Magic Industry Empire - Volume 8 Chapter 105

Xu Yi focused his eyes and after seeing the scene in front of him, he was surprised.

There was a carpet of green grass with traces of red, white, yellow……and other coloured flowers mixed in. The grass and flowers swayed in the wind, looking quite lush like it was a scene of spring.

Looking up, he could see the boundless blue skies with white clouds. There was even a sun in the sky that released warm sunlight.

No matter how he looked at it, this seemed like a very beautiful grassland.

But Xu Yi had just clearly gone from the Sines Planet to Alice through the transport array left by the Abyss Demon Race, so why would he be seeing something like this?

Could it be that Alice was like this to begin with?

“This is impossible.” Xu Yi shook his head.

Although he wasn’t an astrophysicist, he knew that Alice was only a small orbiting object, so it was impossible for it to have the same atmosphere as a large planet like earth or the Sines Planet. So the scenery in front of him shouldn’t be real.

“What is going on here?” Xu Yi looked back down at Cassandra who had just greeted him.

Cassandra wasn’t in her dragon form, but rather her human form.

She was lying on the grass with a thick cushion under her. Her upper half was lifted and her head was looking up at a Magic Illusion Projector in front of her. She was watching the drama being played while eating the large pile of snacks beside her, looking quite relaxed.

“Hei, hei, chairman Xu, were you scared?” Hearing Xu Yi’s question, Cassandra replied with a laugh.

“Un……I was indeed scared.” Xu Yi nodded. He looked around before closing his eyes to release his senses. When he opened his eyes, his expression became a bit strange, “This should be an illusion?”

“Right, it’s an illusion.” Cassandra stood up from the ground and pointed out. It was unknown what she did, but the scenery around them disappeared. What appeared around Xu Yi was desolated ground covered in rocks.

Xu Yi gave a nod and confirmed that this was the appearance of a small stellar body without an atmosphere.

“This illusion came with this transport array, I found it by accident.” Cassandra explained, “Actually, I was quite surprised, why would the Abyss Demon Race make this function? It doesn’t have a use at all.”

Xu Yi looked around and understood a bit.

Ten thousand years ago, the Abyss Demon Race hadn’t just built this transport array, but also a complete moon base.

Since they were using it as a base, naturally they couldn’t just leave it empty.

The bleak environment of Alice didn’t seem like it could provide long term housing, so the Abyss Demon Race made this illusion to make themselves feel better while staying here.

Based on this, it seemed like the Abyss Demon Race were very similar to humans.

Looking around, Xu Yi was able to easily find the stone pillars scattered around that were like the ones on the endless seas.

But compared to the transport array that was several hundred square kilometers on the sea, the one on Alice was much smaller.

As Xu Yi looked around, he could see at least five or six of them that were spread out several kilometers around him.

“Hei, chairman Xu, this is your first time on Alice, doesn’t it feel very novel?” Cassandra seemed very excited about Xu Yi’s arrival, so she jumped over to point at something in front of her, “There, if you look over there, you can see the Sines Planet.”

Xu Yi looked in the direction she was pointing in and there really was a giant sphere in the sky.

Because he had seen the Sines Planet from outer space before, Xu Yi recognized it with a single glance.

But compared to being in outer space, now that he was on Alice hundreds of thousands of kilometers away, he couldn’t see the specifics of the Sines Planet. He could only see two large shadows that should have been the Sines Continent and the Magic Cloud Continent.

As for the southern continent, he couldn’t see a single trace.

Even adding his time on earth, this was Xu Yi’s first time seeing a planet from another stellar body, so naturally this was a very novel experience.

But this wasn’t that interesting. After looking for a bit, Xu Yi focused his attention on the transport array again.

“Cassandra, have you found anything new after all this time that you’ve been here?”

“If I did, I would have already told you.” Cassandra blinked before suddenly saying, “But speaking of this, there is one thing. I just discovered it a few days ago, but I didn’t know what it was, so I didn’t tell you right away.”

“Oh? What is it?” Xu Yi was a bit curious.


Cassandra pulled Xu Yi’s hand and flew off in the opposite direction.

The environment on Alice was naturally different from the Sines Planet, but the magic space wasn’t that different.

This was different from the magic space in outer space being different from the Sines Planet which Xu Yi felt was quite mysterious.

He could only give a sigh in response to this. Magic really was a mysterious tool and looking at it from many angles, it was more convenient than science on earth.

After flying for a bit, going around three to four kilometers, Cassandra stopped.

“Look, chairman Xu, there’s another transport array there.”

Xu Yi looked down and found that there were several stone pillars scattered on the ground.

“Yi? Isn’t this the same transport array as the one from before?”

“According to my studies, it’s not.” Cassandra shook her head in a serious manner.

Xu Yi saw her expression and asked, “Did you try it?”

Cassandra’s expression became even more strange.

“I…..tried it and could get a reaction, but I didn’t dare continue.”

“You didn’t dare? Why?” Xu Yi was a bit curious.

Cassandra was a dragon and he had seen how brave the dragons were, so there were things that she didn’t dare do?

“It’s because……I don’t know where I’ll be sent and I don’t know if I can come back.” Cassandra replied with a bitter smile, “I can fly back if it’s a place as far as Alice, but if it’s even further like light years away like you’ve mentioned before, I won’t be able to fly back. Then again, you can’t tell directions in outer space, so how should I know which way to fly?”

“Eh……that’s true.”

Xu Yi first flew around the newly discovered transport array before landing on the ground to carefully analyze it. He confirmed that this was a smaller version of the transport array on the endless seas and that it had the same properties.

“How did you start it? Give me the corresponding data.” Xu Yi said to Cassandra.

Cassandra took out the data that she had gotten from the transport array before going into the center of the transport array. She took a deep breath and activated her magic power.

Xu yi was reading over Cassandra’s report while seriously feeling the change in the magic space around the area as Cassandra poured her magic power into the array.

After a while, the stone pillars around Cassandra all released a light blue glow.

Xu Yi flew into the air and after watching the pattern that this light blue glow formed, he confirmed that it was the same as the one on the endless seas.

But there were some differences in some small places.

Looking up, he found that the light from the stone pillars gathered in outer space and created a light blue screen that fell down, covering the space inside of the transport array.

This was something that Xu Yi hadn’t seen with the transport array on the endless seas.

But after looking at it carefully, perhaps that was because the one on the seas was too big and it was hard to notice it even if there was the same phenomenon.

“Chairman Xu, did you sense anything?” Cassandra suddenly asked.

Xu Yi nodded as his eyes turned to the center of the transport array.

There was a magic fluctuation that wasn’t very strong, but was very special that was coming from there that extended into the vastness of outer space.

With Xu Yi’s current power, he could sense magic fluctuations that were even ten kilometers away.

But his senses were very small when compared to the vastness of outer space, so he wasn’t able to sense where these special magic fluctuations were going at all.

But he was certain that the direction that this special magic fluctuation was directed at was clearly not the Sines Planet.

Very soon, with the induction of Cassandra’s magic power, the magic space in the transport array started to change.

Xu Yi could clearly sense that this change was the same as when he experimented with the transport array on the island near the Sines Continent.

He was certain that once this transport array was activated, it would send the person or item inside to another place.

Seeing that the surrounding magic space was about to reach a critical point, Cassandra stopped and looked at Xu Yi in the sky.

Xu Yi understood what she meant and signaled to her to stop.

“Chairman Xu, do you understand why I don’t dare activate it now?”

Xu Yi nodded and gave a sigh.

“Although the unknown universe is attractive, it’s also filled with danger. Who would dare to take this dangerous risk in this unknown situation?” After a pause, he said, “But Cassandra, I’m certain that there should be another transport array left by the Abyss Demon Race on the other side. As for where, I’m not certain.”

“So what? Are you certain that that transport array can send me back?” Cassandra asked.

Xu Yi shook his head with a bitter smile, “I’m not certain about that.”

“Anyway, I don’t dare take this risk. Chairman Xu, do you dare?”

“Of course I don’t, at least not right now.” Xu Yi gave a bitter laugh. He took out a small item that he put in the center of the transport array before having Cassandra step back.

Cassandra left the range of the transport array and Xu Yi used the method that Cassandra used earlier to start this array.

The item placed in the middle of the array immediately disappeared from Xu Yi and Cassandra’s gaze.

“What can that thing do?” Cassandra asked.

“This is a magic signal generating device.” Xu Yi explained, “It will keep releasing a special magic signal after it is transferred. If we can receive this signal, we can guarantee that the other side is safe.”

“Then if we can’t receive it? Then again, even if you can receive it, the universe is very big and if it’s sent to a very remote place, it will take a long time for the magic signal to come back. When will we be able to receive that magic signal?”

Xu Yi could only reveal a bitter smile.

“That will depend on fate……”