Magic Industry Empire - Volume 8 Chapter 115

When the light faded, everyone looked at each other as the area around the transport array fell into a strange silence.

Xu Yi knitted his brows as he looked around and gave an order.

“Check right now, how many people are missing?”

Elder Lisanya on the other side also gave the same order.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce group and the Azshara Tribe group checked at the same time before giving the report.

The Azshara Tribe wasn’t missing anyone, it was the Frestech Chamber of Commerce group that was missing a person. It was Lucian who had come with Xu Yi from the Sines Planet.

“What is that kid doing!” Akali angrily roared, “Does he not want to live!”

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce researchers had worked with Lucian for many years and because Lucian had a good character, as well as a generous personality, everyone got along well with him. Now that he had suddenly charged into the transport array like this, they couldn’t help being a bit confused.

Lucian didn’t seem like an impulsive person normally, so why would he do such a bold thing now?

“Alright, there’s no meaning in complaining.” Xu Yi waved his hand and stopped the Frestech Chamber of Commerce group from discussing, “Akali, go and find a book.”

“What do you need a book for?” Akali was surprised.

“To write on and send through the transport array.” Xu Yi said, “As for whether that side can send messages back, we can’t worry about that now.”

Akali understood immediately.

This was the method of contact that she had discussed with Xu Yi before, but she had forgotten about it after Lucian had suddenly cut in.

But when Akali was about to call her subordinates to get the book and pen that had been prepared, a Frestech Chamber of Commerce researcher suddenly called out in a surprised voice.

“There’s a communication signal!”

“Communication signal?” Everyone looked over at him.

That researcher looked at the transport array with a shocked look before looking down at the magic communication equipment he was in charge of. He pointed at the transport array in a daze and said, “It’s a magic communication signal from there.”

Xu Yi and Akali looked at each other before shouting together, “Connect it immediately!”

Everyone watched that researcher pressed the connect button before Lucian’s excited voice came out.

“Sir chairman! Manager Akali! I succeeded! I succeeded!”

Akali knitted her brows and roared, “Succeeded with what! Lucian, do you know how dangerous this is? Not only is it dangerous to you, the experiment might have failed and the two elves might have been in danger!”

Perhaps he was scared by Akali’s tone, Lucian was silent for a bit before lowering his voice to say, “I, I just wanted to give it a try. You and sir chairman didn’t agree, so I could only charge in like that.”

Akali’s eyes popped out and she wanted to shout at him a few more times, but Xu Yi raised his hand to stop her before asking, “Lucian, tell me, what is the situation over there?”

“Ah, sir chairman. I’m very good here and the two elf friends are also good. Come, you should greet them too.”

After a while, the slightly hesitate voices of the two elves came from the magic communication equipment.

Elder Lisanya said a few things before turning to Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, facts have proven that this transport array is safe. I’m going over now, you can’t stop me!”

Xu Yi waved his hand, “You can’t say it like that yet. At least right now they aren’t able to come back from that side.”

Elder Lisanya was surprised, but then asked the two elves and Lucian a few more things. She confirmed that although there was a transfer array on that side that was basically the same as the one on Alice, they couldn’t activate it.

Xu Yi looked at elder Linanya.

He knew that the two elves elder Lisanya sent from the Azshara Tribe are elites of the tribe and their magic was quite good, but it was only not bad. They hadn’t reached the Great Magician grade, so naturally they weren’t familiar with spatial magic.

Counting on their and Lucian’s bit of magic power was impossible to activate the transport array, so it was clearly impossible.

“Akali, activate the transport array and send them some supplies. Include food, water, and all kinds of equipment.” Xu Yi said, “Since they’ve gone over, then have them build a small scale research base on that side. If they can copy this side, they might be able to start the transport array from that side and then we’ll see if they can come back.”

Akali was silent for a bit before nodding to agree to Xu Yi’s idea.

“Chairman Xu, it won’t be enough just with the three of them. How about we send some more people over?” Elder Lisanya said.

Xu Yi shook his head, “Just basic data collection doesn’t need that many people, it needs equipment and time. As long as we keep giving them more supplies and maintain contact with them, we will be able to study this transport array eventually.”

Akali said with a smile, “Relax, since that kid Lucian can send the communication magic signal through the transport array, that means that the transport array is linked from both sides. It’s just that Lucian hasn’t found the way to come back yet.”

After saying this, Akali turned to Xu Yi, “Lucian is the one who understands the communication magic network the best out of these fellows and will always have strange ideas, he’s given me many ideas before. Him going this time and then opening up the communication line this quickly, it seemed like he was already prepared.”

“I also admire his courage, but I can’t agree with his approach. Investigate it, see if this kid encountered anything that would make him take such a risk.”

Akali gave a shrug and casually agreed, not caring about it that much.

Although Lucian was an efficient assistant under her, she never interfered in his private life and didn’t think that there was much to this.

Lucian taking this risk might be because something happened, but the results were good, so it was fine.

After talking to Lucian for a bit longer, they basically confirmed the situation of the other side.

Xu Yi, Akali and elder Lisanya discussed this and then Xu Yi decided on their temporary strategy.

But the situation here could be described with one word, wait.

It took time to research the transport array and other than waiting, there was no other method.

“Relax, sir chairman. Based on the situation, I estimate that it’ll take less than a few years for us to make a breakthrough. When Lucian and the others can come back from the other side, if you want to go, I won’t stop you.”

Xu Yi could only reveal a bitter smile, “I hope so.”

The Marlow Empire and the Lampuri Kingdom armies refused to budge in the Candra Empire’s north, but to the south of these frontlines, the territory that had belonged to the Candra Empire underwent a shocking change.

The provinces that once belonged to the Candra Empire all broke away from their control and declared independence after Wimbledon City fell. When the Lamaske Province, the Merinda Province, and Kalmar Province reorganized themselves into dominions, they other provinces followed them.

After Wimbledon City fell, out of the thirty seven provinces that had once belonged to the Candra Empire, other than four that fell under the control of the Marlow Empire and three where the Lampuri Kingdom and the Marlow Empire were fighting for control over, out of the remaining thirty, twenty four of them had restructured their government and had become dominions.

Adding in the Torea Dominion that had withdrawn from the Candra Empire because of the pressure of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce twenty years ago, in the territory that once belonged to the Candra Empire, which was in the center and south of the Sines Continent, there were many large and small dominions that appeared.

Although these dominions called themselves dominions, they were different in essence.

Many of them were led by the previous province governors or large nobles of the provinces. Although the name had changed, they weren’t that different from the provinces of the Candra Empire.

Then there were others that had to re-elect a dominion national assembly because the government had been destroyed during the worker riots.

There were also some that were controlled by companies where the order of the dominion was maintained by the company guards.

As well as…….

Although there were many things, at the very least the dominions were using the same name as if they had already agreed on this.

The other six that didn’t become dominions had their order maintained by the Rudson Kingdom and Lampuri Kingdom troops after they had been requested by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

What shocked everyone happened after this.

A year after Wimbledon City fell, an allied army between the Rudson Kingdom and the Lampuri Kingdom marched to Wimbledon City and took Wimbledon City back from the Marlow Empire.

Two years after Wimbledon City fell, the leaders of the Candra Empire’s past provinces that were now called dominions gathered in Wimbledon City, joining something called the Candra Federation Assembly.

Through a month and a half of discussions, the twenty seven province representatives reached an agreement and founded the Candra United Federation States.

In name, the past Candra Empire provinces that were now named dominions would be under the Candra United Federation States’ name.

The various dominions would become states under the Candra United Federation States and belong to them, accepting the management of the Candra United Federation States.

But in reality, the dominions and states would be given full autonomy. The Candra United Federation States would be just an alliance of all these dominions and states.

After some serious discussion and study, the first representative of the Candra United Federation States, called the Candra President was decided. The person that was chosen was the Candra Empire’s third prince, Frank Candra.

So the Candra Empire fell to the enemy, was destroyed, before finally being reorganized as the Candra United Federation States.

The head of it was still the Candra Empire’s royal family.

This made people feel emotional. Nothing in this world was permanent and it was hard to predict changes.