Magic Industry Empire - Volume 7 Chapter 95

Year 3782, May 6th, there was a piece of news that blew up the Sines Continent.

The Candra Empire announced that because they had verified that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had engaged in many illegal activities in their territory, even secretly supporting organizations that wanted to rebel against the Candra Empire’s royal family, they would list the Frestech Chamber of Commerce as one of the banned companies in the Candra Empire.

At the same time, in order to pursue the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s crimes and to protect the Candra Empire, the Candra Empire would declare the Frestech Chamber of Commerce an enemy. They cut off all corporations with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and sent an official request to the Stantine Duchy for them to ban all the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s activities in the Stantine Duchy.

After this statement, the Candra Empire’s government had clearly stated that if the Stantine Duchy didn’t comply with the Candra Empire’s request, the Candra Empire would take action against the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

When this statement came out, the entire Sines Continent was stunned.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce was the most famous company on the Sines Continent right now, having magic machine technology that countless countries and organizations wanted, as well as the powerful military magic machines that many countries feared. They had already become the most overall powerful company on the continent.

The Candra Empire was one of the two empires on the continent, it could even be said that they were the most powerful country on the continent.

The two sides had clearly been working well together, so why did they suddenly break their relationship?

Some people thought of the Namco Mine incident in the Drow Race Kingdom’s northeast last month.

The Candra Empire interfering with this matter had already confused many people.

Now that the Candra Empire was declaring war on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce like this, many people couldn’t help guessing that there was some kind of irreconcilable difference that was formed during the Namco Mine incident, which caused the Candra Empire to tear all face with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

But this created even more doubts.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce wasn’t a normal company. Because they had the military magic machines that many countries viewed as important, not only did countries have scruples about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, almost all the countries tried to build relations with them to get the military magic machine technology from them.

Becoming enemies with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, wasn’t that cutting off all hope of getting the military magic machine technology from them?

Everyone knew that after the Frestech Chamber of Commerce developed the military magic machines, what decided victory in wars was who had the better military magic machines.

The Candra Empire breaking off from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, first not mentioning if they were even capable of ‘eliminating an evil organization like the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’, if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce went to support the Marlow Empire, the Candra Empire wouldn’t be able to take it.

However, the next day, which was May 7th, the Marlow Empire announced that since they had discovered that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had participated in activities that rebelled against the Marlow Empire, they would be listing the Frestech Chamber of Commerce as a banned company and would ban them from entering the Marlow Empire.

There were only a few words that were different, but the content was the exact same as the one the Candra Empire had announced a day ago.

When everyone saw this statement, they were shocked while also coming up with a guess.

The Candra Empire and Marlow Empire had discussed something in secret? They were going against the Frestech Chamber of Commerce together?

But if it was like this, it would explain the strange actions the Candra Empire had taken before.

If they hadn’t reached a secret deal with the Marlow Empire who could match them beforehand, the Candra Empire wouldn’t take such a large risk to break off all face with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce or even declaring war on them.

Otherwise, if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce supported the Marlow Empire, the Candra Empire would have lost more than they gained.

But why would the Marlow Empire agree to deal with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce with the Candra Empire?

Such a good chance, why didn’t the Marlow Empire try to build relations with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce? They would have gained the support of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and defeated the Candra Empire in one fell swoop, right?

Without the Candra Empire who were their biggest enemies, the Marlow Empire would be able to dominate the continent.

After the Marlow Empire made this statement, in the following days, there were a total of forty seven countries which included the Drow Race Kingdom, the Mana Magic Kingdom, the Sack Kingdom, and the Falk Kingdom, as well as sixty three large and small organizations that included the Magicians Guild, the Jino Union, the Valley Association, the Blacksmith Guild that announced the various crimes of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. They had decided to break off all relations with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, listing them as enemies.

In just a single week, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce that seemed to have spread all over the continent and was always welcomed had become a target that everyone hated.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s factories and branches in these countries had been damaged to varying degrees, even falling into the hands of these nations and organizations.

It could be said that in a short amount of time, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had suffered a large loss that was hard to imagine. It was like having countless limbs cut off at the same time.

To countless people, no matter how strong the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was or how strong their military magic machines were, facing all these countries and organizations, which could be considered a gathering of the most resources on the Sines Continent, they wouldn’t have any hope.

This company that was was considered the fastest developing and had the most prospects, which had only been formed for twenty three years and had brought the magic machine industry to the continent, changing the lives of many people would most likely fade into history.

“Do you all think the same?” Xu Yi looked at the high level members of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in the conference room. He had a smile on his face and his eyes were relaxed, “Do you think that our company is finished this time? There’s no saving us?”

“Pei!” The Frestech Household Magic Machine Chamber of Commerce’s chairman Ankhto spat out beside him, “They want to end our company with just these fellows? In their dreams!”

“Right! These idiots don’t know what kind of strength our company has and they want to scare us like this, what a joke!” The Frestech Mineral Chamber of Commerce’s chairman, the dwarf Lithorp had a look of disdain on his face.

“Sir chairman, just give the orders. How should we kill these b*stards?” The Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guard leader Hart slapped his chest and loudly said, “The brothers of us guards have already been itching. Now that there are idiots who are sending themselves to their deaths, we brothers can’t be more happy!”

“Right. What use is all their people? In front of our company’s guards, they are all just a bunch of trash. They……”


Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and raised his hand to stop everyone’s excitement.

“It seems like everyone’s confident, I am assured. But I must remind everyone that our company is facing the entire world this time, is it really good that you are this confident?”

“Che, so what if we fight the whole world? Those fellows clearly wanted to swallow us already, but they never had the guts. Now that they’ve finally grouped together, they think that they swallow us which is why they dare to make a move. If they really are this strong, would they need to do this?” Ankhto curled his lips as he revealed a look of disdain.

“This is right.” Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile, “These fellows don’t seem that strong, or it should be said that we are much stronger than they thought. So even if we really fight the world, it isn’t anything to be afraid of. Of course, there is an old proverb that says that you must look down on the enemy when fighting, but you have to respect them when strategizing. Sebas!”

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s finance manager Sebas who was sixty seven years old, but still looked lively stood up and gave Xu Yi a bow before asking with a faint smile, “Sir chairman, may I ask what are your orders?”

“I’m announcing that our company is now entering a state of alert. We have to maintain our logistics as per wartime standards. Do you understand what I mean?”

“I will follow your instructions.” Sebas gave a slight bow.

“Very good! Camby!”

The dwarf Camby jumped up and stood on his chair as he slapped his chest, letting out a dull sound.

“Sir chairman, just give your orders! Even if us dwarves go through a mountain of blades or a sea of flames, there’s no problem at all!”

Xu Yi couldn’t help smiling, “If we sent your magic machine development center dwarves to a mountain of blades or a sea of flames, our Frestech Chamber of Commerce would really be over. Alright, I’ll give you your task. It’s to change your directives and speed up the production of military magic machines, as well as guaranteeing the production of certain civilian magic machines. You can discuss this with Glarus.”

“Yes!” Camby loudly replied as his eyes lit up. He rubbed his hands together and asked with an excited look, “Sir chairman, are we planning on going all out this time?”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “Of course, or do you think that those fellows would come to drink with us?”

After a pause, Xu Yi turned to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guard leader Hart on the side.

Hart stood up and stood at attention as he looked at Xu Yi, “Sir chairman, please give you orders!”

Xu Yi nodded and left the table, moving to a large map on the wall. He slapped the map and said in a deep voice, “If nothing unexpected happens, the enemy will be attacking shortly. Hart, I hope that you can give them a painful blow right from the beginning. Can you do that?”

Hart’s lips curled as he revealed a faint smile before saying with a laugh, “Sir chairman, I will definitely give those fellows a lesson that they will never forget.”

“Very good.”

Xu Yi gave a heavy nod before turning to the others in the conference room.

“Everyone, starting from now, it will be the most crucial and most dangerous time for our Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Do you have the confidence to get through this with me?”


“Of course!”

“Sir chairman, we will always listen to your orders!”

“Destroy those b*stards!”


Everyone in the room angrily roared out.

Xu Yi couldn’t help revealing a smile.

The people around him were all subordinates that had been with him for at least twenty years. In this dangerous time, there wasn’t a single person that had revealed a trace of fear, which he was very grateful for.


Xu Yi slapped the map once again.

“Everyone, starting now, let us declare war on this world!”