Magic Industry Empire - Volume 7 Chapter 146

Xu Yi used eloquent words to speak to the seven Arch Magi for half an hour, but they couldn’t understand what the concept of “scientific view of magic” was.

Xu Yi was very helpless towards this.

These seven Arch Magi had always lived on the Sines Continent, they weren’t like the children on earth who had adopted the concept of science since they were young, so naturally they didn’t feel anything towards science.

Moreover, they had studied the traditional concept of magic for decades now, so it was normal that they couldn’t accept this new concept like the kids who went to the Frestech Academy.

Xu Yi didn’t plan on making them accept this concept in a short period of time. He had spent all this time in this situation explaining these things to the seven Arch Magi to make them recognize a fact.

That fact was that the traditional concept of magic had already fallen behind. In the two empires, all the magicians, including the seven Arch Magi couldn’t stop the Frestech Chamber of Commerce anymore.

Although the seven Arch Magi were still a bit unwilling, they had to admit that Xu Yi was right because this was a fact.

“Actually, if possible, I wasn’t willing to fight this war.” Xu Yi said with a sincere look, “The destruction brought by war is too terrifying and in my opinion, there’s no meaning to it at all. However, if there wasn’t this war, there would have been many hindrances to me and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. For example, if there wasn’t this war, it would have been very difficult to have a chance to talk to you all as equals.”

“No, with your status as an Arch Magus, you definitely would have had the chance to talk to us as equals.” The Candra Empire Arch Magus who had a deep talk with Arch Magus Laduca and Arch Magus Ofalian before gave a sigh as he shook his head, “But if there wasn’t this war, without your Frestech Chamber of Commerce showing their power, you definitely wouldn’t have been able to convince us of what you said.”

“Actually, I still don’t somewhat believe you now.” A Marlow Empire Arch Magus said with a sunken expression, “Chairman Xu, I admit that the concepts you’ve proposed are very novel, but without having enough examples as proof, I still have my doubts.”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, showing he didn’t care.

They didn’t need to believe him, it was enough if these Arch Magi were interested.

Establishing the new scientific theory of magic, he couldn’t leave aside these Arch Magi if he wanted to spread it across the Sines Continent.

Xu Yi not only needed their rich knowledge of magic, he also needed their high prestige in the circle of magicians.

As long as these Arch Magi at the peak of magic were interested in this new theory and were involved in the research, they would lead the other magicians of the Sines Continent to participate in the research.

“Alright, chairman Xu, I admit that we can’t do anything to your Magic Airships and the army below most likely won’t be able to win this fight.” The Candra Empire Arch Magus said with a sigh, “But if you want us to admit defeat, that isn’t realistic. This is our Candra Empire’s final battle of honour, we can be defeated, but we can’t surrender.”

“Is that so?” Xu Yi revealed a smile that was a bit strange, “The reason that you can’t surrender is because we haven’t hit you hard enough, right?”

The Candra Empire Arch Magi gave bitter laughs, neither refuting it or admitting it.

Xu Yi looked at the two armies that had stopped before using his hand to signal for the seven Arch Magi to wait and the flying over to the Candra Empire lines.

“Marshal Sudman, can you come out to talk?”

Marshal Sudman in the lines looked at Xu Yi for a bit before riding his warhorse forward. He ignored the generals around him and came out of the formation.

The Candra Empire soldiers made way for him and soon Marshal Sudman appeared in front of Xu Yi.

Seeing Marshal Sudman jump off his horse, Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Sir marshal, we meet again.”

Marshal Sudman narrowed his eyes to seriously look at Xu Yi for a bit before giving a cold snort.

“It really is a pity I couldn’t kill you last time.”

“There’s no need to talk about the past.” Xu Yi waved his hand, “Sir marshal, I think that you should be clear on the present situation. I don’t want this fight to continue because there’s no meaning. What do you think?”

“What? Are you here to ask for our surrender?” Marshal Sudman revealed a sharp look and said in a deep voice, “Xu Yi, I’m telling you, even if our Candra Empire soldiers die in this battle, we will not surrender to you. If you want to end this battle, speak with your fists!”

Xu Yi couldn’t help shaking his head. He thought that from Marshal Sudman’s perspective, of course he wouldn’t surrender.

Marshal Sudman was the Candra Empire’s marshal, the highest representative of the Candra Empire army. Now that he was leading the most elite army of the Candra Empire, if he were to surrender, that would mean the complete surrender of the Candra Empire.

This was clearly not something that Marshal Sudman could decide, so he couldn’t accept this.

“Alright, you want me to use a fist, right? Then I’ll show you my fist now.”

Xu Yi gave a sigh before taking out a small Magic Communicator from his chest.

“Rocker, as per the plan, fire the Magic Particle Beam.”

Marshal Sudman looked at Xu Yi with a strange look.

What was this Magic Particle Beam? Could it be the “fist” that Xu Yi said that he would show him?

“Sir marshal, please look up. The thing that you will see will definitely leave behind an impression that you will never forget.”

Hearing Xu Yi’s words, Marshal Sudman looked into the sky. He saw ten Magic Airships come out from the group and gather in the western part of the battlefield, forming a circle.

This strange action caught the attention of everyone on the battlefield. They all looked up curiously at Magic Airships.

The ten Magic Airships got in formation and then after a while, there was a bright white light that appeared in front of them, in the center of their circle.

The expression of the seven Arch Magi in the air changed at the same time.

They could feel the strange magic fluctuations coming from the white light of these ten Magic Airships. It was completely different from any magic fluctuation that they had encountered before.

Thinking of hw Xu Yi had told them about elemental magic energy frequency and how different frequencies would change the final form of the elemental magic energy, the magic fluctuations of this white light being so special must mean that the final spell would also be special.

As soon as they had this thought, their expressions changed again.

This time, it wasn’t just the seven Arch Magi, but also the sixteen Great Magicians and the magicians in the camps of the two empires that all had their expressions change.

All the magicians could clearly feel that in the center of the circle of those ten white lights, the magic fluctuations became clearer and more powerful. It surpassed the level of magic fluctuations of normal spells in the blink of an eye.

However, when the intensity of the magic fluctuations reached the level of a Forbidden Spell, they didn’t stop, but rather continued to quickly grow.

The magic elemental energy in the surrounding magic space wildly gathered around the ten white lights and in the blink of an eye, the magic space in the surrounding thousand meters was drained.

In the center of the ten white lights was a very bright white ball. The more it absorbed the elemental magic energy, the bigger the white ball became, gradually turning to a pale light colour that had black stripes along it.

When the seven Arch Magi who had retreated to the ground to avoid being affected by the white ball looked at the white ball, their expressions were serious.

They could easily feel the shocking amount of elemental magic energy contained within the white ball. Once this white ball was released, the might would be terrifying.

Even a Forbidden Spell would be far from being able to compare to it.

When two of the Arch Magi turned to look at Xu Yi standing in front of the Candra Empire army, they suddenly felt it was a bit strange.

Suddenly turning back, they saw the white ball in the sky fly out. It became a dazzling beam of light in the air that flew out towards the mountain range to the west.

The speed of the white light was shocking, reaching the mountain range in an instant.

Everyone stared at the mountain where the white light landed before it released a bright and dazzling explosion of light that was like the sun. It forced everyone to tightly close their eyes.

Some people couldn't react in time and their eyes were blinded by this dazzling light, unable to stop the tears from coming out.

After a while, there was shaking like the ground was collapsing that came from the west. It shook everyone’s legs and quite a few people even fell to the ground.

After several minutes, the sound gradually faded and the shaking also slowly stopped.

Only then did everyone open their eyes with difficulty, looking at the mountains to the west.

However……where were those mountains?

Everyone looked and found that the mountain range had been split in half. The left side extended to the south and the right side extended northeast, but there was a giant hole that was in the middle.

The Candra Empire’s central province’s most famous Tangela Mountain Range had been blown up!

Xu Yi turned back to look at the stunned Marshal Sudman with a smile.

“Lord Marshal, is this fist big enough?”