Magic Industry Empire - Volume 7 Chapter 149

The New Years of year 3804 passed silently. When everyone thought that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wouldn’t make any large moves and gradually turned their eyes away from them, a piece of news came from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce that exploded the continent.

On February 17th, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce announced on the «Frestech Magic Machine Weekly» that after internal discussions, they had decided to share some of the magic machine technology outside of the household magic machine technology.

This news immediately attracted the attention of countless people.

Before this, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce only released mainly household magic machine technology. When it came to the other magic machines, they only cooperated with the countries that they were closest to in terms of a few military magic machines and there were no other technology that was released.

Now that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce made this announcement with their official channel, naturally there would be many people paying attention to it.

After this, for two consecutive weeks, the «Frestech Magic Machine Weekly» continued mentioning this matter. On March 4th, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce suddenly held a press conference in Frestech City to make a formal announcement. They announced that they would be releasing a large amount of technology related to the production magic machines, as well as other magic machines that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce produced.

This news spread across the entire Sines Continent like it grew wings. In just a single week, the representatives of countless countries and companies, as well as some unknown organizations rushed to Frestech City to contact the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce created a list of the technology they would be releasing, clearly stating the price tag of each piece of technology and each piece wasn’t cheap.

For example, the semiautomatic Magic Lathe, the price was set to three hundred and forty thousand gold coins.

Or the blueprint for the design of the Wind Magic Engine, the price was set for six hundred and thirty thousand gold coins.

Or for example……

It had to be said, the price really was excessively high and many people complained that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was just robbing them.

But even if they did complain, countless people still bought the rare technology released by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

In just a single week after the press conference, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce finalized three hundred and seventy six technology transfer agreements, reaching an amount of two hundred and sixty four million gold coins.

Of course, other than the Marlow Empire, the Candra Empire, or the Lampuri Kingdom that had rich resources, or companies that were even richer than the Frestech Chamber of Commerce like the Chimera Chamber of Commerce, there weren’t many organizations that could swallow all this technology at once.

Due to financial limitations, many countries and organizations had to carefully choose the technology they bought. It was clear that they were planning to specialize in one kind or several kinds of magic machines.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce supported this view, even making several “technology bundles”. It was selling the technology related to that magic machine together, so they would earn some discounts from buying it.

These discounts weren’t just discounts in sale price, but the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would also provide technological support and follow up services for those who bought these “technology bundles”, guaranteeing that those who bought these bundles would be able to digest the technology.

This service wouldn’t be provided to customers who bought the technology alone.

So because of this added service, as well as considerations of the countries and organizations that bought this technology, the “technology bundle” was warmly welcomed.

Of the three hundred and seventy six cases of technology transfer, over half of them were those that bought that “technology bundle”.

Of course, some people raised questions about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce doing this.

The people who raised questions stated that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wouldn’t put that much useful technology in this “technology bundle”. So while it seemed like buying the bundle was enticing, in reality, the bundle wouldn’t give much technology to you, but rather you would lose some.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s response to these doubts were very simple.

“The Frestech Chamber of Commerce trades in the spirit of equal and mutual benefits, we do not take any measures to coerce customers into buying our products. If you are dissatisfied with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s sales strategies, you can give your suggestions and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce will sincerely listen. At the same time, customers have the right to choose not to buy.”

These words seemed a bit troublesome and it seemed quite important if you listened to it, but there was a simple explanation to this.

But if you want, scram if you don’t.

This attitude made many people unhappy, but they could only keep this unhappiness in their heart for a bit before throwing it away.

At such a crucial period, who would have time to vent their displeasure with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce? It was better to take this time to buy their technology.

In the end, no matter how arrogant the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was or how they bullied their customers, making people want to curse them, they were the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. They were the only company that had control of all this magic machine technology.

To get that technology, they had no other choice.

Not to mention that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wasn’t a normal company. They were a powerful organization that had forced the Candra Empire and the Marlow Empire to sign a peace treaty with them.

Even the two empires couldn’t do anything to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so how could other people have any complaints?

From the sale of this technology, one could see the future trend.

Organizations with strong finances like the two empires and the Chimera Chamber of Commerce naturally hoped to get as much technology from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce as possible, then they would work hard to build their own magic machine industry, so they were no longer restrained by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

As for the weaker and smaller countries and companies, they knew that even if they had their own ambitions, without enough strength, they could only try to reach the pinnacle of several types, or even a single type of magic machine. Being able to develop this type of magic machine would be the result of receiving guidance from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

So on the future Sines Continent, there was no doubt of the focus of developing the magic machine industry. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had defeated the two empires to tell everyone that if they didn’t develop their magic machine industries, they would be eliminated.

But there were clearly different paths of development. Some could develop in a broad sense and some would develop in a refined sense.

This was just like the modern industry on earth, which was what Xu Yi wanted to see the most.

Of course while Xu Yi was happy, it also meant that many people were unhappy.

“Chairman Xu, about these three production magic machine technology, our Candra Empire has made an application to buy them three times, but why aren’t you willing to accept it?”

The Candra Empire’s department of commerce’s chief and Xu Yi’s old acquaintance Marquis Descartes knitted his brows as he read the list in his hand, looking very dissatisfied.

“You’ve said that you wanted to develop the magic machine industry on the sines Continent, so that was why you transferred your company’s unique magic machine technology. But…..even if you do transfer it, shouldn’t you pick the best recipient?”

“Marquis Descartes is right.” The Marlow Empire’s representative on the side, the Marlow Empire’s foreign trade department’s chief Marquis Seans knitted his brows as well, “There’s no doubt that the power of our two empires are much greater than the smaller countries and unknown small organizations. If you transfer this technology to us, I can guarantee that it will have a better effect on future development, so why aren’t you willing?”

“The two of you, didn’t I say it before? Didn’t you already buy all the technology that you wanted?” Xu Yi said with a faint smile.

“But your Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s support staff is limited and technological support is limited, it’s impossible to give that many people support and follow up services at once. If you just give this technology to us, or centralize the support around us, I think that these technologies will quickly show their use in our hands. No matter how you look at it, it would be better than those small countries and unknown companies, right?” Marquis Descartes continued.

“Then based on your words, wouldn’t it be better if I focused the support to these small countries and companies?” Xu Yi revealed a smile, “They aren’t like your two empires, wanting to swallow all the technology at once and just want to specialize in a few or even one type of technology. Compared to this, I believe that they will be easier to develop.”

“That isn’t right, right?” Marquis Seans shook his head, “Our two empires, whether it is strength or finances, are better than them. No matter how you look at it, our conditions are better and easier to develop. Not to mention anything else, just in terms of magicians, our two empires are much better than any other country or organization.”

Marquis Descartes nodded in response. When he wanted to say something, Xu Yi raised his hand to stop him.

“Speaking of this, when it comes to the magicians, what are the thoughts of your two empires?”

The two were stunned before looking at each other and falling silent.

Seeing the response from the two of them, Xu Yi understood. It was clear that the two empires hadn’t made a decision in the proposal he made two months ago.

“This means that you aren’t willing to agree?” Xu Yi revealed a cold smile, “You’re not willing to agree to my request and you’re making this kind of unreasonable request, how do you want me to respond?”

The two of them quickly squeezed out a smile and Marquis Descartes said, “Chairman Xu, don’t misunderstand, these are two different matters. As for the magicians issue, the empire is still discussing this. You should know that this will require the agreement of the magicians in the empire and without their agreement, how could we……”

“You don’t need to worry about the magicians.” Xu Yi waved his hand, “I’ve already spoken to the people of the Magicians Guild and the Magicians Survival Job Security Union, they have already agreed to my suggestion. Moreover, I have talked to the Arch Magi of your two countries in secret and they all agree as well. So…..there is only your two empires that are left.”

“This……” Their expressions became a bit ugly, “Even if our two countries agree, there are many countries on the continent……”

“If your two empires agree, the two major magician organizations agree, and our Frestech Chamber of Commerce agrees, who would dare to go against it?” Xu Yi raised his voice a bit as he asked this back.

Seeing the serious look on Xu Yi’s face, Marquis Descartes and Marquis Seans looked at each other before revealing bitter smiles.

Actually, Xu Yi’s words were already giving them as the representatives of the two empires plenty of face.

With the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s prestige on the continent, as long as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce made a certain request, which country or organization on the continent would dare oppose it.

As for the opinion of the individual magicians?

Didn’t they hear what Xu Yi had just said? He had already reached an agreement with all the Arch Magi of the two empires, so which magician would be blind enough to go against him?

“Then……Chairman Xu, if our two countries agree to this matter, can you consider the request that we were just talking about?” Marquis Descartes asked again.

Xu Yi looked at the two of them and revealed a faint smile, “Marquis Descartes, you said it just now, these are two different matters. How could they be discussed together?”

Marquis Seans and Marquis Descartes exchanged helpless looks as they had nothing to say in response to this.