Magic Industry Empire - Volume 7 Chapter 151

Stripping the magicians from the battlefield and half forcing them into the magic machine industry, that was only the first step in Xu Yi’s plan to develop the magic machine industry.

The magic machine industry was a very broad industry and to develop it comprehensively, other than magicians, they couldn’t miss out on other aspects.

After announcing this «Magicians Peace Convention», Xu Yi’s next goal was to develop the large number of workers that the industry needed.

Being restrained by production before, although the humans on the continent had ruled it for several thousand years, they could never develop their population. Right now the total population of the entire continent is only less than two hundred million people.

Compared to the vast Sines Continent, this population seemed a bit sparse.

For Xu Yi who wanted to develop a comprehensive and mature magic machine industry, the labour provided from this sparse population was far from enough.

Xu Yi naturally couldn’t greatly increase the population of the Sines Continent at once because that would require a lot of time as a foundation.

So under the existing conditions, Xu Yi chose two means to solve this matter.

The first was starting from the root.

Around a month after the «Magicians Peace Convention» was announced, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce made a big move.

May 3rd, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce held another press conference, announcing that they would be cooperating with twenty six countries in terms of agricultural magic machines.

This wouldn’t just provide them with agricultural magic machines, it also included the new and mature farming method that the Lampuri Kingdom had already developed. They would help them grasp this “modern” farming method which would greatly increase their country’s grain yield.

After this news was analyzed by the newspapers, people found that the twenty six countries chosen by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce were all carefully chosen.

These twenty six countries, all of them had one thing in common. It was that they were all on flat land and mainly had plains on their territory, which provided plenty of farming area.

This meant that these countries were most suited for the new farming method the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was promoting. This would make it easier to implement the new farming method and greatly increase the grain yield.

Many countries had many opinions about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s choices.

They stated that their countries also had similar land and needed the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s support to increase their grain yield.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce stated that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would make different decisions based on the situation of the countries. They chose these twenty six countries to promote the new farming method because they had suitable conditions, but that didn’t mean the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would give up on the different countries.

After this, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce will provide different agricultural magic machines based on the different lands of each country, doing their best to satisfy their needs.

At the same time, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce stated that their goal was to increase the overall grain yield on the continent, allowing everyone to have enough food, which was also the goal of every country and person on the continent. So the Frestech Chamber of Commerce hoped that all the countries and organizations would work with them.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce didn’t state how the countries and organizations would work with them, but no one asked this question……

So this first method of starting from the root was to increase the overall grain yield on the continent, increasing the population of the continent.

As for the second method, that was to work with existing conditions.

The manpower on the Sines Continent was limited and effective labour was even more limited. To develop the magic machine industry, naturally they had to increase the quality of the existing labour force as much as possible.

So the Frestech Chamber of Commerce signed cooperation agreements with the two empires and most of the countries, planning to build over five hundred magic industry vocational schools in these countries.

These schools would be the same as the Frestech Academy, they would help students master the magic machine industry related skills and building a foundation for them, allowing them to quickly start working in the magic machine industry.

This plan was naturally warmly welcomed by all the countries on the continent. However, because the investment these schools required wasn’t small and many countries had limited finances, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had to pay for most of the school funds.

Of course, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wasn’t investing in them for free.

No country wanted to give up the controlling power of these schools, so many countries had signed other cooperation agreements with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce under the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s suggestion to keep this controlling power.

These agreements involved various resources in these countries. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce would build vocational schools that these countries controlled and they would gain the rights to these resources, so it was considered a trade.

According to the estimates the Frestech Chamber of Commerce gave, because the schools would take three to five years to set up and the countries would need to invest a lot of time to develop their magic machine industries, it would take three to five years before these measures were set in place.

During these years, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had something else important to do. It was to stabilize the situation of the continent, creating a peaceful environment on the continent to invest in the magic machine industry.

Although most of the two empires’ camp had been forced to sign peace treaties with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, meaning that the war on the continent had come to an end, it didn’t mean that the continent had truly returned to peace just yet.

The clearest example was the Candra Empire.

Because of the invasion of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Rudson Kingdom allied army, causing continuous defeats for the Candra Empire, even approaching Wimbledon City, the Candra Empire’s situation had been thrown into chaos.

When they signed the peace treaty with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, close to half of the Candra Empire’s provinces had already declared independence.

After the Candra Empire and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce signed their peace treaty and the war ended, even after the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces withdrew from the Candra Empire, of the provinces that rebelled, only a small part returned to normal and returned to the Candra Empire.

Most of them were still in chaos or had declared their independence.

The reasons why the Candra Empire agreed to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s peace treaty were, one, their allied army with the Marlow Empire had been defeated and two, their domestic situation was in chaos and they couldn’t last any longer.

After making peace with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the Candra Empire’s royal family worked with the major nobles that were still loyal to start stabilizing the domestic situation.

However, the Candra Empire’s royal family’s power had mainly been crippled by the fights with the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces, so they weren’t confident in taking care of the rebellions.

Although they made some progress at first, making half of the provinces that rebelled return under the control of the Candra Empire, there were some bones that were too hard to grind down.

Among these bones, the hardest one was the southern province.

The Candra Empire’s royal family had tried to regain control of the southern province since the beginning of the year, spending four months without achieving anything. Rather they had suffered defeats instead and the Candra Empire’s people started feeling worried.

With no other choice, the Candra Empire requested reinforcements from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Xu Yi was surprised after he had received the Candra Empire’s request for reinforcements.

But after considering the pros and cons, Xu Yi quickly made a decision.

Half a month later, at noon on May 24th, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s Magic Airship squad flew over the past capital of the southern province and the current capital of the Windsor Kingdom, Dollar City.

Seeing the appearance of the Magic Airships, the Windsor Kingdom’s king and the past southern province governor Duke Windsor gave up any thoughts of resisting. He quickly reached an agreement with the envoy the Frestech Chamber of Commerce sent and announced his surrender.

The Windsor Kingdom only lasted half a year before disappearing, returning back to the Candra Empire and becoming the southern province again.

After regaining the southern province, the Candra Empire didn’t behead Duke Windsor’s entire family as everyone had expected. Rather they let Duke Windsor continue as the southern province’s governor and take care of all of the southern province’s matters.

It was like Duke Windsor had never rebelled.

Everyone knew that this unbelievable result must be because of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

As expected, after the Candra Empire regained the southern province, they quickly announced a new policy which was to open a new trade area in the southern province for the entire Candra Empire. It would be open to all of the Candra Empire’s companies and to all foreign companies. Any company could engage in free trade and investment here, enjoying the preferential treatment provided by the Candra Empire.

Although this policy wasn’t directed at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, everyone understood that the Candra Empire did this at the request of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Of course, all the companies greatly welcomed this, even the Candra Empire’s local companies weren’t an exception.

After all, what businesses liked the most was free and the stronger the merchants, the more they enjoyed it.

Even the weaker merchants and companies would also come to find their own opportunities.

So countless people praised this after this policy was announced.

In this joyful atmosphere, whether it was intentional or not, everyone had forgotten the place that was called the “Torea Dominion” that had once belonged to the Candra Empire……