Magic Industry Empire - Volume 8 Chapter 112

For example, the two Magic Cannons that had problems were made by the empire’s second Magic Cannon factory. It was no different from the Magic Cannon that the royal guards were supplied with.

But the factories of the army headquarters that produced the military magic machines never had stable quality. The quality was always worse than the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s Magic Cannons and there would be frequent problems, so the people of the army had already gotten used to it.

There was even a clear difference with the Lampuri Kingdom’s independently produced military magic machines.

General Darandel’s regiment had fought the Lampuri Kingdom’s army before, they had annihilated a small group of Lampuri Kingdom scouts and had seized their military magia machines.

Just using the normal Magic Rifles as a comparison, the Magic Rifles that General Darandel’s regiment was equipped with could only fire eighteen rounds, but the Lampuri Kingdom’s rifles could fire twenty four rounds. Although it was only changing the magazine, the firing rate was very different and there was a difference in might.

When they destroyed the twelve scouts of the Lampuri Kingdom army, General Darandel had paid eight lives.

It had to be known that he had five times the soldiers in that situation.

Other than that, when you looked carefully and touched them, you would find that the Lampuri Kingdom’s rifles were clearly much more refined compared to the Marlow Empire’s.

What surprised General Darandel more was that the Lampuri Kingdom’s rifles were clearly made of a special steel alloy. It could withstand the high temperatures of being continuously shot for a minute and could still keep firing.

If it was the Marlow Empire’s Magic Rifle, with such a high rate of fire, the barrel would show signs of slight deformation that would affect the accuracy and might even destroy the rifle.

In terms of accuracy, General Darandel had done a test. He had used the Lampuri Kingdom’s rifle and his regiment’s rifle to fire at a target from the same distance.

The final result was that the Lampuri Kingdom’s Magic Rifle was 20% more accurate than the Marlow Empire’s rifles.

This was already a very large difference when it came to these personal military magic machines.

After confirming this, General Darandel felt a sense of despair in his heart.

When did the Lampuri Kingdom’s magic machine industry become this refined? It was actually greater than the Marlow Empire’s?

As a regiment commander on the frontlines, General Darandel’s feelings about this situation was without a doubt deeper than other people’s.

When facing the Lampuri Kingdom’s army, it didn’t matter if they had more soldiers.

With the clear difference in military magic machines between the two sides, once they exchanged fire, General Darandel would always feel like he’s losing.

So seeing the Lampuri Kingdom’s troops holding at the foot of the hill, he became even more anxious.

With their strength, there was hope of victory even if they attacked his position. Instead holding their position below was clearly the safer approach.

Thinking of this, General Darandel knitted his brows. He threw the combat readiness report to his guard and walked into the simple barracks behind him.

“General, is something the matter?” The several officers in the barracks saw General Darandel suddenly walk over and they were all surprised.

“Are there any instructions from above?” General Darandel asked in a deep voice.

The officers looked at each other and shook their heads.

General Darandel knitted his brows even more. He grabbed the Magic Communicator from the table and directly called the army headquarters.

After saying a few things, General Darandel angrily slapped the table and cut the call.

The officers beside him were all shocked by this and looked at him with startled looks.

General Darandel had a dark look on his face as he paced back and forth in the barracks.

His request just now was that he wanted more supplies given to him to help him defend his position, but the army headquarters gave the excuses of his position being hard to reach, the Lampuri Kingdom not making a move……and other excuses to reject him.

“Damn! Those fellows said all those fine words when they wanted me to head to the frontlines, but now they’re refusing every little thing!” General Darandel cursed out. After thinking about it, he took the Magic Communicator and planned on negotiating with the logistics department again.

However, after pressing it, he found that the Magic Communicator wasn’t reacting at all.

General Darandel looked down with a surprised look. He saw that there weren't any problems with the display light on the Magic Communicator and it was still giving off the dial tone, but it just wasn’t connecting.

“What is it? Is this thing broken?” General Darandel slapped the Magic Communicator with a frown.

The officers came over to look and they didn’t know what was happening, so they could only call for people that were in charge of maintaining the equipment.

General Darandel waited for a bit and seeing that it wasn’t working, he took out his personal Magic Communicator. He was planning on directly contacting an acquaintance in the logistics department.

However, when he made his call, he found that there wasn’t a single response like before.

“What is going on?” General Darandel was a bit confused.

When he looked up to see the camp’s technical staff running over and he was planning on grabbing them to ask, there were a bunch of anxious looking people that ran over from all over the camp.

After asking them, he found that these fellows had been using the Magic Communicators or were planning on using the Magic Communicators, but they couldn’t connect.

General Darandel’s face sank.

This strange situation created a bad premonition in his heart.

At this time, there were several howling sounds that came from the distance.

The expressions of General Darandel and the surrounding soldiers all changed as they scattered, planning on finding places to hide.

“Hong, hong, hong, hong.”

Explosions kept ringing out as the camp fell into chaos.

Seeing one of his guards hiding with him, General Darandel kicked his butt and angrily roared, “What are you hiding for? Why haven’t you passed down the order to open the barrier?”

The guard quickly reacted, but before he could go out, there was a blue glow that came from the camp that formed a semicircle, covering their position.

When the Magic Shells hit this blue barrier, it only created ripples and couldn’t fall on their position like before.

General Darandel let out a sigh of relief and stood up from his cover.

When he received the order to guard this pass, the first request that General Darandel made was a complete set of this new Rock Magic Barrier System.

Although it was still lacking compared to the highest grade Goddess of Protection series, this Marlow Empire independently developed Rock Magic Barrier System could defend against most military magic machines.

Even if the Lampuri Kingdom army’s firepower was greater than the Marlow Empire’s, as long as they had enough Magic Crystals, their position would be secure.

General Darandel could maintain this barrier system for over ten hours with his supply of high concentration Magic Crystals, which meant that he could stop the Lampuri Kingdom’s attacks for ten hours straight.

But even if the Lampuri Kingdom’s arms were better than the Marlow Empire’s it was impossible for them to maintain this high intensity attack for ten hours.

So General Darandel believed that there shouldn’t be a problem with their position for now at least.

As for the long term……that would depend on if the army headquarters could get supplies to them in time.

“Alright, what are you in a daze for? Quickly get in position and prepare to fire back!” General Darandel angrily roared out before starting to give his orders.

They couldn’t just get hit passively. If they didn’t attack back, with the attacks of the Lampuri Kingdom, even if they had the barrier system, they wouldn’t be safe.

But when General Darandel was giving orders to his assistants and officers, planning on assigning attack duties, there was a subordinate who was in charge of monitoring magic space that looked up with a look of terror.

“Gen……General……There’s……There’s a……A…….”

“What? Speak quickly!” General Darandel glared at him.

“There’s……an ultra high energy response from……coming from the southwest.”

“Ultra high energy response?” General Darandel was shocked, “How high?”

“It might……It might surpass the limit of the barrier……”

“Surpass the limit of the barrier? How is that possible!”

“Right, what kind of joke are you making!”

“How could there be something that exaggerated, it must be a mistake with your surveillance system……”

The officers all started reprimanding this person.

General Darandel waved his hand with knitted brows, “Observe carefully and after confirming……”

Halfway through, there was a glow that suddenly fell.


The glow exploded and swallowed the entire regiment’s headquarters.


Three kilometers from the Marlow Empire’s mountain position, the Lampuri Kingdom’s third regiment commander Count Link put down the telescope in his hand before giving a satisfied nod.

When he saw the carefully arranged defenses of the Marlow Empire at this pass, he decided not to use a forceful assault.

Now it seemed like the Marlow Empire had been prepared. They had actually put down such a large Magic Barrier System.

If they attacked normally, they might not be able to win if they shot all the Magic Shells that they had stocked, so their casualties would have also been quite high.

But now, he just used three of the Lampuri Kingdom’s developed mid to long range Magic Missile, destroying the Magic Barrier System and revealing the enemy’s position.

As long as he hit them a bit more, it would be a cinch to take this position.

Thinking of this, Count Link revealed a spirited look. He took a step forward and loudly gave an order to his regiment through his Magic Communicator.

“Fire at full force! I want to take care of this before the sun sets today!”

“Hong, hong, hong, hong……”

As if in response to Count Link’s order, a series of loud booms suddenly rang out and shook the entire valley.