Magic Industry Empire - Volume 7 Chapter 71

“Chairman Xu, I really regret it now.”

The Anke Chamber of Commerce’s chairman Anke Eren looked at the steel plate that was as thick as a finger in his hand and gave a sigh.

“I really shouldn’t have tried to get these small advantages by buying steel products from the Jino Union. In the end, there’s different levels of problems with a third of our company’s Magic Refrigerators, we really lost quite a bit this time.”

Xu Yi smiled without saying a thing. The people beside chairman Anke also gave sighs with different levels of emotions.

“It isn’t just your Anke Chamber of Commerce, it’s also our Thunder Chamber of Commerce. The steel products from the Jino Union really have been a big pit for us this time. We’ll be losing seven to eight thousand gold coins which is even more than what we spent to buy the steel products.”

“He, you all bought the Jino Union’s steel products, I bought from the Valley Association and isn’t it the same? I haven’t counted my loss yet, but I would lose at least ten thousand gold coins and it’ll take a long time to earn this back.”

“Actually, losing money is only a small problem. The real problem is that there are too many products with quality issues, which decreases the reputation of our companies and will affect our future business. This isn’t something that can be solved with thousands of gold coins.”

Hearing this, most of the people here let out sighs.

Seeing their appearances, Xu Yi felt it was a bit funny.

These fellows had been greedy for petty profits, so they ordered steel products from the Jino Union and the Valley Association. They even cancelled their orders with the Frestech Mineral Chamber of Commerce. Now that because the quality of the steel products wasn’t good that there were quality issues with the magic machines of their companies, it was what they deserved.

Of course, Xu Yi only thought this and didn’t say it out loud.

The various magic machine companies of the Lampuri Kingdom had suffered from magic machine quality issues because of the steel product quality problem, which had caused great damage to their economy and their reputations. This was very important for the Lampuri Kingdom, so Seveni had contacted Xu Yi privately and hoped that he could help these companies.

Although Xu Yi was very unhappy with the decision these companies made, to give Seveni face and because these companies were an important part of the magic machine industry he wanted to develop, he decided to help them through this problem.

After arranging it with Seveni, the Lampuri Kingdom sent a delegation to the Stantine Duchy to request the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s assistance.

This matter only needed them to sign another contract with the Frestech Mineral Chamber of Commerce so they could obtain steel products again, but to show his sincerity, Xu Yi personally met with this group.

“As for the issue of rebuilding reputation and brand, I won’t remind everyone anymore about it.” Xu Yi thought for a bit before saying, “I want to tell everyone that you have to be serious when approaching the magic machine industry. To produce good quality magic machines, it begins with being serious with the materials and you have to be serious with each part, otherwise the final product won’t turn out like you want it to.”

The chairman of the Lampuri Kingdom’s major magic machine companies looked at each other before revealing ashamed looks.

“Chairman Xu, what you say makes sense. We were discussing it and we want to propose a strict quality standard for each magic machine related company in the kingdom, urging each company to follow this standard. We will even only sell products that surpass this standard. Only this will allow our Lampuri Kingdom’s magic machine products maintain their current advantage which will help our future development.”

Xu Yi looked at the Lampuri Kingdom’s magic machine management department’s chief Lewinkel who said this and gave a nod.

“Your Lampuri Kingdom’s idea is very good. Un……I can give some work standard for you to look at in the future, I hope that will help you.”

Lewinkel revealed a look of joy.

“That is good! If we can reference the standards of your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, I think that it will greatly increase the quality of our Lampuri Kingdom’s magic machine products.”

The other chairman all nodded as they expressed their gratitude with a smile.

“Then we’ll leave it like this.” Xu Yi turned to the chairmen, “As for the issue of product reputation, I don’t have any good ways to help you, you just need to rebuild it slowly yourself. But as for the lower quality products that you produced, I think I can help you solve this problem.”

“Oh?” The chairmen were surprised, “Chairman Xu, you have a method?”

“Chairman Xu, it can’t be that you want us to sell them with a different brand, right?”

“Of course not.” Xu Yi shook his head, “I don’t plan on having you sell them on the Sinse Continent because that will hurt your reputations. But if you can’t sell them on the Sines Continent, it doesn’t mean you can’t sell them in other places.”

“Could it be…..chairman Xu is talking about the Magic Cloud Continent?”

“That’s right.” Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile, “Our company has contacted quite a few local races on the Magic Cloud Continent and many of them are interested in magic machines, so they want to obtain a few to experiment with them. If you’re willing to take out those lower quality products, I can transport them to the Magic Cloud Continent and give them to the locals.”

“Wait, chairman Xu, you just said…..give?” A chairman asked with knitted brows.

“Yes.” Xu Yi looked right at him, “Could it be that you’re planning on selling it to them?”

“This……” Although that chairman didn’t dare refute Xu Yi, it was clear that he was hesitating.

Although there was a high percentage of this batch that had quality issues, as long as they were able to fix them, they could still sell them with the other products in the end. That way it would make their losses much smaller.

But if they gave them to the other races on the Magic Cloud Continent like Xu Yi said, that would mean suffering a complete loss……

Seeing the hesitant looks on the faces of these chairmen, Xu Yi gave a shrug with a smile, “I won’t force you, you can choose for yourself. If you’re not willing, then there’s nothing else to say.”

As soon as his voice fell, a middle aged man with conspicuous red hair suddenly raised his hand.

“I’m willing! Chairman Xu, our Sarkozy Chamber of Commerce is willing to hand out products with problems to you to handle.”

Xu Yi turned to look at him and seeing his determined look, he nodded with a smile.

This Sarkozy Chamber of Commerce came from Banta City.

Compared to the companies of other places, the companies of Banta City trusted the Frestech Chamber of Commerce more.

With the chairman of the Sarkozy Chamber of Commerce taking the lead, after the other company chairmen considered it, they all agreed.

Even the chairman who asked the question just now agreed to Xu Yi’s suggestion in the end, deciding to send this batch of products to the Magic Cloud Continent.

“Everyone, you will not regret this choice.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “The return that these other races of the Magic Cloud Continent will give you will surpass your imaginations.”

After a pause, Xu Yi raised his voice, “Of course, this won’t solve the big problem that everyone is currently facing. So our Frestech Chamber of Commerce will use some other measures to deal with this.”

After saying this, Xu Yi took a step back and the Frestech Mineral Chamber of Commerce’s chairman, the dwarf Lithorp gave a nod.

Lithorp came up and waved his thick arm as he said in a loud voice, “Everyone, sir chairman is very generous and has decided not to haggle with you over previous matters, so we will continue to provide you with steel products. At the same time, we will also provide an installment payment service to you. This means that if you can’t take out the money, you can use the steel products first and you can pay when you have the money. Of course, the steel price will be the same as before.”

The eyes of the chairmen lit up when they heard this.

Their first worry this time was that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would blame them for trying to get cheap benefits by not buying from them, so they would cut them off. Their second worry was that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would increase the price of steel products, which would make it even worse for them.

Lithorp’s promise had dispelled their worries and had even allowed them to take the goods first before paying for them which really surprised them.

“Chairman Xu, you really are generous! Thank you very much!”

“Yes, chairman Xu truly is generous. We will only buy raw materials from your Frestech Chamber of Commerce in the future and definitely won’t care about the benefits the Jino Union offers.”

“Right, right, right, that Jino Union and Valley Association have those poor steel products, but they still want to compete with your Frestech Chamber of Commerce. They really don’t know anything……”


Xu Yi looked at them giving praise with a smile as he thought that these people only represented the attitude of a small Lampuri Kingdom.

Not to mention that the Lampuri Kingdom had always been the kingdom closest to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so it was right for the companies of the Lampuri Kingdom to favour the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

However, when facing the price attack of the Jino Union, these companies didn’t hesitate to go into the bosoms of the Jino Union.

It was a good thing that the Jino Union’s smelting technology was far inferior to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s so the quality of their steel products were much lower, as well as having few types of steel products. It caused the companies of the Lampuri Kingdom to suffer this large loss which made them come back to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce again.

The companies of the other countries were still working with the Jino Union and the Valley Association.

If the Frestech Mineral Chamber of Commerce wanted to steal these companies from the two large organizations, it couldn’t be done in a single day.