Magic Industry Empire - Volume 7 Chapter 45

“Hey, Cassandra, how is it?” Xu Yi waved his hand to greet Cassandra who was watching the «Records of the Pollock Dynasty», “I heard that you watched it all day today.”

Cassandra didn’t even look at Xu Yi and other than giving a casual reply, she didn’t say anything else.

Seeing her act like this, Xu Yi thought for a bit before sitting down beside her to watch it with her.

Strictly speaking, Xu Yi could be considered one of the screenwriters for this «Records of the Pollock Dynasty».

When Still was preparing to film these shows, she got many suggestions from Xu Yi and many stories that Xu Yi pulled from earth. He had made many revisions to make the stories that Still made simpler, which would become more attractive.

But Xu Yi had never watched a single episode, so this was his first time watching it today.

The reason was very simple, he didn’t have the time.

Now that he had been watching for a bit, he found that this «Records of the Pollock Dynasty» was actually quite good.

Although the rhythm of the plot wasn’t as good as the ones on earth, with the illusion projection technology, it created a 3D broadcasting effect that made it seem very realistic. It was much easier for people to integrate themselves into the story.

Adding in the fact that the New Moon Chamber of Commerce had worked with the elves from the Azshara Tribe skilled in illusion magic for many years, they had added several new special effects in the illusion.

The coordination was very realistic, so people could experience the image in the illusion. It made these special effects even more beautiful and even more eye catching.

When filming this «Records of the Pollock Dynasty», the New Moon Chamber of Commerce had negotiated with the Lampuri Kingdom and the Rudson Kingdom. They had worked with the two armies of the kingdom which made the filmed battle scene even more magnificent.

When armies in full armour were moved, fighting an all out war, it far surpassed those dramas on earth that had only been able to create those giant armies with a few real actors and a bunch of special effects.

To put it simply, although this «Records of the Pollock Dynasty» was only a drama, it had reached the level of the top films on earth when it came to cinematography.

Seeing the powerful armies in the illusion, even Xu Yi who normally didn’t have any interest in things like this couldn’t help feel his blood boil.

But thinking about it, the method of fighting on the Sines Continent had already changed. The old method of fighting in close range had already been eliminated with the new method of using the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s military magic machines. The battle that he was watching would only happen in illusion films now.

The “main culprit” for this change was Xu Yi.

“So this has become a historical drama……”

Xu Yi didn’t say a word as he watched this. Cassandra on the side was also focused, so the two of them watched the entire thing before coming back to their senses after it ended.

Cassandra’s eyes that had never moved finally turned to notice that someone was beside her. She turned to look at Xu Yi and spoke in a surprised tone.

“Hey, human, when did you get here?”

Xu Yi looked at her in a speechless manner, “Cassandra, is your awareness that low? If I were to attack you just now, wouldn’t you be in trouble?”

Cassandra flapped her wing and didn’t bother hiding the contempt in her eyes.

“Human, I can see that you are a magician, but don’t think that magicians can pose any threat to me. Let me tell you, even if I don’t move at all, I can block Seventh Grade Spells just with my body. As for spells above the Seventh Grade……Do you think that I wouldn’t detect it when you start casting the spell?”

“Then if I prepare a Forbidden Spell ahead of time?” Xu Yi asked in a curious voice, “How would you stop it?”

“Forbidden Spell? That is a bit troublesome, but it won’t be enough to truly hurt me. Other than this, I can see that you’re quite young, so can you even cast a Forbidden Spell?”

“Young……” Xu Yi had an awkward look. His daughter was already over ten years old, how could he still be considered young?

But thinking of how long dragons could live, he had nothing to say in response to this.

“Alright, let’s not waste time on this.” Xu Yi shook his head, “Cassandra, I have a few questions to ask you and I hope that you can answer them.”

Cassandra gave a longing look at the Magic Illusion Projector that had stopped and gave a sigh.

“Ai, you humans really are troublesome. Alright, quickly ask your questions and stop delaying me from watching «Records of the Pollock Dynasty».”

“It seems like you really like watching it.” Xu Yi turned to look at the Magic Illusion Projector. After thinking about it, he said, “How about this, Cassandra, before you leave, I will give you a Magic Illusion Projector and give you all the films that the New Moon Chamber of Commerce has released. Then even after you go home, you can watch it whenever you want. What do you think?”

“Oh? Human, you’re this generous?” Cassandra’s voice had a surprise that couldn’t be hidden.

“This isn’t anything big.” Xu Yi gave a shrug, “Also, I am called Xu Yi. If you only call me human, you won’t be able to differentiate me from other humans.”

“You humans all look the same in our eyes.” Cassandra muttered. Then she suddenly leaned down and placed the giant dragon head in front of Xu Yi, being only less than half a meter away from him.

Seeing those two giant eyes staring at him and feeling the hot breath that came from those two large nostrils, Xu Yi felt his scalp tingle.

It wasn’t fear, rather it was because this was too strange.

Cassandra stayed like this for a while before taking back her giant dragon head.

“Alright, human…..Oh, no…’re called……”

“Xu Yi.”

“Un, Xu Yi, I remember that you’re the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s chairman, right? I have remembered your smell, so I won’t mistake you for another human.”

“Then I really have to thank you……” Xu Yi weakly thanked her, “Right, there’s also the New Moon Chamber of Commerce’s special rare collection among the illusion films I’m giving you. Other than the films, there will be commentary, which should be more interesting to watch.”

“Really?” You humans really are creative.” Cassandra’s eyes filled with pleasant surprise, looking very pleased with this gift.

Perhaps she was very satisfied with this gift, so Cassandra leaned down so her head was in front of Xu Yi, so he wouldn’t have to look up to talk to her.

“Very good, human…..Xu Yi, ask whatever questions you have. Since you have given me a gift, I will properly answer your questions.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile. The dragons were no different from other intelligent beings, they could also be approached with flattery.

After thinking for a bit, Xu Yi asked, “The first question, do you know about the Abyss Demon Race?”

For Arch Magus Camilla, the Abyss Demon Race was very mysterious and terrifying. It was even treated as an ancient and cursed legend by him, which was why he was so careful when talking about it.

But to Xu Yi, as long as the truth of the legend was revealed, it wouldn’t be as mysterious or terrifying.

To know the truth of the Abyss Demon Race, of course it was the most simple method to ask this dragon who knew about this world’s history the best.

“Abyss Demon Race?” Cassandra was a bit confused, “Why are you asking about those damn fellows?”

“Damn fellows?” Xu Yi immediately perceived some information from Cassandra’s words.

“Un, those fellows could be considered to have ruled the world in the past, only the few powerful races like our dragon race weren’t controlled by them. So those fellows always wanted to conquer our dragon race and had fought many times with our dragon race.”

“Did you participate in the wars?” Perhaps you’ve seen the Abyss Demon Race before?” Xu Yi immediately asked.

“How could I have seen it? I’m not even two thousand years old this year and the Abyss Demon Race hasn't appeared for more than nine thousand years. I’ve heard the elders of the tribe mention them before.”

“Less than two thousand years old?” Xu Yi was secretly surprised. He thought that Cassandra was several times older than elder Illusia and humans couldn’t even be compared to her, but she was in the younger generation among the dragons. It could be seen how powerful the vitality of dragons were.

“Then do you know about the legend concerning the Abyss Demon Race? It’s said that the Abyss Demon Race disappeared from this world and would return in ten thousand years to reclaim the whole world?”

“Che, them?” Cassandra gave a cold laugh of disdain, “Those fellows were expelled by the elves a long time ago, it can be seen that they weren’t a match for the elves at all. Then those elves were replaced by you humans, so it can be seen that you humans are stronger than the elves. So what if those fellows come back? Could it be that after hiding for several thousand years, they would become several times stronger?”

Xu Yi was surprised.

Based on how serious Arch Magus Camilla had been, he thought that the Abyss Demon Race were terrifying beings.

However, after being reminded by Cassandra, he found that those fellows had been driven out by the elves who weren’t a match for the humans in the end. Based on this, even if the Abyss Demon Race stayed on the Sines Continent, they wouldn’t be able to compare to humans.

Of course, this was considered a straightforward inference and the true difference in strength wasn’t this simple.

But no matter what, through Cassandra’s answer, the bit of nervousness that had been in Xu Yi’s heart because of Arch Magus Camilla had instantly calmed down.