out a sigh in their hearts.

As expected, whether it was the Magic Domain or the powerful spells, they all disappeared without a trace after touching this light blue light.

Xu Yi faced the four gloomy looking Arch Magi and said with a smile, “Everyone, let’s not waste our time, alright? In front of this high frequency magic particle stabilization barrier, your low frequency elemental magic energy vibrations won’t have any use at all.”

The four Arch Magi and sixteen Great Magicians looked at each other in blank dismay.

They could tell that their spells were useless, but what were the words that Xu Yi had just said?

What was this high frequency magic particle stabilization barrier? What were these low frequency elemental magic energy vibrations?

This fellow……was he even speaking the common tongue?

Seeing their confused looks, Xu Yi revealed a smile. He looked down before giving a sigh.

“If possible, I wanted to settle this peacefully, but now that it’s become like this……”

Xu Yi’s figure suddenly disappeared and when he appeared again, he was in front of the Candra Empire army.

Seeing Xu Yi suddenly appear, the Candra Empire soldiers were all shocked. The first row of soldiers couldn’t help firing the bows in their hands.

Of course, these wouldn’t pose a threat to Xu Yi at all.

He looked over the dense Candra Empire army with at least a hundred thousand soldiers left and raised his voice to say, “Your excellency Arch Magi from the Candra Empire, please come out. I have something to discuss with you.”

The remaining Candra Empire Arch Magus looked at Xu Yi with a surprised look before looking at Marshal Sudman beside him.

Marshal Sudman looked at Xu Yi with a complicated look and wanted to have someone make a move to kill Xu Yi very much.

However, he knew that there wouldn’t be any use in giving this order.

He had seen the actions of the four Arch Magi and the sixteen Great Magicians in the air. He knew that for the current Xu Yi, there wasn’t anything any magicians could do to him.

And it was impossible for his soldiers to pose any threat to an Arch Magus.

So even if Xu Yi stood there in front of the army, he couldn’t do anything to him.

After a moment of silence, he slowly gave a nod to the Arch Magus.

“Go and have a talk with him, see what he wants to say.”

The Arch Magus lowered his head to think before giving a nod and flying out.

Seeing that Arch Magus fly away, an exhausted feeling filled Marshal Sudman’s heart and he couldn’t help giving a sigh.

He didn’t know what Xu Yi wanted to say to the Arch Magi, but he had a very clear premonition.

From this day forth, the Sines Continent really would change.

After Xu Yi invited the only Candra Empire Arch Magus out, he went to the Marlow Empire’s side and also invited the two Marlow Empire Arch Magi out.

After that, the seven Arch Magi from the two empires that came to this war were gathered by Xu Yi.

It had to be said, in this small place, there were eight Arch Magi gathered when Xu Yi was included. This was already one third of all the Arch Magi on the entire Sines Continent.

If it was said that this represented the highest level of magic on the continent, no one would disagree.

However, after Xu Yi gathered these seven Arch Magi, he said this.

“Everyone, do you know what magic is?”