Magic Industry Empire - Volume 8 Chapter 110

What happened in the Lamaske Province and the Merinda Province was happening in the other provinces that once belonged to the Candra Empire.

Some went smoothly and some didn’t go that smoothly.

But whether it went smoothly or not, the situation started to change bit by bit.

The Marlow Empire that had occupied Wimbledon City for many months naturally noticed these small changes.

If there were only movements in places that once belonged to the Candra Empire, the Marlow Empire wouldn’t be as worried.

But now that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was involved, even the Marlow Empire that had defeated the Candra Empire and had the potential of ruling the entire Sines Continent couldn’t help being vigilant.

However, the ones that made a move first weren’t the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but rather the Lampuri Kingdom.

When the winter of year 4330 passed, the Lampuri Kingdom dispatched troops into the Kalmar Province that bordered the Lampuri Kingdom.

The Lampuri Kingdom announced that this was to protect the Lampuri Kingdom’s people who had been caught in the Candra Empire.

However, after entering the Kalmar Province, the Lampuri Kingdom’s army and the Marlow Empire’s army stationed in the Kalmar Province engaged in a fierce firefight.

The Lampuri Kingdom was clearly prepared, having sent their elites, but the Marlow Empire were caught off guard, so they collapsed with a single blow.

Five hundred square kilometers of land from the Kalmar Province fell into the Lampuri Kingdom’s control in just a short week, including the most important magic machine industrial city in the Kalmar Province.

The Marlow Empire reacted quickly.

Half a month later, the Marlow Empire made an official request for the Lampuri Kingdom’s army to leave the Kalmar Province, or they would suffer the consequences.

This stance was without a doubt strong.

But with the momentum that the Marlow Empire had after defeating the Candra Empire, it was natural that they would act this way.

But what no one expected was that the Lampuri Kingdom’s response was just as strong.

The Lampuri Kingdom announced that the Kalmar Province wasn’t the Marlow Empire’s territory. The Marlow Empire had no right to request the Lampuri Kingdom’s army to withdraw.

Neither side backed down, so a war was set into action.

In April of year 4330, the Lampuri Kingdom sent out two regiments, totaling sixty thousand to meet the three regiments sent by the Marlow Empire, totaling one hundred and ten thousand in the Kalmar Province.

The results of the battle surprised everyone.

The Marlow Empire was defeated, suffering twenty thousand casualties. Out of the ones that remained, eighty thousand escaped and they suffered another ten thousand casualties. They had lost thirty thousand troops just like this.

As for the Lampuri Kingdom side, they only lost a few thousand people.

Facing a larger enemy and having such a gap in losses, this kind of battle result without a doubt shocked people.

When analyzing the battle, people found that the Lampuri Kingdom could obtain such a magnificent result because they had better preparations. The most important reason was that the Lampuri Kingdom’s military magic machines were more advanced than the Marlow Empire’s magic machines.

For example, both sides were well equipped and were in good positions. The Magic Cannons that were the main firepower in the war, the Marlow Empire had four thousand and six hundred of them while the Lampuri Kingdom only had three thousand and two hundred of them.

At first glance, the Lampuri Kingdom had far less Magic Cannons, so their firepower should have been weaker.

But the situation was that out of the Marlow Empire’s four thousand and six hundred Magic Cannons, only eight hundred of them were ninety mm caliber Magic Cannons independently developed by the Marlow Empire. The remaining three thousand and eight hundred Magic Cannons were all low caliber Magic Cannons.

As for the three thousand and two hundred Magic Cannons of the Lampuri Kingdom, one thousand and two hundred of them were one hundred mm caliber Magic Cannons. There were even three hundred of them that were newly developed two hundred mm caliber Magic Cannons!

Of the rest, one thousand were multi shot Magic Cannons that were far stronger than normal single barrel Magic Cannons.

With such a difference, even if the Lampuri Kingdom’s side had a thousand less cannons, the firepower that they demonstrated far surpassed that of the Marlow Empire.

So in this frontal fight, the Marlow Empire’s army was passively being attacked from the beginning.

At the same time, in the Magic Tank formations that were becoming more and more important, the Lampuri Kingdom had the advantage.

The Lampuri Kingdom only had two regiments, but they were equipped with five hundred Magic Tanks.

Compared to the only three hundred Magic Tanks of the three regiments from the Marlow Empire, the Lampuri Kingdom not only had the numbers advantage, they also had the advantage in armour thickness, firepower, and speed.

On the battlefield, the Marlow Empire was not only passively being hit, they also couldn’t resist the Lampuri Kingdom’s attacks.

Of course, after being baptized by military magic machines, the combat on the Sines Continent wasn’t limited to the ground.

The air was also an important battlefield for both sides that was becoming more and more important.

Air supremacy was a concept that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce came up with twenty years ago and it became more and more important with many countries.

In the war between the Marlow Empire and the Candra Empire, the Marlow Empire had relied on their air superiority to hit the Candra Empire, finally forcing them to retreat.

But right now, in this battle, the Lampuri Kingdom had shown greater control of the air compared to the Marlow Empire.

In the battle, the Lampuri Kingdom had invested three Magic Airships squads, which was a total of three hundred Magic Airships that could surpass three hundred kilometers an hour. This completely suppressed the Magic Airships that were made in the Marlow Empire

Comparing them, the Lampuri Kingdom's combat Magic Airship was faster, more reactive, and was equipped with stronger Magic Rifles, Magic Cannons, and five Magic Missiles. No matter how you looked at it, they surpassed the Marlow Empire’s combat Magic Airships and were able to easily control the airspace.

With the Lampuri Kingdom army controlling land and air, it was natural that the Marlow Empire’s army was repelled.

After analyzing this victory, everyone was impressed to find that even if the Marlow Empire had defeated the Candra Empire and had destroyed this empire that had over a thousand years of history, they still weren’t the rulers of the continent just yet.

Now that the Lampuri Kingdom came out, it gave the Marlow Empire an even stronger enemy.

The situation of the Sines Continent became even more confusing.

After winning, the Lampuri Kingdom started attacking the Marlow Empire’s army that had stayed to control the Kalmar Province. They used just a month and a half to completely control the Kalmar Province.

At that time, a change that everyone was surprised by happened.

The Kalmar Province under the control of the Lampuri Kingdom had the previous governor Duke Noipera hold a press conference. In front of all the reporters from the newspapers and the Magic Illusion broadcast station, he announced that the Kalmar Province would be renamed the Kalmar Dominion and would hold open elections to form the Kalmar National Assembly. Then they would elect the representative of the government who would be the controlling government of the Kalmar Dominion.

The most important thing was that they would choose the president of the Kalmar Dominion, who would control the entire government.

If it was before, this Kalmar Dominion President would be no different from the Kalmar Dominion Governor.

But Duke Noipera announced that the Kalmar Dominion President would be managed and restricted by the Kalmar Dominion National Assembly. All orders had to be approved by the national assembly before it could be implemented.

This was equal to tying up the arms of the president, which was completely different from the governor that could do whatever they wanted.

What people were more surprised by was that Duke Noipera didn’t become the Kalmar Dominion President, but rather he had to participate in the election and be elected.

This was the first time that this method had appeared in the history of the Sines Continent.

Countless people were doubtful, just what was the Kalmar Province doing?

The stranger thing was why did the Lampuri Kingdom let the Kalmar Province do this?

While people were questioning this, the Kalmar Province…..Oh, no, it was now called the Kalmar Dominion quickly underwent its government restructuring.

In just three months, the first national assembly had been formed and all the representatives of the government had been elected. The one thing that wasn’t surprising was that Duke Noipera had taken the position of the Kalmar Dominion’s first president.

While countless people were shocked and confused by the changes in the Kalmar Province, the other provinces that used to belong to the Candra Empire also made shocking changes.

First, it was three provinces in the south that announced that they would do the same as the Kalmar Province, becoming dominions and reorganizing their governments.

Then it was two provinces that had been affected by the worker riots that did the same.

But there were some differences.

The three provinces from before had similar changes to the Kalmar Province, but the other two provinces weren’t the same.

Because they had been affected by the worker riots, these two provinces had lost the control of the Governor Manor under the Candra Empire, so they could only completely restructure their governments.

Compared to the Kalmar Province and the other three provinces, these two provinces were the least affected by the nobles in their territory and the national assembly was mainly composed of commoners.

But this wasn’t related to most people on the Sines Continent.

What most people cared about was the war between the Lampuri Kingdom and the Marlow Empire.