Magic Industry Empire - Volume 8 Chapter 25

One could see the thick smoke when looking down, as well as the flickering flames. Seeing this city in chaos, everyone looked at Xu Yi with shocked looks.

Count Gandal who had just been promoted to the chief of the Candra Empire’s department of commerce couldn’t help speaking after a moment of silence.

“Chairman Xu, I think that the Curani Kingdom is at least showing off a battle formation to properly welcome us……”

Xu Yi knitted his brows. After thinking for a bit, he waved his hand behind him and called the commander of this Magic Airship over.

“Send down my orders. Have a small squad investigate below. Based on this situation, the perpetrators shouldn’t be far away. Catch those fellows for me.”

“Yes.” The commander left after receiving this order and quickly sent down Xu Yi’s order through the Magic Airship’s communication equipment.

After a while, eight airships separated in groups of two, heading off in four different directions.

“Chairman Xu, for it to become like this, should we……” Seeing that Xu Yi’s expression wasn’t good, Count Gandal’s tone became cautious.

“Just wait for now, I’ll go down and see.”

After Xu Yi threw these words down, he suddenly disappeared from in front of everyone.

Count Gandal and the other representatives from various kingdoms and companies were shocked to see this.

The meaning of Xu Yi’s words……Could it be that he was personally going down to the city to investigate?

Wasn’t that too dangerous!

But then everyone suddenly reacted.

Xu Yi had already become a powerful Arch Magus ten years ago, so how could it be dangerous?

Thinking of this, everyone put down their worry for Xu Yi’s safety.

But seeing the chaos in the city below, everyone was filled with worry towards the prospect of this task.

When it came to investing in the Curani Kingdom, the representatives of the various countries and companies were already very worried. The reason that they had been sent was all because of Xu Yi and not because they had any confidence in the Curani Kingdom.

They had thought that Xu Yi must have arranged everything, which was why he had brought them all here.

They never thought that as soon as they arrived, they would see the capital city of the Curani Kingdom in chaos like this. No matter what, it didn’t seem like a ‘stable and suitable investment’ situation.

If it wasn’t for Xu Yi, their first response would have been to leave as soon as they saw this situation.

A country that couldn’t even preserve their own capital city, what value was there in investing here?

This question had also appeared in Xu Yi’s mind, but then he threw it away.

He had chosen the Curani Kingdom as the first target of the great east development plan not because this place was good enough, but rather because this place was bad enough.

He had already decided on this plan two years ago and when he was choosing the first place, he settled on the Curani Kingdom. Xu Yi had already started investigating at that time and was very clear on the situation in the Curani Kingdom.

This Curani Kingdom……it was never a perfect state strictly speaking, so it was already a stretch to call it a kingdom.

Although the Curani Kingdom had always been a kingdom, since it was founded three hundred years ago, the royal family had changed surnames eleven times and no family had ruled the kingdom for more than thirty years.

This kind of unstable country that frequently had rebellions was clearly not a good place to invest in.

But Xu Yi insisted on choosing this place.

His thoughts were very simple. If he could even integrate this kind of country into the magic machine industrial system, letting it become a stable country that focused on developing their magic machine industry, the countries of the east would know that there wasn’t a single country that couldn’t have its problems solved.

If one looked at it from another angle, this choice wasn’t logical.

After all, if he chose a country with a better environment, it would be easier and quicker to accomplish things.

But Xu Yi’s goal was to completely develop the continent’s east, so he intentionally chose the most difficult place as the first goal so that he could advance more quickly in the future.

Only……based on the current situation, it was hard for him to even take his first steps.


There was a cry that came from the left, but then it stopped.

Xu Yi knitted his brows. His figure flashed before he appeared where the voice came from.

Several large men in leather armour with big blades had surrounded a girl who had been mostly stripped. One of the men had already taken off the lower half of his clothes and was approaching the girl with a fiendish smile.

The girl’s mouth had been covered by another man and her hands were held by another man. She couldn’t move at all and she would be defiled soon.

Xu Yi gave a cold snort. He sent out several wind blades and accurately cut the necks of these men.

The men all felt a cold feeling at their necks before their blood spurted out. They didn’t even have time to make a sound before falling to the ground.

Xu Yi picked up a coat to put over the girl before pulling a Magic Communicator from his chest.

“Send the guards and keep the order in the city.”

After giving this order to the guards, Xu Yi suddenly flew up. He looked around in the sky and very soon found a structure that was on a hill in the city’s north.

This was the Curani Kingdom’s royal palace, but there were flames and smoke that came from it, so it was clear that it had been caught up in this disaster.

Seeing this scene, Xu Yi immediately understood what happened. He had coincidentally bumped into another rebellion of the Curani Kingdom.

After thinking about it, Xu Yi’s form disappeared and he arrived above the royal palace in the blink of an eye.

Looking down, he heard the sounds of fighting from all over the palace, as well as ruined corpses and blood scattered all over the ground. It seemed like the rebellion wasn’t over yet.

But Xu Yi didn’t have much hope for this situation because when he had attempted to contact the Curani Kingdom’s king earlier with the Magic Communicator, he hadn’t received a response.

It was either the king had thrown away the Magic Communicator that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce gave him before, or he was dead.

Xu Yi looked around and flew over to a team of soldiers who were wearing the same leather armour as the men that he killed before waving their blades around.

Those soldiers saw this person flying over and after being surprised, they didn’t hold back as they attacked Xu Yi.

Of course, their crude weapons wouldn’t be able to pose any threats to Xu Yi.

Xu Yi easily killed these soldiers and only left a fellow who seemed to be their leader.

Through his studies with elder Undine and some research into the Magic Illusions, Xu Yi was able to easily get the information that he wanted from this leader.

As he had guessed, there was another rebellion in the Curani Kingdom.

Based on the information from this leader, the one who led the rebellion was the Curani Kingdom’s general Leifaro.

With the absolute military power that he had and the arrangements he made ahead of time, he had started this rebellion. He had already killed the king and seized the chance to kill many of the ministers and generals that opposed him, already controlling the capital city.

As for why he chose to launch his rebellion at this time, this small group leader didn’t know.

Xu Yi knew that he couldn’t get anything else from him, so he asked for general Leifaro’s location and went looking for him.

A few minutes later, Xu Yi directly entered a large throne room that was in the center of the royal palace.

Looking over, he saw a tall figure sitting on the throne, but it wasn’t the Curani Kingdom’s king who had met with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce several times that Xu Yi had also met, but rather a large and rough looking man.

When he saw Xu Yi appear, that person was stunned before calling out to stop his subordinates from attacking Xu Yi.

“Chairman Xu! You are the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s chairman Xu, right?” The man’s eyes opened wide as he looked at Xu Yi. It wasn’t a look of fear, but rather a look of pleasant surprise.

Xu Yi wasn’t surprised that the other side recognized him because his image would frequently appear in the major newspapers and the Magic Illusion programs, most people on the continent already knew what he looked like.

“You are general Leifaro?” Xu Yi asked.

The man broke out in laughter and slapped his chest.

“That’s right, I am general Leifaro! Chairman Xu, your arrival this time was to bring people to invest in our Curani Kingdom, right?”

Xu Yi wasn’t surprised that the other side knew about this since he was a great general that had control over the Curani Kingdom’s military.

But he knitted his brows and didn’t plan on answering the other side’s question as he asked, “You killed King Simpson?”

General Leifaro was surprised as he never thought that Xu Yi would ask this question.

After looking over Xu Yi, he said with a loud laugh, “That’s right, I killed him. This fellow Simpson, he was secretly planning to remove me, so how could I let him do that!”

“I don’t care about your grievances with King Simpson, but general Leifaro, King Simpson was a recognized partner of our Frestech Chamber of Commerce. By killing him and creating chaos in the Curani Kingdom, you have hindered the investment plan of our company. How are you planning on compensating us?”

General Leifaro narrowed his eyes to look at Xu Yi, “What? Are you planning on taking revenge for that old fellow Simpson?”

Xu Yi didn’t say a thing.

General Leifaro gave a snort as rage filled his eyes, but they were quickly suppressed.

“Chairman Xu, I don’t think that this has hindered your company’s investment plan at all. Although that old fellow Simpson is dead, our Curani Kingdom is still here. As long as your Frestech Chamber of Commerce supports my control over the kingdom, then I will give your Frestech Chamber of Commerce even better conditions than Simpson. What do you think?”

Xu Yi looked at him before looking at the soldiers that were preparing to cause trouble. He revealed a faint smile and shook his head.

“I’m sorry, I don’t like cooperating with people like you. Moreover, you reminded me of something just now. King Simpson is dead and you can control the Curani Kingdom to cooperate with us. Since it’s like this, then why wouldn’t we just control the Curani Kingdom ourselves?”

General Leifaro’s expression greatly changed.