Magic Industry Empire - Volume 7 Chapter 18

“Chairman Xu, our Magicians Guild came up with the magician ranking one thousand and three hundred years ago. After one thousand and three hundred years of accumulation, we have much experience and powerful preparations, so I feel that if we work together to carry out assessing the magic machine industry skills of magicians, it would save quite a bit of effort. Don’t you think so?” Great Magician Ferguson said with a serious look.

Xu Yi shook his head with a smile, “Great Magician Fergsuon, I think that you’ve gotten something wrong? The magic machine industry skill evaluation is mainly evaluated the skills that the magicians have grasped related to magic machines, so this evaluation is completely different from the magician ranking evaluation that the Magicians Guild gives.”

“But isn’t it related to the level of magic that these magicians have grasped?” Great Magician Ferguson refuted, “Chairman Xu, you have to believe that our Magicians Guild has over a thousand years of experience with this, so we’re very experienced with evaluating things related to magic, with detailed divisions. If we work together, I can guarantee that you will have the most precise measurements right away, so you won’t have to slowly figure it out.”

“Un, I agree that the Magicians Guild is specialized in magic, but its knowledge with magic machines isn’t as good, right?” Xu Yi picked up a document from the table which he gave Great Magician Ferguson, “This is a study on how a Magic Array works with thirteen different kinds of steel alloys, it’s used by us to determine the proficiency of the Magic Array drawn. I think that……not only Great Magician Ferguson, there wouldn’t be that many people in the Magicians Guild headquarters who would understand this.”

“You’re saying that we wouldn’t understand?” Great Magician Ferguson slightly knitted his brows as his expression became a bit ugly.

Although he didn’t have any experience with researching magic machines, as a Great Magician, how could he not understand something that was related to Magic Arrays?

He wasn’t convinced as he took this document and carefully looked it over.

However, after just seeing the first page, the look of anger and unwillingness on his face turned to confusion.

When he finished reading the document that wasn’t that thick, his face was completely covered in a stunned look.

“This……” Great Magician Ferguson held the document in his hand, not knowing what to say.

He had to admit that he really couldn’t understand this document.

Not to mention the strange terms like steel alloy model, toughness, magic conductivity, magic resistance, and other terms that he couldn’t understand at all, even the effects and the principle behind the Magic Array that he should have known was something that he couldn’t understand.

This simply far surpassed his expectations.

“The Magicians Guild headquarters being willing to change and cooperate with our company is a good thing which I welcome.” Seeing the expression on Great Magician Ferguson’s face, Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “But Great Magician Ferguson, please tell the other people at the Magicians Guild headquarters that although magic is related to the magic machine industry, it’s a whole new domain. If you can’t put down your pride to properly study it, do not think that you can casually enter it.”

Xu Yi’s words didn’t hold back at all, but while Great Magician Ferguson’s face turned white and blue, he couldn’t say a thing to refute this.

Even a Great Magician like him couldn’t understand this normal looking research report. There was no need to mention those other magicians who looked down on the magic machine industry back at the Magicians Guild headquarters.

Of course, he couldn’t easily give up on his task. After thinking about it, he said, “Alright, chairman Xu, I admit that we don’t have enough understanding of magic machines, but I think that there is still some possibility of us cooperating. At the very least, our Magicians Guild has a complete magician grading evaluation system, so if you borrow our people for the magic machine industry skill assessment, it can save you quite a bit of manpower and funds, as well as time.”

“Yes, I won’t deny this.” Xu Yi nodded, “But I still have to say the same thing. It’s fine to cooperate, but you have to lower your attitude and properly learn about the magic machine industry before coming back. Other than this, even if we cooperate, our Frestech Chamber of Commerce needs to be in absolute control. Can you agree to this?”

“This……” Great Magician Ferguson hesitated once again.

Before this, why did the Magicians Guild have such a high prestige on the continent?

Other than having a long history, the most important thing was that the Magicians Guild controlled the magician ranking evaluation, so they obtained the approval of all the countries.

So if a magician wanted to stand out, they needed to go to the Magicians Guild and receive a ranking first.

Like this, it was equal to the Magicians Guild controlling the lives of all the magicians on the continent, so they had to listen to the Magicians Guild.

The Magicians Guild was so hostile towards the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, not even hesitating to break all relations with them because of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce leading the magic machine industry. They were trying to establish themselves as a separate entity from the Magicians Guild evaluations.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce doing this was digging out the foundation of the Magicians Guild, so how could the Magicians Guild ignore this?

However, the Magicians Guild failed in all their actions against the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, even failing when they sent Arch Magi to attack the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so they had lost the ability to compete with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

So after ceasing all activities for five years, the Magicians Guild realized that the magic machine industry couldn’t be stopped on the continent, so they had no choice but to lower their heads to ask the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to cooperate.

The Magicians Guild headquarters proposing to work with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce on the evaluation was already taking a large step back, but Xu Yi actually proposed that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would be in absolute control of this. This was equal to treating the Magicians Guild headquarters as a subordinate, so how could Great Magician Ferguson agree to this?

“Chairman Xu, as for who is in control, we can discuss this in the future. What we should determine first is, are you willing to cooperate with us?” Great Magician Ferguson didn’t directly deny it and avoided the topic.

“I’m willing, I’ve said so since the beginning.” Xu Yi spread his hands, looking very confident.

“Good, then I will bring your stance back. As for how we will cooperate, I think that we can slowly discuss this in the future.” Great Magician Ferguson gave a nod before suddenly changing the topic, “But before this, I think I have another cooperation request that you won’t deny?”

“Oh? Tell me about it.”

“This is our letter of intent, please have a look.” Great Magician Ferguson was clearly already prepared, taking out a thick document from his bag.

“Letter of intent?” Xu Yi was surprised, but then he couldn’t help revealing a smile.

The Magicians Guild sending a letter of intent to another organization, it’s already been several hundred years since this last happened, alright?

Xu Yi took the letter of intent to look over and saw that the Magicians Guild wanted to buy some foundational magic machine technology from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. They also hoped that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would work with them, using the large amounts of magic resources that the Magicians Guild had to create a specialized research facility for researching magic machines.

There wasn’t a problem with the first requests since the Frestech Chamber of Commerce already publicly released many foundational magic machine technology, so anyone could buy them if they had money since there was a price tag already attached to them.

However, the second request was worth discussing.

That’s right, although the Magicians Guild’s prestige on the continent couldn’t compare to before, they did have a large amount of magic resources.

If the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could cooperate with the Magicians Guild to build a specialized research facility, as long as both sides worked hard, it would greatly help develop magic machine technology.

But Xu Yi could tell even if he used his toe to think that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wasn’t thinking like this, wholeheartedly investing magicians to study magic machines.

Their biggest desire was to crush the Frestech Chamber of Commerce with technology and replace them.

Xu Yi wasn’t against any other organization exceeding the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in terms of magic machine technology, he even hoped that this would happen.

But it wasn’t this current Magicians Guild that he couldn’t feel assured about.

But after considering it, Xu Yi still gave a slow nod.

“Alright, it’s not a problem to buy these technologies, but there are a few that our company isn’t willing to sell right now…….”

“We can definitely pay enough.” Great Magician Ferguson immediately said, “Chairman Xu, you have to believe that with our Magicians Guild’s history on the continent, we have funding. For example…..this…..”

Seeing Great Magician Ferguson take out a small book from his chest, Xu Yi couldn’t help slightly knitting his brows.

This fellow, he didn’t say everything at once and revealed it bit by bit. It really was a waste of time.

However, after opening this small book that didn’t have much weight to it, Xu Yi couldn’t help sitting straight as his eyes opened a bit wider.

If what this book was describing was true, it really was worth quite a bit!