Magic Industry Empire - Volume 7 Chapter 23

“Regarding the production magic machine technology……I do indeed have the intention of transferring it.”

Hearing this from Xu Yi, Count Irvine and Count Mardoff who was secretly listening from not far away had their eyes light up at the same time.

“Then……Chairman Xu, how about we take the chance to properly discuss this?” Count Irvine immediately invited Xu Yi.

“Alright.” Xu Yi replied with a smile.

The two didn’t deliberately lower their voice, so not only Count Mardoff on the side, even chairman Cruise had heard what they were saying.

Chairman Cruise was a bit confused as he looked at Xu Yi, not understanding why he agreed this easily.

It had to be known that when the Lampuri Kingdom wanted the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to transfer the production magic machine technology, they had spent quite a bit of effort to get the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to agree.

Then they used several years to master this technology and had only been able to make some low grade production magic machines in the past two years.

Now the Candra Empire had just asked and Xu Yi had agreed right away.

Didn’t this seem like he was favouring them?

Then thinking of the rumour he had mentioned to Xu Yi, chairman Cruise couldn’t help feeling a bit dissatisfied.

This Xu Yi, he was this generous to the Candra Empire, but he had many strict conditions for the Lampuri Kingdom that he was so close to. This really was hard to justify.

However, this thought only appeared in chairman Cruise’s mind for a bit before he threw it away.

He and Xu Yi had known each other for ten years now so it could be said that he understood Xu Yi very well.

He knew that Xu Yi wasn’t that fickle and wanted to curry favour with important people, he must have some special reason for this decision.

Thinking of this, chairman Cruise pressed down the questions in his heart and said to Count Mardoff with a smile, “Lord Count, about the two roads that will be around Wimbledon City, our company has already started exploring the area and made a plan. Please look……”


After two days of discussions, Xu Yi represented the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to sign a new technology transfer agreement with Count Irvine representing the Candra Empire Magic Machine Industry Management Department.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce would transfer a portion of the production magic machines needed to produce road paving material to the Candra Empire, while also sending technical staff to help the Candra Empire master grasp this technology.

This agreement involved one hundred and twenty seven different pieces of technology, which had a value of seven million and six hundred thousand gold coins.

At the same time, the Candra Empire would provide some preferential policies to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. For example, Count Irvine on behalf of the Candra Empire Magic Machine Industry Management Department would list the Frestech Chamber of Commerce as one of the most important cooperating companies, giving them many benefits.

For example, when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s magic machines entered the Candra Empire, they had to be inspected by the Magic Machine Industry Management Department before being sold.

Now that the had been listed as one of the important cooperating companies, all of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s products would be exempt from inspection after entering the Candra Empire. At the same time, they would become specially recommended products recognized by the Magic Machine Industry Management Department.

The first condition meant that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s products wouldn’t have to go through all those procedures when entering the Candra Empire, saving quite a bit of time and manpower.

For the second condition, although it didn’t mean much with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s fame, the Magic Machine Industry Management Department promised that if the Candra Empire government needed any magic machines, they would definitely use the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s products. Just this alone was enough to bring the Frestech Chamber of Commerce plenty of profit.

If one looked at it purely from a financial perspective, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce transferring the production magic machine technology to the Candra Empire was a very lucrative business deal.

But to chairman Cruise who had witnessed everything, he was very confused about this.

“Xu Yi, why did you hand over this precious technology so easily? If it was me, you could definitely keep it in your hands and not care about those Candra Empire fellows. Since they want to develop, they definitely need the production magic machines, so wouldn’t you earn more by having them buy it from your company?”

“If I just cared about money, your idea is the best choice.” Xu Yi shook his head, “But it should be clear that I don’t care about that.”

“Alright, I know that you have long term goals and don’t care about this bit of money. But have you ever thought, the Candra Empire isn’t a small country and if you give this technology to them, as long as they are willing to invest into it, they might not need your company for these production magic machines. When that time comes, your Frestech Chamber of Commerce wouldn’t be as important to them as you are now, don’t you think that’s very dangerous?”

Xu Yi turned to look at chairman Cruise and the smile on his face had a bit of teasing to it.

“Do you really think……that if I give the technology to them, they will really be able to build qualified production magic machines?”

“I know what you mean, it is impossible for them to grasp it in a short period of time, but the Candra Empire is still a big empire. If you give them a bit of time, they will definitely be able to grasp it.” Chairman Cruise waved his hand as he said this.

“Cruise, you can be considered a veteran in this industry with many years of experience, you still don’t know how important a complete magic machine industry is?” Xu Yi shook his head, “Relax, even if the Candra Empire can grasp the production magic machine technology to a certain degree from our company, they won’t be able to make a single production magic machine themselves.”

“How is that possible?” Chairman Cruise had a look of disbelief.

“You don’t believe it?” Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “How about we make a bet? If the Candra Empire can make a single production magic machine with their own power in three years, I will give the same technology to your Amrit Chamber of Commerce for free. If they can’t, your Amrit Chamber of Commerce must finish a project for our company.”

Chairman Cruise knitted his brows, “Xu Yi, the stakes aren’t correct, right? Even if we don’t bet, if you want us to complete a project for you, would I say no?” After saying this, he gave a laugh, “Of course, if you’re saying that you won’t give a single copper coin, then I can really consider it.”

“It’s impossible that I won’t give any money, let’s follow the normal arrangements. But…..this project might not be something that you’re willing to do. How about it? Do you want to accept this bet?”

“I might not be willing to do it?” Chairman Cruise muttered with knitted brows. He thought that no matter how outrageous the project Xu Yi gave, the Amrit Chamber of Commerce still did it in the end.

What was Xu Yi making a bet with him for? Could it be just to make him believe that the Candra Empire can’t make a single production magic machine in three years?”

“How about it? Will you bet?” Seeing that chairman Cruise was still hesitating, Xu Yi urged him on.

Chairman Cruise thought about it for a bit before finally giving a nod.

“Alright, let’s make the bet then! It’s three years. Of course, the Candra Empire’s progress might go smoothly and you might lose next year.” Chairman Cruise deliberately stopped acting hesitant and said with a smile, “The production magic machines, although it isn’t the main focus of our Amrit Chamber of Commerce, it’s fine to take out a bit of money for it.”

“You have to be able to get it first.”

Xu Yi revealed a smile. He pointed at the Magic Sedan that he had driven here and said to chairman Cruise, “Since you’ll be staying in Wimbledon City for a bit, you can use this Magic Sedan for now. You can just leave it at our company’s branch location here once you’re done with it.”

Chairman Cruise was surprised, “Where are you going now?

Xu Yi waved his hand and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce subordinates gathered around.

“Since I gave the production magic machine technology to the Candra Empire, do you think the Marlow Empire will let me off?”

“That means that you’re going right to the Marlow Empire now?”


“How will you go if you’re giving this Magic Sedan to me?”

Xu Yi smiled without saying a word before looking up at the sky.

After a while, there were black figures that appeared to the west.

Chairman Cruise suddenly understood, “Hei, so you’re using the Magic Airship. This is indeed much faster than the Magic Sedan and it’s much more comfortable. Right, Xu Yi, speaking of this… about you sell me a Magic Airship? I have to run around more than you do and if I had a Magic Airship, it would save me quite a bit of effort.”

“The current consumption and maintenance cost of a Magic Airship is more than a hundred times more than that of a Magic Sedan, are you certain you need it?” Xu Yi found it funny as he looked at him, “Moreover, just the price……A single Magic Airship is five hundred thousand gold coins, are you really willing to buy it?”

“Five hundred thousand gold coins?” Chairman Cruise’s lips twitched and looked a bit pained. However, after thinking about it, he gritted his teeth, “Alright! Five hundred thousand it is! If you’re willing to sell, I’ll buy!”

Xu Yi looked at the Magic Airship slowly descending in front of him and then said, “Don’t blame me for not reminding you. The Lampuri Kingdom’s parliament has already passed an airfield restriction last month, banning all unapproved flying vehicles in their kingdom’s airspace, which includes the Magic Airship.”

Chairman Cruise was surprised before waving his hand like he didn’t care.

“This is also normal since this thing can fly in the sky and is very threatening, it’s normal to restrict it. Anyway, with the status of our Amrit Chamber of Commerce, it isn’t that hard to get a special pass.”

“The reason I’m telling you this is……since the Lampuri Kingdom has passed this restriction, it’s very likely the other countries will imitate it. This means that to fly around with the Magic Airship in the future might not be as freeing as it is now. Do you still want to buy it?”

Hearing Xu Yi say this, the decision that chairman Cruise had just made faltered.

He wanted to buy the Magic Airship to make it easier for him to go around the continent, but if every country had the same restrictions, that convenience would be greatly reduced and there was less meaning in buying it.

Seeing chairman Cruise hesitate again, Xu Yi gave a laugh before patting him on the shoulder, “When you’ve thought it through, come find me again.”

After saying this, he went through the cabin door of the Magic Airship that his subordinates had opened. Not long after the cabin door closed, it disappeared into the sky.

Chairman Cruise looked in the direction the Magic Airship disappeared in in a daze before turning to look at the Magic Sedan that Xu Yi left behind. Then he helplessly shook his head.