Magic Industry Empire - Volume 8 Chapter 17

When Freya came out after restoring her appearance, she immediately attracted the gazes of everyone around her.

Everyone didn’t go up to greet her because she had suddenly appeared, they just nodded at her.

This was what the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s chairman Xu had requested over all these years. He wanted everyone to treat Freya as normally as they could, letting her grow up like a normal child.

Of course, this was one of Xu Yi’s desires that was called “naive” by Still. No matter what, Freya was Xu Yi’s sole heir, which made her special, so it was impossible for anyone to treat her normally.

Then again, even putting aside Freya’s identity, just with the fact that she inherited Still’s beauty, it was enough to attract people’s attention wherever she went and receive special treatment.

Freya had already become used to this and didn’t think much about it.

But she didn’t like being surrounded by people, which made her feel not as free as she wanted.

So she liked the elf’s secret treasure, the Illusion Skin that elder Lisanya gave her when she was younger. It could let her change her appearance and become a normal person.

Seeing the warm smiles on the people around her, but not daring to come close because of her father and trying to stay as calm as possible, Freya was a bit interested by this. However, she still had a perfect smile on her face and didn’t react in a way that people could say anything about.

Whether it was her expression, actions, or manner, they were all perfect for her status and people couldn’t find one problem with.

Her being able to do this was because of the strict teachings of her mother Still since she was young.

Maintaining this perfect appearance, Freya came out of the magic communication department’s building and got into a fire red new generation Magic Sedan.

When she closed the door, she let out a long sigh. The polite smile on her face immediately became a naughty one.

“Hey, Lenoya, did you figure out where we’re going?”

If Lucian was here, he would jump up in shock.

Sitting in the passenger seat of this Magic Sedan was the young elf girl who had a perfect face and noble appearance with a hint of mystery. It was the brightest star of the elf race, miss Lenoya that had stolen the hearts of countless men on the continent!

Lenoya looked at Freya with a smile before shaking her head.

“It’s a pity that we don’t have time to play.”

“Why?” Freya was surprised.

Lenoya raised the small Magic Communicator in her right hand to shake it.

“Because I just received news that miss chairman is back.”

Freya was stunned as her eyes popped out.

“It can’t be? Mother is back?”

Lenoya wasn’t a member of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, she was a star under the New Moon Chamber of Commerce, so the “chairman” she talked about wasn’t Xu Yi, but rather the New Moon Chamber of Commerce’s chairman, Freya’s mother Still.

Seeing the stunned look on Freya’s face, she couldn’t help laughing.

“Are you that afraid of miss chairman?”

“It’s not that I’m afraid……Alright, I’m afraid.” Freya leaned on the steering wheel and gave a long sigh, “If she knew what I did last month, I’m definitely dead……”

Lenoya reached a hand out to grab Freya’s ear as she said with a laugh, “You deserve it. Who told you to go take that risk? What if something had happened? Not to mention miss chairman scolding you after finding out, perhaps even chairman Xu wouldn’t let you go.”

“It can’t be that serious, right?” Hearing Lenoya mention her father, Freya suddenly sat up from the steering wheel. After thinking about it, she shook her head, “It can’t be! Lord father wouldn’t scold me, he’s always encouraging me to experience new things.”

“That doesn’t mean getting into danger.” Lenoya rolled her eyes, “If something really happened to you, I’m certain that chairman Xu would be hurt.”

“Un…..I’m also certain of that, but nothing happened to me……” Freya pursed her lips. She knitted her elegant brows to think for a bit before looking at Lenoya and giving a soft snort, “Humph! I knew that you wouldn’t come play with me for nothing. Be honest, you’re my mother’s spy, aren’t you!”

Lenoya couldn’t help smiling, “Whether I’m a spy or not, miss chairman is summoning you. What are you planning to do?”

“I’ll see her, it’s not like I’ll die……” Freya muttered. She skillfully started the Magic Sedan and drove out the magic research facility’s gate in an instant, driving towards the seashore.

After around ten minutes, the Magic Sedan became a red blur as it charged towards Xu Yi’s manor by the shore.

When the car stopped, Freya opened the door and ran through the main doors, jumping into the embrace of a beautiful woman.

“Mother, you’re back! I’m really happy to see you!”

The beautiful woman was naturally Still.

She looked down into her chest at Freya who was smiling and gave a cold snort.

“Are you really happy to see me?”

Freya’s expression changed, turning into a brighter smile as she hugged Still’s arm.

“Of course! How could I not be happy to see you? You rarely come back. I remember…..that last time I saw you……was at least two months ago, right?”

Hearing this, Still’s expression revealed a trace of sadness that wasn’t easy to detect.

Because of the various work she had to do for the New Moon Chamber of Commerce, she was rarely home and she was rarely with her son and daughter.

This caused Freya and her little brother to be more respectful than intimate when meeting Still.

“Hey, Freya, I warned you last time not to use your mother’s guilt to avoid your punishment. I don’t like seeing this.”

There was a voice that didn’t have too many characteristics, but was low and clear, as well as full of energy that came from the door.

Hearing this voice, Freya’s brows jumped up. After a cheer, she ran past Still and turned back.

Xu Yi gave a soft snort and released a faint blue glowing barrier around him, keeping Freya out.

Freya gave a laugh and used her magic power. The surrounding elemental magic energy in the magic space around her started to flow and in an instant, Xu YI’s magic barrier disappeared.

Xu Yi gave a yi sound before curling his lips. He used his magic power again to create another magic barrier.

Freya wasn’t surprised at all. Her hands moved as she tried to figure out a new way to make the elemental magic energy around her flow.

She took a bit longer this time and after around eight seconds, she broke Xu Yi’s barrier.

“Not bad.” Xu Yi praised before creating another barrier in front of him.

Freya tried a few times, but she couldn’t break this magic barrier so she knitted her brows to think.

Still who had been thrown behind saw this and couldn’t help shaking her head.

“Alright, this father and daughter can play your games, but can you find the right time?”

Xu Yi laughed and made the magic barrier disappear. He patted Freya’s shoulder and pointed at Still.

“Go, apologize to your mother.”

“Oh.” Freya replied. She turned to look at Still and took a deep breath before coming in front of her and giving a deep bow.

“Mother, I’m sorry!”

Still had a smile on her face, but her tone was still low.

“Why are you sorry?”

“I shouldn’t have mentioned something that hurt you to avoid being punished. Sorry!” Freya replied in a loud voice.

“Oh? It’s just this?”

Freya trembled before suddenly standing up to look at Still.

“If you think that what happened last month was wrong, you can punish me, I don’t mind. But…..I don’t think that I was wrong!”

Still looked at her, “You’re not willing to admit your mistake?”

“Yes. Sneaking in was something I discussed with uncle Harris and uncle Harris approved of this. Moreover, because I had the Illusion Skin, I could sneak in while others couldn’t. Facts proved that this was very useful to us solving this matter and we protected those students.” Freya said without fear.

“You……” Still’s knitted her brows. She wanted to reprimand Freya, but seeing the determined look on her face that wasn’t willing to give up, she could only turn to Xu Yi behind her.

Xu Yi gave a cough before saying with a serious look, “Freya, I agree with your view, but I don’t like how you’re talking to you mother.”

Freya stuck out her tongue before revealing a smile again and running over to hug Still.

“Mother, I know that it was dangerous and I made you worry, but you didn’t need to worry at all. I’m very strong now, those fellows couldn’t hurt me at all. Then again, I still had uncle Harris backing me, so there was no need to be afraid at all.”

“What if something happened?” Still glared at her.

“Who can talk about what ifs? If you’re afraid of what ifs, I could even have a boulder fall on me if I’m sitting at home.” Freya said with a giggle.

“Only knowing how to quibble.” Still looked at Freya and gave a sigh. She turned to Xu Yi and shook her head, “If you keep letting her do what she wants, you’ll have a headache in the future.”

Xu Yi’s expression changed a bit as he didn’t refute Still. His eyes looking at Freya gradually became serious.

Freya was a bit surprised by the sudden change in Xu Yi’s expression.

In her memories, her father rarely ever became serious like this.

Could it be……something big had happened?

Thinking of this, Freya immediately became nervous.