Magic Industry Empire - Volume 8 Chapter 14

“Gods, isn’t that master Akali!”

“It really is! It really is master Akali! Why is she here?”

“Idiot! Master Akali is the manager of the communication department, is there anything strange about her being here?”

“That’s not right. Master Akali has been working with the dragon race on an outer space communication network, so why would she be here?”

“Could it be that she’s here to conduct the second exam for us?”

“What a joke! Would master Akali need to personally come to our exam?”

“That’s right……”


Lucian didn’t discuss this like everyone else. His focus, his eyes were all on the person who had just come out.

It really was master Akali!

In some sense, master Akali was the same as miss Lenoya in Lucian’s heart, they were both idols.

However, the meaning of this idol was different from miss Lenoya.

Lucian only liked miss Lenoya, but it was complete worship when it came to master Akali!

Master Akali, she had single handedly created the magic communication network and laid down the foundation for modern magic communications. She was one of the people that stood at the peak of this era!

Before her, if the people of the continent wanted to contact each other, they would have to rely on manual mail.

After master Akali and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce covered the Sines Continent in the magic communication network, people could instantly transfer information from several hundred kilometers or even several thousand kilometers away!

Compared to before, the current communication method was like sending people into a new world.

It was because of the comprehensive application of the magic communication network that the Sines Continent was able to enter the era known as the “information boom” in recent years.

People were no longer like before, only staying in their hometowns their entire lives and not knowing anything about the world.

The people of this era could sit in their homes and know about anything that was happening on the Sines Continent. They could even contact people who were thousands of kilometers away without any hindrances.

This amazing method of communication was something that the people of the continent could never dream about before. For it to become popular in all these countries, other than the hard work of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the various countries, master Akali’s hard work couldn’t be ignored.

It was said in recent years that master Akali had been working hard on an outer space communication method. She was trying to break the current limitations of the magic signal and achieve infinite distance transfer.

If they could make this technological breakthrough, it would mean that people could contact the Magic Cloud Continent that was over ten thousand kilometers away!

Of course, this was also the main reason master Akali and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce were researching this.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce and many countries had been developing the Magic Cloud Continent and the other continents they found with full force. If they could solve this long distance communication problem, it would become countless times easier.

Lucian had an excited look as he watched master Akali walk onto stage, his heart was unable to calm down.

Even if he couldn’t pass this second exam, just being able to see master Akali made this trip worth it!

Akali on stage heard all the discussions from below and looking down to see all the excited expressions they had, she couldn’t help smiling.

Even though she was a middle aged woman who was over the age of fifty, because of the help of the elves and her own powerful magic power, her face was no different from a thirty year old girl.

This smile still had the same naughty look from the past.

“Everyone, calm down.” Akali lifted her hand as she spoke in a loud voice.

Everyone quickly fell silent and they all focused their gazes on her.

“I know that you must be very surprised to see me here.” Akali revealed a faint smile before continuing, “That’s right, normally I wouldn’t come here because this isn’t my work. But this time is special. I need to recruit some research assistants, so I came all the way here.”


The crowd fell into an uproar.

Master Akali needed to recruit some assistants? Moreover, it seemed like she wanted to recruit from their group?


This was simply a cake that fell from the sky!

Everyone looked at Akali with glowing eyes, wishing that they could run up to volunteer.

Lucian also felt his heart beating much faster as he looked at Akali on stage with eyes filled with hope.

If he could be chosen by master Akali, it would be worth it even if he died!

No, no, no, he definitely couldn’t die. He still needed to stay by master Akali’s side and contribute to the magic communication network!

Akali had no choice but to raise her hands again to quiet everyone down.

“There was a test already prepared for the magic communication department, but because of my special needs, I’ve also prepared some other questions for you. If you can pass, then you are qualified to become my research assistant. If you don’t pass, then you can try the test that was already prepared for you all. If you can pass that, you can still become a researcher or a research assistant of our department.”

This explanation was very clear, but everyone still had some doubts.

Based on what master Akali said, wouldn’t it mean that her requirements for her research assistants be different from the magic communication department’s requirements?

“Alright, our staff will first give you the question that I’ve prepared and lead you to the exam site. The people who pass will be having an interview with me.” Akali gave a clap and the two Frestech Chamber of Commerce staff that were already prepared started handing out the thick exam papers one by one.

Lucian took a deep breath and gathered his focus. When he was about to give his entire focus to this test, Akali on stage suddenly spoke again.

“Is there someone among you called Lucian? Where are you?”

Lucian was stunned as he looked up, seeing Akali’s eyes sweep over him.

“It’s me……Master Akali, were you calling me?” Lucian doubtfully pointed at himself.

The other applicants all looked at Lucian with eyes filled with shock.

“You are Lucian?” Akali asked, but she had been looking at the person behind her the entire time. After receiving confirmation from that person, she gave a nod to Lucian, “Do you best.” Then she turned to leave.

Lucian was stunned.

The surrounding applicants all looked at Lucian with shocked looks. There were also looks of doubt, envy, and jealousy……

“Master Akali knows me? How is this possible……”

For a long time, even when the exam paper was in his hands, Lucian still had a stunned look.

After being in a daze for a bit, he finally came back to his senses.

“Forget it, I need to do this test first and not think about random things.” Lucian slapped his face to wake himself up before focusing on the exam in front of him.

Lucian thought that since master Akali was the highest authority in magic communications, all the questions would be very hard.

But when he took the test, he found that these questions didn’t involve high level theory, but rather focused on the most foundational concepts. Although the requirements were very precise, it wasn’t considered that hard.

The only thing that was special was that it focused on application, so without a certain degree of foundation in practical application, it would have been very hard to answer.

It was a good thing that when Lucian was studying at the Philip Academy, in order to relieve the burden for his parents, improve his own living conditions, and strengthen his practical application skills, he would find work in the magic communication sector, so he was very experienced with this.

So the questions that would have been very hard for normal students were considered quite easy for Lucian.

After the written exam was over, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce staff quickly prepared the practical application test.

In the previous test, there weren’t that many people eliminated, but in this second stage practical application test, the disparity in abilities quickly manifested and many people were quickly eliminated.

There were still over a hundred people after the written exam, but after the practical application exam, including Lucian, there were less than twenty people left.

“The remaining people will come with me to see manager Akali. Manager Akali will personally interview you all and if the manager is satisfied, you can remain.” A Frestech Chamber of Commerce staff brought the twenty of them to the large transport Magic Car that had clearly been prepared ahead of time.

This large transport Magic Car brought them away from the exam site and headed west. It actually entered the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s main base headquarters that was located to the west of Frestech City.

Lucian looked at the factories through the window and his heart was filled with excitement.

Although he had seen the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s headquarters many times in the Magic Illusions, this was his first time seeing it in person and entering it.

This place was considered mysterious and even sacred by countless people of the continent.

Because this was the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s headquarters. It was called the place of origin for the modern magic machine industrial age, as well as the heart of the current Sines Continent.

Everything done here would affect the entire continent.

Lucian looked at the worn out factories outside the window and his heart was filled with respect.

The current magic machine industry that covered and changed the entire continent had developed from here.

Seeing this, it was like seeing part of history that would make one’s blood boil.

But Lucian didn’t have that much time to visit. The large transport Magic Car went through several streets in the main base before quickly entering a large building and stopping there.

“This is the company’s magic research facility.”

Hearing the introduction from the staff, everyone revealed looks of admiration.

This was the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s magic research facility which represented the peak of technology on the continent!

Lucian stood there in a daze for a bit before being led by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce staff into a seven story tall building.

Finally everyone was led into a large conference room on the third floor of this building.

Other than seeing master Akali that everyone expected sitting there, Lucian saw a person that he couldn’t help being surprised by sitting in the conference room as well.