Magic Industry Empire - Volume 7 Chapter 153

As the weather became warmer and warmer, the Sines Continent’s situation became more and more stable.

After the Candra Empire easily regained the southern province with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s help, the other ten provinces that announced their independence quickly came back to the Candra Empire. As for the other provinces that had fallen into the chaos, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didn’t need to send any forces. With the powerful army of the Candra Empire royal family, it didn’t take long before they returned to peace.

Very soon, the civil strife of the Candra Empire was suppressed. On the surface, other than the Torea Province that became the Torea Dominion, being treated ambiguously by the Candra Empire, the Candra Empire was no different from before the war, but their cooperation with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was much closer.

Compared to this, the Marlow Empire was affected even less.

Even if they had suffered heavy losses fighting the Lampuri Kingdom army and the Drake Duchy army, with support from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, as well as losing the army that helped the Candra Empire fight the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces, the Marlow Empire didn’t suffer any foundational losses.

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