Magic Industry Empire - Volume 7 Chapter 93

The ball of lightning fell down and it instantly approached the city walls.

Arch Magus Ofalian and Arch Magus Laduca had a bit of surprise on their faces.

Back at Marshal Sudman’s manor, although they had fought Xu Yi, they had only competed with domains the entire time before Xu Yi had unexpectedly escaped. So other than seeing that Xu Yi had some unique understanding towards domains, it was clear that he wasn’t that strong.

So based on the normal situation, since Xu Yi hadn’t been an Arch Magus for long, even if he had a strong talent for magic, there was a limit to his power.

But the casual spell that Xu Yi threw out allowed the two of them to feel the powerful might contained within this spell. It wasn’t weaker than a Forbidden Spell, which had really surprised them.

After being surprised, the two of them revealed serious looks.

Xu Yi’s magic power far surpassing their expectations meant that it was more difficult to capture him alive or to kill him.

Moreover, although Xu Yi was trapped by the Magic Domain Sealing Array, there was still a serious problem. They were in Wimbledon City, the capital of the Candra Empire!

A battle between Arch Magi was very destructive for normal people, so if three Arch Magi fought in Wimbledon City, they might cause terrifying destruction in Wimbledon City, which would create a loss that would be hard to estimate.

So before they made a move, Emperor Candra even personally came to ask Arch Magus Ofalian and Arch Magus Laduca to try to limit the range of their fight as much as possible so they wouldn’t seriously affect Wimbledon City.

If they fought normally, Arch Magus Ofalian would have used teleportation magic to avoid this electric attack from Xu Yi, but the Wimbledon City wall was underneath him and underneath that was most of the citizen residences in the southern part of Wimbledon City.

If this lightning fell, the city wall might not be damaged because of the Magic Domain Sealing Array, but the might of the lightning would be demonstrated. Once it fell, perhaps the range of several hundred meters up to a kilometer would be affected.

Even if the city guards had already evacuated the people in the city, who knew how many people were unwilling to go.

Even if people didn’t die, if this district was ruined, it would generate a giant loss.

Arch Magus Ofalian had these thoughts in an instant and then he gathered his magic power, raising his hand to create a giant magic barrier with Arch Magus Laduca.


The ball of lightning hit this magic barrier and created a shocking explosion.

The sound spread and there was a burst of wind that spread from the city walls. It directly blew off the roofs of many residences, which showed how terrifying it was.

There were ripples that appeared on this magic barrier. The ball of lightning formed a bolt of lightning with 30% of its power and fell down again, creating wisps of electricity that covered the entire magic barrier.

After a while, the final wisp of electricity finally disappeared.

Arch Magus Ofalian looked up to say something, but he saw that Xu Yi had his hand raised and another ball of lightning fell down again. However, this time it wasn’t aimed at the two Arch Magi on the city walls, but rather it was aimed at the city.

Arch Magus Ofalian was shocked as he immediately disappeared from where he had been standing. He appeared where the ball of lightning was falling and created another giant magic barrier.


Xu Yi didn’t condense too much elemental magic energy this time, so this ball of lightning was much weaker than the last one and Arch Magus Ofalian was able to easily block it.

But before he could catch his breath, Xu Yi had sent out another ball of lightning.

This ball of lightning was in the opposite direction of Arch Magus Ofalian and was thrown even further away.

“Laduca, don’t let him throw another one!” Arch Magus Ofalian only had time to say this to Arch Magus Laduca before using teleportation magic again, appearing under the ball of lightning.

Actually, even if Arch Magus Ofalian hadn’t said anything, Arch Magus Laduca had already started moving.

When Xu Yi threw this ball of lightning, Arch Magus Laduca raised his hand and countless little balls of purple flames flew into the air, shooting at Xu Yi flying there.

These fireballs seemed as small as low grade fireballs, but Xu Yi knew in his heart that the might they contained was completely different.

He didn’t choose to resist them, but rather his figure disappeared and reappeared in the distance, heading deeper into Wimbledon City.

When he appeared, Xu Yi raised both hands and very casually threw out two balls of lightning.

This time, not only did Arch Magus Ofalian move, even Arch Magus Laduca had to use his teleportation magic to block one of the balls of lightning each.

Arch Magus Ofalian was filled with rage at what Xu Yi was doing and couldn’t help looking up to curse him.

But when he looked up, he saw that the clouds above them had suddenly turned into flames and the look of rage on his face had turned into shock.

“Xu Yi, you’re crazy! You’re actually using Meteor Fall! Quickly stop! You’re already breaking all the rules of magicians, you will become the mortal enemy of all magicians on the continent!”

Arch Magus Laduca also had a shocked look, but he had always been a silent person, so he didn’t curse like Arch Magus Ofalian. He could only point at Xu Yi as he angrily said, “Xu Yi, you…..are despicable!”

“Despicable?” Xu Yi in the air gave a cold laugh, “Your Candra Empire broke our agreement one-sidedly and then you sealed up all the businesses of our Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Even the marshal worked with two honourable Arch Magi to trap me alone. Comparing this, who is more despicable?”

Arch Magus Laduca was at a loss for words.

Indeed, the things that they did today couldn’t be considered righteous at all.

Not to mention that he and Ofalian, two Arch Magi had worked together to ambush Xu Yi. If this was known, everyone would look down on them even more.

If it wasn’t for Marshal Sudman personally telling him how important this was for the Candra Empire, he definitely wouldn’t have done this.

Arch Magus Ofalian on the side didn’t think too much. Hearing Xu Yi’s rebuttal, he gave a cold snort and angrily pointed at Xu Yi as he said, “Xu Yi, you actually dare to cast this kind of Forbidden Spell in Wimbledon City! You’ve given up on any hope of living!”

Xu Yi gave an uncaring laugh.

“I say, your excellency Ofalian, you’ve said this countless times first. Can you first kill me before saying this?”

Arch Magus Ofalian was filled with rage, but he couldn’t refute him at all.

At least up to this point, Xu Yi wasn’t wrong.

He and Laduca, two Arch Magi, worked together, but they were passive when facing Xu Yi.

Although there were many reasons, the facts were that they couldn’t do anything to Xu Yi.

Xu Yi’s hands didn’t stop as he said this.

The red cloud became bigger and bigger and brighter and brighter, representing that the largest area of effect Forbidden Spell, Meteor Fall was getting closer and closer to being finished.

Arch Magus Ofalian and Arch Magus Laduca didn’t have time to scold Xu Yi anymore, both of them tactfully used their full power to send out their domains.

As long as they could change the magic space around Xu Yi, he wouldn’t be able to gather more elemental magic energy from around him and he wouldn’t be able to release this Forbidden Spell.

However, as soon as their domains approached Xu Yi, Xu Yi smiled at the two of them and took back his right hand. The red cloud in the sky disappeared and the red sky had turned back to normal.

Xu Yi released his magic power again and released his domain. It was like when the three of them had been in Marshal Sudman’s manor earlier, Arch Magus Ofalian and Arch Magus Laduca’s domains couldn’t do a thing to Xu Yi.

Of course, Xu Yi didn’t have the ability to invade their domains, so the three of them were stuck in place.

Arch Magus Ofalian gave a cold snort, “Xu Yi, you won’t have a chance to escape like last time. Just accept your death.”

“Oh?” Xu Yi raised a brow, “Didn’t you say that you would let me keep my life if I surrendered?”

“That was earlier! But since you planned on using Meteor Fall, that option no longer exists!” Arch Magus Ofalian’s face turned dark.

“This……then I know.” Xu Yi nodded and said nothing else.

Arch Magus Ofalian and Arch Magus Laduca thought that he would do something shocking, so she quickly strengthened their domain to suppress Xu Yi.

However, Xu Yi just floated in the air and looked at the space above him. It was unknown what he was thinking, but he didn’t do anything else.

Arch Magus Ofalian and Arch Magus Laduca doubtfully looked at each other.

What was Xu Yi planning on doing?

But Xu Yi didn’t do anything, so the two didn’t plan on doing anything special.

Actually, the stronger the magician, the more boring their fight was for bystanders.

When one reached the level of Arch Magi, a fight really wasn’t that spectacular.

It was because Arch Magi’s understanding of magic reached the realm of domains, so normal magic couldn’t pose a threat to an Arch Magus. So when they fought against each other, they would face off with domains.

The final deciding factor was their understanding of domains and whose magic power was greater.

From their previous exchange, Arch Magus Ofalian and Arch Magus Laduca were certain that Xu Yi’s understanding of domains wasn’t below theirs, he might even be stronger in certain places. So it was impossible to defeat Xu Yi with domains.

The only other method was to crush Xu Yi with magic power.

No matter how great Xu Yi’s talent was, he was still only just forty years old.

There were no shortcuts in cultivating the magic power of a magician, so his magic power couldn’t compare to the two of them. In this stalemate, the only possibility was that Xu Yi’s magic power wouldn’t be able to hold on and he would be defeated.

It was impossible that Xu Yi didn’t know this. Now that he wasn’t doing a thing, could it be that he was giving up?