Magic Industry Empire - Volume 8 Chapter 114

“Sir chairman, the spaceship has already passed the stratosphere.”


“Sir chairman, the spaceship has already crossed the atmosphere and entered space.”


“Sir chairman, the spaceship has entered orbit and is currently in geosynchronous orbit.”


“Sir chairman, the spaceship has already docked at the space station. Three astronauts have already entered the space station.”


“Sir chairman, the spaceship wreckage has been successfully retrieved and the station on the ground has received contact.”

Hearing his subordinate’s report, Xu Yi gave a nod. He took the Magic Communicator that was specially made to receive signals from outer space.

“Hey, I’m Xu Yi.”

“Sir chairman, this is the control center of the surface base. We have already contacted the three astronauts in the space station. Based on their response, they have already taken off their space suit and have lived normal lives for twenty four hours. There are temporarily no unusual signs.”

“Very good. What is the situation of the other lifeform experiment?”

“According to the report, other than the black rabbit hurting its foot when running away, everything is fine.”

“Did anything special happen to the black rabbit that hurt its foot?”

“Temporarily not.”

“Very good, keep monitoring them and prepare to report at any time. If anything unusual happens, you have to contact the dragon race for support. If there is anything that you can’t deal with, you can ask them for help.”


After cutting off communication with the ground base, Xu Yi looked up at the sky and asked Lucian, “Is everything prepared?”

Even though he had seen Xu Yi many times and had worked together for quite some time, every time he was alone with Xu Yi, Lucian couldn’t help feeling very nervous.

Hearing this question, Lucian gave a strong nod out of fear that Xu Yi couldn’t see it.

Xu Yi revealed a smile. He didn’t do anything else as he looked at Lucian before activating the transport array.

After a while, everything lit up in front of them before they appeared on the Abyss Demon Race’s base left on Alice.

Compared to the first time that Xu Yi came here, this base had already greatly changed.

Other than the large pile of equipment, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had also built a small residence here for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce researchers to live in.

Including Akali, the moon base researchers had already lived here for over a year. They only had two days off each month to return to the Sines Planet, the rest of the time, they were focused on studying the transport array on Alice.

Nine months ago, the magic signal from the magic signal device that Xu Yi sent through the transport array had come back.

This meant that not only was it complete after being transported, it could even send a magic signal back, which meant that the position wasn’t that far away.

Because according to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s research, although they couldn’t accurately determine the rate of transfer of the magic signal, it clearly wasn’t past the speed of light.

Receiving the magic signal after nine months meant that the magic signal device wasn’t over a light year away from Alice.

Then after Akali’s group of researchers did more research, they had successfully completed a transport array imitation experiment six months ago.

This simulation transport array was based on the foundation of the ruins left by the Abyss Demon Race, it was a copied transport array made by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Of course, compared to the transport array left by the Abyss Demon Race, the transport array developed by Akali’s team was different. It used the ten thousand years of spatial magic research done on the Sines Continent, along with other ideas that Xu Yi had, so the transportation array was much safer and much easier to control.

The first experiment was a success, sending two black rabbits from Sky Island to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s main base.

The second experiment was one that spanned over two continents, transporting elder Lisanya from the Magic Cloud Continent to the Sines Continent.

In the fourth experiment four months ago, they were able to send someone from the Sines Planet to Alice.

Following Xu Yi’s request, Cassandra had led two dragon race compatriots to go to the other moon Tildis to build another transfer array, connecting the Sines Planet and the two moons with transportation arrays.

The focus of their current research was the transport array on Alice that had sent off the magic signal device.

Xu Yi and Lucian came here today to personally experience this experiment.

When the two appeared on Alice, it wasn’t the Frestech Chamber of Commerce researchers that met them, but rather two elves.

“Chairman Xu, the elder and miss Akali are waiting on the side for you.” An elf said.

Xu Yi nodded and walked over to a transport array that was further away from the base transport array with Lucian.

Akali, elder Lisanya, along with a group of Frestech Chamber of Commerce researchers and a group of elves were waiting for them.

Seeing Xu Yi come over, the two greeted Xu Yi before Akali clapped her hands and said, “Since sir chairman is here, let’s not wait any longer. Let’s prepare to begin the experiment.”

After saying this, she turned to elder Lisanya, “Are you prepared on your side?”

Elder Lisanya nodded, “No problem, we can start at any time.”

Hearing elder Lisanya’s words, a male and a female elf from the Azshara Tribe came forward from behind her and went to the center of the transport array.

Xu Yi knitted his brows and was about to say something to elder Lisanya, but elder Lisanya raised her hand to stop him.

“No need, chairman Xu. Tracking down the ruins of our ancestors is our tribe’s ten thousand year old dream. Now that we finally have this chance, we won’t let it pass.”

Xu Yi could only shake his head with a bitter laugh.

Although the magic signal from the magic signal device showed that the location of this transport should be safe, this was still an unknown jump with unknown dangers. So Xu Yi had always been against elder Lisanya and the elves putting themselves in danger by letting a living person take this transport array.

But elder Lisanys was this determined and the Azsharar Tribe elves participating in this experiment took it as their greatest honour, so Xu Yi creally couldn’t stop them. Since he couldn’t convince elder Lisanya otherwise, he could only agree to this.

It was a good thing that they had already sent some living beings through before and with the Magic Illusion footage that they sent back, there shouldn’t be any problems with these living beings. This meant that this transport array should be safe to take.

“Alright, sir chairman, if it wasn’t for you stopping us, me and my subordinates would have personally participated in this experiment. How could elder Lisanya and her elves go first?” Akali on the side complained, “When it comes to scientific research, how could there be no sacrifice at all? We can only wait to receive the benefits of this research.”

Xu Yi knitted his brows as he looked at her, but he found that Akali and the other researchers all looked like they couldn’t wait to get started.

These fellows, had they been brainwashed by Akali?

“Forget it, start the experiment.” Xu Yi waved his hand, indicating for them to start the experiment.

All the preparations had been made before Xu Yi arrived. With Xu Yi’s order, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce researchers took their place and turned on all kinds of instruments, preparing to monitor and collect the data.

If something happened, they would be able to notice it immediately to warn or correct it.

Elder Lisanya and the Azshara Tribe elves all focused on the two elves in the center of the transport array with eyes that were filled with excitement and envy.

Xu Yi couldn’t understand their fanatical appearance and could only shake his head. He turned to walk over to Akali and watched the various data come in with her.

As Akali pressed the switch, the precisely regulated Magic Crystal’s magic power started to flow into the transport array, starting up the transport array.

As the blue light became stronger, there was no need to look at the data. Just based on the elemental magic energy around them or even the light that they could see, Xu Yi could tell that there was a strong change happening in the magic space inside of the transport array.

“Warning! Spatial disruption has already surpassed 5%.”


“Warning! Spatial disruption has already surpassed 7%.”


“Warning! Spatial……”


“Warning! Spatial disruption has already reached 99%!”

When they received this notification, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce researcher in charge of supplying magic power turned to look at Akali.

Akali turned to look at Xu Yi.

Xu Yi looked at elder Lisanya and could see that she was looking at the transport array with an excited look, not even looking in his direction. He gave a sigh before giving Akali a nod.

Akali carefully looked over the data from the transport array before saying in a steady and calm voice, “Continue injecting the magic power and start the transport array.”

The researcher in charge of controlling the magic power took a deep breath and tried hard to calm down their excited feelings.

If this experiment succeeded, that would mean that they would be opening a new world, which naturally had a great significance.

Thinking of his fingers being able to open a new world, they found it hard to control their feelings no matter what they did.

But that didn’t affect anything as he lifted his finger to press down on the switch.

When his finger fell down, there were several alarms that rang out.

But his finger had already fallen down and the magic power transfer light had lit up. When he looked up in a daze, he found that someone had suddenly rushed into the transport array.

Then the blue light exploded as the space twisted. That person and the two elves that had been in the transport array disappeared at the same time.