Magic Industry Empire - Volume 7 Chapter 47

“There, from the right, the third car should be hers.”

Xu Yi looked at the twelve Magic Race Cars that were prepared on the starting line and had a strange look on his face.

Cassandra had already been here for close to a month now.

During this time, through meeting her many times, Xu Yi had confirmed that Cassandra was a dragon who loved human recreational activities. He had presented all the recreational activities that he knew about to her to let her choose among them.

However, Cassandra had spent the entire first half of the month watching the Magic Illusion Projector. She stayed in that valley all day and watched the Magic Illusion Projector without even blinking.

Until half a month ago, she finally finished all the films that the New Moon Chamber of Commerce released last year and left the valley for the first time, having the idea of moving around.

Then she tried out all the recreational activities that Xu Yi had prepared one by one. After trying them, to Xu Yi’s surprise, Cassandra had displayed a great fondness for racing Magic Cars.

“That little girl is the legendary dragon?” Seveni raised the telescope in her hand to look at the car that Xu Yi pointed out for a while before looking at the illusion that was introducing the drivers in real time. She looked at Cassandra’s face for a while before slightly knitting her brows, “She’s clearly a human girl, how is she a dragon?”

“It’s her, but she’s changed into a human appearance.” Seeing the look of doubt from Seveni, Xu Yi gave a shrug and explained, “This is one of the racial skills of the dragon race, they can change their forms at will. Of course, it can’t last that long.”

“But……aren’t dragons supposed to be very big? How could she become so small? She could even fit herself into the car?” Seveni was still very doubtful.

“Don’t ask me, I don’t know.”

“Alright, let’s not talk about this for now. But does she……have a driver’s license? Can she drive a Magic Race Car? How can you let her join such a high level race this quickly?”

“Do you remember how Arch Magus Camilla learned to drive a Magic Sedan back then?” Xu Yi asked.

Seveni’s expression changed and there was a bit of worry that appeared in her eyes.

“Arch Magus Camilla completely forced it, it isn’t something that normal people can do.”

“Right, but Cassandra is clearly not a normal person.” Xu Yi helplessly spread his hands, “Her body is very strong and she has a very strong vitality, so even if the Magic Sedan that she drives explodes, nothing will happen to her at all. So…..she learned just like that.”

Seveni looked at Xu Yi as her lips twitched, as if she wanted to laugh, but found it awkward to laugh.

“Xu Yi……you have so many monsters by your side, it really is hard on you.”

Xu Yi gave a sigh. He thought that when comparing them, at least Arch Magus Camilla was human so he had some understanding.

But Cassandra was a dragon and many human common sense didn’t work on her, so he had suffered quite a bit because of Cassandra.

But a dragon really was worthy of being known as the most intelligent race, Cassandra really had a shocking ability to learn. She had been here for less than a month and she already grasped many things she was interested in, which included driving the Magic Sedan.

If she entered a human city in the form of a human girl, she definitely wouldn’t be discovered.

“So she thought that if she as a hum…..Oh, no, as a dragon drove a Magic Sedan alone it would have no meaning, so she came to this human Magic Car race? Why do I feel that it sounds strange when I listen to this……” Seveni slightly knitted her brows, revealing a strange look.

“I also feel that it’s strange, but it’s a reality that has to be accepted.” Xu Yi spread his hands and helplessly said, “That’s right, she wanted to see if she could contend with the best drivers among us humans. She wanted to see what level her driving skills were at currently.”

“So you agreed?” Seveni looked at Xu Yi with a surprised look, “She is a dragon and you threw her into a competition with people, don’t you think that the others would find it strange?”

“The others don’t know the truth.” Xu Yi gave a shrug, “We just announced to the public that she was a driver that was replacing our company’s driver and was only attending this race.”

“But the form that she took is a young girl in her teens, how did you make others believe that she was a professional driver?”

“We just announced it, I don’t care if others believe it or not.”

Seveni could only roll her eyes in response to this response.

“I say, Xu Yi, you’re that certain that this dragon won’t cause any problems? Moreover, are you sure that you can unearth enough value from her? She is a dragon in the end and although I’ve heard you say that she has been very temperate after coming here, I’m still worried……would she suddenly become angry?”

“Relax. I’ve been talking to her during this time and I’ve found that she’s quite easy to get along with. She’s not that different from a human girl who is curious about this world most of the time, so there’s no need to be vigilant. As for her getting mad…..although her power isn’t known, she can’t compare to me, so you don’t need to worry.”

“Is that so?” Seveni doubtfully looked at the red Magic Race Car that was prepared to head out and after thinking about it, she gave a nod, “That’s right. Although the legendary dragons are powerful, she is still a young dragon and wouldn’t be stronger than a human Five Star Great Magician like you. Then, Xu Yi, have you confirmed that the information you’ve gotten from her is true?”

“I can’t be 100% certain, but I feel that there shouldn’t be a problem.” Xu Yi said.

“Then what are you planning to do?”

“We have prepared a reinforcement fleet and they are planning to set out next week with Cassandra.”

“And then?”

“If nothing unexpected happens, the fleet should arrive at the island of the dragons in a month and converge with the open sea exploration fleet. Then based on the information they send back, I will make my decision. But I’m certain that as long as the Magic Cloud Continent exists, there will be a need to build an advanced outpost over there.”


Seveni nodded before falling silent.

Seeing Seveni lost in thought, Xu Yi smiled without saying a thing.

About the dragon Cassandra who had suddenly appeared, Xu Yi had imposed a strict lockdown on this information.

Until now, other than a few people in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, only Seveni knew about this.

Seveni was very shocked when she learned of this, but then she quickly grasped the even more important information that was hidden.

Seveni attached great importance to this and even ran all the way here from the Lampuri Kingdom just to see Cassandra to decide her next moves.

The reason Xu Yi disclosed this information to Seveni was to let the Lampuri Kingdom work with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, participating in the development of the new continent.

For Seveni as the queen of the Lampuri Kingdom, it was impossible that she couldn’t see the benefits hidden in this, so Xu Yi wasn’t worried that she wouldn’t be willing.

The only problem was how determined Seveni would be.

Xu Yi didn’t push her and turned back to the racetrack.

The pre-race warm up had finished. The crowd that had been focused on this main podium had already turned their attention back to the race and were watching the start with rapt attention.

On the real time screen in the middle of the racetrack, there were twelve cars letting out low roars, indicating that they could start at any moment.

On the side of the illusion, there was a giant number that kept changing.

It was the countdown to the start of the race.

“Ten, nine, eight……” The entire audience shouted as they watched the number, “.....Three, two, one!”


The twelve Magic Race Cars let out loud roars and rushed off the starting line at the same time. The entire audience burst out in deafening cheers when this happened.

The entire arena was suddenly becoming wild.

Seveni trembled as if she had been awakened by that giant sound.

She stood up and focused on the number twelve car that rushed out like the wind, focusing on Cassandra’s fire red race car. After silently thinking for a bit, she gave a nod to Xu Yi.

“Xu Yi, I am very interested in jointly developing the new continent, but I have a problem. Our Lampuri Kingdom doesn’t have a fleet capable of making this voyage, so how should we participate in this plan?”

“It’s very simple, you can provide commodities and personnel, helping us construct the advanced outpost. I believe that the residents of the new continent will have a large demand for our products and they will definitely welcome the magic machines.”

Seveni slightly knitted her brows, “But I’m very interested in that Magic Cloud Continent……”

“Then it’s very simple, you can build your own fleet and go with our company’s fleet.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “Of course, you won’t make it this time, but you can do it in the future.”

“Build a fleet?” Seveni knitted her brows even more and there was a bit of complaint in her voice, “You make it sound so simple, but where would we get the ships from? Where would we get the money?”

“I can sell you the ships and you can put the money in an account which you can pay with deductions from your profits from the Magic Cloud Continent. What do you think?”

Seveni looked at Xu Yi with a surprised look, “Doesn’t that mean that I would be able to enjoy the fruits without the labour?”

“It’s not that simple. Although there are many opportunities in developing a new continent, the risks are equally big. If you want to take this chance, you have to bear the risks as well.”

Seveni looked at Xu Yi’s serious face for a bit before giving a low sigh, “Xu Yi, why are you this good to our Lampuri Kingdom?”

Xu Yi turned and was silent for a bit before saying in a low voice, “I am a merchant, I’m just looking for a trustworthy partner.”

Seveni’s face turned dark as a bit of disappointment appeared before she revealed a smile again, reaching her hand out to Xu Yi.

“Alright then, congratulations on finding an absolutely trustworthy partner.”

Xu Yi reached out his hand to shake hers. The two looked at each other before they both gave a laugh.

However, there were complex meanings behind both of their smiles.