Magic Industry Empire - Volume 8 Chapter 113

The battle between the Lampuri Kingdom and the Marlow Empire had already lasted four months and the results were shocking.

Most people thought that while the Lampuri Kingdom’s power could be considered in the top three on the continent, it was still lacking compared to the two empires.

Since the Marlow Empire could defeat the Candra Empire, how couldn’t they take down a Lampuri Kingdom that was even more inferior?

However, the facts were that the Marlow Empire had been beaten again and again. After fighting for four months, they could only give the territory that they seized from the Candra Empire to the Lampuri Kingdom.

If it wasn’t for the Marlow Empire having a larger army, using their numbers advantage to stop the Lampuri Kingdom’s assault, the Lampuri Kingdom would have gone even further.

In this battle, the Lampuri Kingdom had displayed a battle power that had surpassed the Marlow Empire army.

The key point in this was naturally the military magic machines.

The Lampuri Kingdom’s military magic machines, in terms of quality, power, accuracy, failure rate……and other aspects were all clearly much better than the Marlow Empire’s military magic machines.

With this, when the two armies fought, the Lampuri Kingdom’s battle power was much greater.

Other than this, what shocked people the most was that when the Lampuri Kingdom attacked an important pass into the northern part of the Candra Empire guarded by the Marlow Empire, they had demonstrated a new long range Magic Missile.

This new military magic machine could attack from several hundred kilometers away and it had a very exaggerated accuracy, as well as a might that people couldn’t defend against at all.

According to the combat report, the Marlow Empire regiment guarding the pass had been equipped with a Rock Magic Barrier System, but they couldn’t resist the attack of the long range Magic Missile. The Magic Missile penetrated it and destroyed the core of the Rock Magic Barrier System, paralyzing the entire system. Then the exposed position was bombarded by the Lampuri Kingdom’s intense firepower before falling.

Putting everything else aside, just these Magic Missiles that could be fired from several hundred kilometers away and still be this accurate had created a deep sense of fear in everyone.

Thinking about it, even if you sat at home, there could be a Magic Missile that would suddenly fly towards you and you wouldn’t have a way to defend or dodge it. You could only wait for death, which was a terrifying thing.

Although the Lampuri Kingdom had declared immediately that the Lampuri Kingdom had only made initial success with the Magic Missile research, so they didn’t have that many Magic Missiles stored and they couldn’t be used that easily, there wasn’t anyone who truly believed this.

The Lampuri Kingdom had dared to use this in actual combat and the effects were this good, so it was clear that they had reached a certain degree with their research. How could it be like they had said, only having reached “initial success”?

People more easily believed that the Lampuri Kingdom didn’t have that many long range Magic Missiles stored.

If they really had enough, the Lampuri Kingdom would have already bombarded the Marlow Empire’s armies with these long range Magic Missiles. How would they need to face them head on?

Others believed that with how strong the Magic Missiles were, they must also cost a lot to make.

Even if the Lampuri Kingdom had enough long range Magic Missiles, they wouldn’t be willing to use them.

But no matter what, through this battle, the Lampuri Kingdom had announced that they had these long range Magic Missiles and the other countries were put on alert.

Mangy people even secretly put the Lampuri Kingdom and the Marlow Empire on the same level.

The powerful Lampuri Kingdom was already enough to replace the destroyed Candra Empire, becoming the other large empire on the Sines Continent.

But this good outlook didn’t last long.

Two months after the Lampuri Kingdom and the Marlow Empire had been locked in a stalemate in the northern part of the Candra Empire, the Marlow Empire suddenly announced that they had already developed long range Magic Missiles. They also had the same long range Magic Missile technology.

Everyone was stunned by this.

The long range Magic Missile sounded like a very advanced piece of technology, so what did the Marlow Empire use to develop it in just two months?

This was simply too much!

But the Marlow Empire had destroyed the Lampuri Kingdom’s position with three long range Magic Missiles during one of their battles with the Lampuri Kingdom. Thai told everyone that there weren't any lies at all.

Then a month later, the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom in the east during a battle with the eastern alliance also fired many long range Magic Missiles. They destroyed the Magic Cannon squad in the back of the alliance’s formation, obtaining a large victory while also announcing that they had developed the long range Magic Missile technology.

Everyone was stunned by this.

Was the long range Magic Missile technology really that easy to develop?

If it really was, didn’t that mean that there would be many long range Magic Missiles that would be flying around the skies of the Sines Continent?

The new issue of the «Frestech Magic Machine Weekly» answered everyone’s questions.

In the featured article in the «Frestech Magic Machine Weekly», it explained that the long range Magic Missile technology was based on the Magic Rocket technology used to send satellites into space.

If one looked at it differently, if the Magic Rockets that were used to send satellites into outer space were carrying powerful bombs instead of satellites, wouldn’t they be able to also deliver it a long distance?

So just with some focused research, any country that had satellite technology would be able to easily develop the long range Magic Missile technology.

This explanation helped everyone understand this.

Indeed, just like the «Frestech Magic Machine Weekly» said, if they looked at it in terms of technology, there wasn’t much difference between the long range Magic Missiles and the Magic Rocket technology.

Since people had the ability to send satellites into space, then long range Magic Missiles weren’t that strange.

The only hard part was the “missile” part.

The long range Magic Missiles were called Magic Missiles and not Magic Rockets because these things could hit a target from several hundred kilometers away, hitting their goal without much deviation.

This wasn’t explained by the «Frestech Magic Machine Weekly», but they did mention something called precision guidance technology. It was technology that was similar to magic signal detection technology. It was similar to what the satellites used in space to detect the area around it.

Although they didn’t make it clear, for most countries of the Sines Continent, that was already enough.

Very soon, after the Lampuri Kingdom, the Marlow Empire, and the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom, several other countries with good foundations in the magic machine industry announced that they had developed the long range Magic Missiles.

Many people felt doubtful about this.

The «Frestech Magic Machine Weekly» had clearly explained the long range Magic Missile technology, almost as if they were trying to let the countries of the Sines Continent develop the long range Magic Missile technology.

But this was clearly something that the Lampuri Kingdom had developed first, so it was the biggest advantage the Lampuri Kingdom had over the other countries.

Now that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce did this, didn’t they negate the Lampuri Kingdom’s advantage?

Why would the Frestech Chamber of Commerce do this? Were there any benefits for them?

“There’s no need to pay attention to these idiots. Freya, have you already prepared everything? The election of the Candra United Federation States is about to begin, are your people ready?” King Raymond asked Freya in the Magic Illusion.

“If you have time to worry about me, how about you worry about how to stop the Marlow Empire from seizing their opportunity to make chaos.” Freya rolled her eyes at King Raymond. She thought that this fellow wouldn’t have spoken in this tone with her before, did his attitude suddenly change now that he’s become the king for some time?

Could it be like how it was with her lord father and aunt Seveni, their attitudes would change and they would no longer act normally?

“There’s no need to worry about the Marlow Empire.” Raymond never thought that his question would make Freya think all these things. He said with a careful smile, “I’ve already arranged the army in the north, they will stop the attacks of the Marlow Empire. Moreover, if the Marlow Empire really dares to do something, our allies in the north definitely won’t give them that chance.”

Freya revealed a faint smile and gave a nod, “The Marlow Empire shouldn’t be that stupid. If nothing unexpected happens, the Candra United Federation States’ elections will be held smoothly.”

After saying this, Freya suddenly asked, “Raymond, do you regret it?”

“Regret?” King Raymond was surprised, “Regret what?”

“Regret working with me to form the Candra United Federation States and not convincing me to let your Lampuri Kingdom swallow the Candra Empire.”

King Raymond knitted his brows to think before shaking his head.

“I don’t. I know that our Lampuri Kingdom doesn’t have the power to swallow the Candra Empire right now. If we do this, we throw ourselves into chaos and won’t be able to quickly improve like we are doing now. Lady mother said that the foundation of any empire requires patience and a long period of time. I’m still young, there’s no need to rush.”

Seeing the sincere look on King Raymond’s face, Freya nodded with a smile, “You make me think of my talk with lord father before.”

“What did uncle Xu say?”

“I asked him since the our Frestech Chamber of Commerce is so strong that even the two empires fear us, why don’t we become an empire ourselves?”

“How did he respond?”

“He said that……his life was limited and his time was precious. Building a country and forming an empire took too much time and effort that he didn’t want to waste, so he wasn’t willing.”

King Raymond was silent for a bit before giving a sigh, “Uncle Xu’s world views far surpass ours. He treats the throne as dirt, I can’t compare to him.”

“Nonsense, there’s no man in this world that can compare to him.” Freya gave a soft snort before revealing a smile, “But if you change his words, there is another meaning.”


“He’s already old and you and I are still young. He doesn’t have the time, but you and I do.”

Raymond’s eyes lit up. He didn’t say a thing as he revealed a faint smile.