Magic Industry Empire - Volume 8 Chapter 20

“Based on the stats, thirty six provinces of the Candra Empire already has a full magic communication network and the magic signal already covers 83% of the Candra Empire. It could be said that the initial goal of ‘being able to conduct long distance communication in any part of the Candra Empire’ has already been accomplished……”

“Wait……” Xu Yi raised his hand to stop Freya’s report, “Area coverage of over 83%, this means that there’s 17% where there’s no magic signal coverage. How could this be considered accomplishing the goal of ‘being able to conduct long distance communication in any part of the Candra Empire’?”

Freya couldn’t help rolling her eyes before fixing her expression and saying with a cough, “The remaining places that don’t have magic signal coverage is either because of geographical limitations where we can’t put down the magic signal towers, or because we’re hindered by the locals and the workers have been delayed, or can’t even start the work.”

After saying this, Freya paused as she knitted her brows.

“It really is strange speaking of this, why would this happen? There are still people not willing to accept the magic communication network? Could it be that they don’t know how convenient it would be for them?”

Xu Yi gave a shrug and said with a bit of helplessness in his voice, “There’s no other way. Even now, there’s still the rumour that the magic signal tower will be able to control people’s minds. When we put up the magic signal towers, not only in the Candra Empire, we’ve encountered this hindrance many times in other countries.”

“It can’t be, right? What age is it that people still believe these things?” Freya’s eyes opened wide as she revealed a look of disbelief.

“Remember, don’t overestimate the understanding of the public.” Xu Yi seriously said to Freya, “They are easily agitated and riled up, so it isn’t strange at all that they would believe this. Other than this, I’ve seen even more unbelievable things. You’ll encounter them in the future, so don’t be surprised.”

Freya tilted her head to think, but she still found it a bit hard to accept.

But she knew that Xu Yi wouldn’t lie to her about this matter and didn’t continue this topic. With a thought, she asked, “Father, based on what you just said, does that mean that there are people using these people?”

Xu Yi shook his head with a smile, “I never said this. You can investigate the facts yourself later.”

Freya gave a soft snort, knowing that this was a test that her lord father was giving her.

“Alright, let’s not talk about this. The laying down of the magic communication network in the Candra Empire, based on the data, could be considered a project that already has initial success and it can be considered a basic magic communication network. If our company stays in the Candra Empire, because of various circumstances, there aren’t many things that we can change.”

“So you feel that it’s a good time to hand over the business of installing and maintaining the magic communication network to the Candra Empire now?” Xu Yi asked.

“When it comes to profits, it’s not the best time, but rather the worst time.” Freya shook her head, “Our company has been working with the Candra Empire for ten years and have finally laid down the magic communication network in the Candra Empire. Now that the magic communication network has spread among the public, it’s the most crucial period of making large profits from the magic communication network. If we back out now, that would mean giving this giant profit to the Candra Empire.”

Xu Yi revealed a smile of praise as he said with a nod, “Right. Then what are you giving me this report for? Could it be that you plan on accepting the Candra Empire’s request?”

Freya gave a giggle, “I didn’t promise anything to the Candra Empire’s people, I just said that we can discuss this.”

“So after considering this, what are you planning on discussing with them?” Xu Yi revealed a look of interest as he asked this.

Freya gave a cough before fixing the serious look on her face.

“Sir chairman, through serious considerations, I feel that our company certainly can’t withdraw from the management of the Candra Empire magic communication network, but we can consider handing over the work of laying down the rest of the magic communication network to the Candra Empire side.”

“Un, continue, tell me your thoughts.”

“When it comes to laying down the rest of the magic communication network, I made it very clear in my report. Currently, there are still places where we can’t lay down the magic communication network, with most of them being in bad locations or the locals opposing us. No matter how we look at it, if we continue working on this, we’ll encounter large problems. In this battle where it’s hard to get results even if we invest large amounts of funds and manpower, if we transfer this to the Candra Empire, only only would our company be able to pull ourselves out, we can also better advance the construction of the magic communication network in these places.”

Freya revealed a sly smile.

“Since the people of the Candra Empire are opposed to this, it’s a problem that should be solved by the Candra Empire. No matter what, it’s not something that our company should meddle in, don’t you think?”

“From this perspective, you are right.” Xu Yi nodded before asking, “But if we have the Candra Empire take care of the work, does that mean you are agreeing to the Candra Empire’s request and giving them the magic communication technology? Do you know the consequences of doing this?”

“Of course.” Freya fearlessly said, “By transferring the magic communication network technology to the Candra Empire, it would mean that we would be releasing our company’s hold on this technology. The other countries will react to this and we will have to release all the technology in the end.”

“This means that other than our company, the other countries and companies will be able to lay down the magic communication network. It means that our company will no longer be able to solely control the magic communication network like we are doing now.” Xu Yi said with a serious look, “Do you know how much impact that will have on our company?”

“Will it have a lot of impact? Why don’t I see it?” Freya said with a relaxed smile, “Sir chairman, many years ago, you’ve listed installing the magic communication network at the same level as laying down roads when it comes to country level infrastructure. So doesn’t that mean that this thing should have already been promoted by the various countries themselves?”

“Then do you understand why I didn’t release the technology and let the countries of the continent spread this themselves?” Xu Yi asked.

“It’s very simple. One, it’s because the countries didn’t have the ability and two, they didn’t have the determination.”

“Then you feel that they have it now?”

“Of course. Through ten years of high speed development, all the countries have made great progress in the magic machine industry. A large empire like the Candra Empire already has a basic complete magic machine industry, so they only need the corresponding technology. They can very quickly and easily grasp the method of laying down the magic communication network.”

“Then you feel that they will properly promote it after grasping this technology?”

“Of course they will. They will be more willing to promote it than our company, I can guarantee this.” Freya’s expression was filled with confidence.

“Why are you this certain?” Xu Yi asked with a smile.

“Because of profit.” Freya immediately replied, “I just said that as the magic communication network spreads, there will be large profits from operating this magic communication network. The Candra Empire wants these profits. If they want a part of it, they have to be able to grasp a part or all of being able to lay down the magic communication network, so they are even more anxious than us.”

Xu Yi leaned back on the sofa, looking at Freya with a faint smile as he felt very satisfied.

After meeting with the Candra Empire delegate, Freya used two days to thoroughly analyze this matter. Although she had some help from the other high level members of the company, this still showed how splendid her abilities were.

If she was willing to settle down as the chairman, with her intelligence and some training, she really would be an excellent candidate.

It was a pity that she couldn’t make a decision, letting the stone in the hearts of many people in the company fall down.

Of course, because Xu Yi had already made an arrangement with Freya that he would wait until she was twenty five before having her make a decision, Xu Yi wouldn’t push her about this. He would only guide her as much as possible, letting her handle the affairs of the company to pique her interest.

Based on the current result, she didn’t hate handling this business, but rather she was quite interested.

If she could become interested through handling the request of the Candra Empire, it would be worth it.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi made a decision.

“Un……Freya, your analysis is very reasonable, I don’t have any opinions. Now, with my identity as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s chairman, I give you the full rights to handle this matter and all related matters. As long as it’s related to this matter, you don’t need to ask for my opinion. Your decision will represent the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, do you understand what I mean?”

Freya blinked in a daze. She didn’t show any happiness or excitement at being handed such responsibility or great power. Rather she looked at Xu Yi with a doubtful look and only gave a snort after a while as her expression became a bit dissatisfied.

“You clearly know how troublesome this matter is, it won’t be handled in just a few months. Moreover, the following matters can’t be settled completely even in more than ten years or even in a few decades. This arrangement of yours, you’re just trying to tie me up, right?”

Xu Yi spread his hands, “I don’t have any intentions of trapping you. If you’re not willing to handle this, as long as the following matters are arranged properly, you can leave at any time. Relax, I don’t plan on using this method to hold you past the age of twenty five.”

Freya thought about it before suddenly revealing a smile.

“Alright, since you’re handing all rights of this matter to me, you can’t scold me if I cause any problems.”