Magic Industry Empire - Volume 8 Chapter 100

“What is there to be surprised about? Didn’t Still already tell you?” Seveni had a very relaxed look, “I’m no longer the Lampuri Kingdom’s queen, so there’s no need to hide this matter. Actually, I should have told you a long time ago, but I’ve kept stalling until now. Speaking of this, I was actually worried about this.”

Xu Yi looked at Seveni in a daze as he could only unconsciously ask, “What were you worried about?”

“Worried that you wouldn’t acknowledge it.” Seveni looked right at Xu Yi, “I’m certain that Raymond is your and my child because I’ve only had contact with you as a man my entire life. But I wasn’t certain, would you have doubted it with your personality?”

Xu Yi was silent.

Actually, even now, he still didn’t truly believe that Raymond was really his and Seveni’s son.

Although in the past few years, with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce working with the elves, they had already created a soul magic that would test for blood relations in blood samples to test parentage, Xu Yi couldn’t just pull Raymond there to test it, so he was never certain.

Seeing the look on Xu Yi’s face, Seveni gave a sigh and continued, “Xu Yi, when we became estranged, was it related to this?”

Xu Yi looked at Seveni and wanted to confirm that it was related, but he couldn’t bear to give a nod.

After the clues showed that Raymond was most likely his child with Seveni, Xu Yi had felt a bit of prejudice towards Seveni.

In his opinion, Seveni didn’t hesitate to drug him to have relations just so she could have a blood related child with him.

That way, the child would become the Lampuri Kingdom’s king and Xu Yi would definitely take care of his child, which would mean taking care of the Lampuri Kingdom.

This was a very normal plan and Xu Yi could understand why Seveni would do this.

But he very much disliked this approach.

After confirming this with his private investigation, Xu Yi gradually became estranged with Seveni.

Of course, that wasn’t the main reason.

“The reason we became estranged was more because of the difference in views.” Xu Yi shook his head, “You are the Lampuri Kingdom’s queen, you have to consider the Lampuri Kingdom and I was the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s chairman, so I also had to think of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. We had different views, so naturally we also had different opinions and contradictions would occur. I didn’t want us to even stop being normal friends, so I reduced our contact and focused on doing business.”

“What about now? You’re no longer the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s chairman and I’m no longer the Lampuri Kingdom’s queen. Can we continue being normal friends like before?” Seveni asked.

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “If I really wasn’t willing, why would Still bring you here in the first place?”

“Hei, Xu Yi, I spent quite a bit of effort to convince Seveni to have her come see you. You’re not thanking me and now you’re complaining about me?” Still came out of an unknown corner.

“How could I be complaining about you, I don’t even have time to thank you.” Xu Yi laughed, “Seveni is one of the few good friends that I have left and now that we have a chance to sit and talk, that is a beautiful thing.”

“You think so too?” Seveni revealed a smile. She looked around before giving a sigh, “Actually, after coming here, I’ve found that I’ve woken up a bit too late. Life is really relaxed here and if I gave the throne to Raymond earlier, I could have enjoyed the same relaxed life as you and Still.”

“Right, Seveni, I still have a question. Why did you suddenly decide to give the throne to Raymond?” Still asked in a curious voice.

Xu Yi also cared about this.

He thought that Seveni would be the same as the British queen on earth, ruling over the Lampuri Kingdom until she died.

Prince Raymond would be like the tragic prince on earth, being the crown prince for several decades without being able to take the throne.

He never thought that Seveni would suddenly decide to abdicate, handing the throne and all the power in the Lampuri Kingdom to Prince Raymond.

“This isn’t sudden.” Seveni shook her head, “Actually when Raymond got married, I already had this idea. I’ve been training Raymond over these years and had him get involved more in politics, as well as having him make decisions so that he could smoothly take this position. I felt that the time was right, so I gave the throne to him. Isn’t this very normal?”

“No, Seveni, I know you. Even if you already had this idea, if it wasn’t because something stimulated this, you wouldn’t have suddenly made this decision.” Xu Yi said in a firm tone.

Seveni was silent for a bit before giving a bitter laugh.

“Alright, I guess that there’s only you, Xu Yi who understands me best in this world. Yes, I was indeed stimulated. This stimulation is……related to you and Seveni.”

Xu Yi and Still were surprised, “It’s related to us?”

“Go and ask your good daughter Freya.” Seveni said with a smile, “If it wasn’t her coming to tell me that Raymond had a different idea than me when it came to the outer space program and complained that I was too stubborn, which made him have scruples when doing many things, how could I have suddenly had this thought?”

Xu Yi and Seveni were even more surprised.

“Freya said this to you?” Still’s expression became a bit angry, “How could she say this to you! This is too much!”

“No, I seriously considered it and felt that she was being reasonable. Now that I’ve left the Lampuri Kingdom to Raymond, I feel much more relaxed and I can do what I want. I even came all this way to see Xu Yi.” Seveni’s expression relaxed, but it seemed like she thought differently.

She turned to Xu Yi after saying this.

“Xu Yi, it seems like Freya isn’t willing to live peacefully, so you should prepare yourself.”

Before Xu Yi could speak, Still knitted her brows, “What do you mean by this?”

Xu Yi stopped Still from asking any other questions before shaking his head with a bitter smile, “I know. That daughter of mine has had this personality since she was young, it would be strange if she wanted to settle down. Of course, with the current situation of the Sines Continent, living peacefully isn’t a good thing, right?”

“You’re right.” Seveni gave a nod, “So I gave the Lampuri Kingdom to Raymond. I’ll let him and Freya, those young people handle the mess that is the Sines Continent.”


Saying that the Sines Continent was a mess wasn’t an exaggeration at all.

Although the Lampuri Kingdom had conquered the Antila Kingdom, the follow up work was far from over.

After half a year, there would be rebel factions that appeared from time to time in the Antila Kingdom. They would mess with the peace of the Antila Kingdom, which caused trouble for the Lampuri Kingdom.

However, compared to this, the Lampuri Kingdom’s situation was considered peaceful as the other parts of the Sines Continent were much worse.

The southeast corner.

The Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom had been very successful in their offense, not only did they break through the Gino Kingdom’s capital, they also seized most of the Gino Kingdom’s territory. They also continued their offense up north, almost quickly seizing most of the territory in the southeast corner of the continent.

However, the other nations of the southeast corner formed a resistance alliance, gathering with the eastern countries and resisting the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom together.

Over the past few years, the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom had been deadlocked with this alliance, so the flames of war kept burning in the southeastern and eastern part of the continent.

In the center of the continent, the Candra Empire and the Marlow Empire had officially declared war, spreading the flames of war to over half of the continent’s lands.

The armies of the two empires just last year alone had fought battles of over a hundred thousand people four times and had fought over a hundred skirmishes.

It was hard to count the number of smaller countries affected. The flames of war didn’t just burn in the borders of the two empires, but in more than half of the land on the continent.

But the two empires had a tacit understanding and didn’t use all their national strength to start an all out war. They just fought battles with each other, but they never stopped their own development.

When affected by the war, the magic machine industry on the Sines Continent inevitably slowed down, but there was remarkable growth in military related industries.

Especially military magic machines. The two empires would announce new military magic machines from time to time, demonstrating their breakthroughs in technology.

It would take one or two years in the beginning, but in the past two years, it would take around a few months.

Because of the pressure of war, the two empires and the other countries invested even more in developing military magic machine technology.

During the ten years of peace, the Sines Continent’s magic machine industry related technology all developed quickly, but during the past few years of war, there was still a new boom of magic machine industry related technology.

On earth, historians would often say that war was the biggest driving force for the development of technology.

This was perfectly demonstrated in this world.

But no one realized just how the situation would develop.

Seveni didn’t know and Xu Yi didn’t know either.