Magic Industry Empire - Volume 8 Chapter 34

Everyone was confused as they looked at Xu Yi.

He had said all this just to deny Arch Magus Gascione’s words, but why did he suddenly contradict himself by saying that the main topic was meaningful?

Arch Magus Gascione slightly knitted his brows, “Chairman Xu, may I ask where you think there’s significance?”

“The significance… naturally in splitting the magicians of the continent into different grades, giving them a goal to struggle towards. To be honest, it’s similar to the magician grading system that the Magicians Guild used previously.”

Hearing this answer, Arch Magus Gascione’s expression changed again.

Everyone revealed the same expression.

If Xu Yi were to have the same thoughts as Arch Magus Gascione and the Magicians Guild, that really would be unbelievable.

This reaction was considered normal.

“Then chairman Xu, the magician grading system that you mentioned, what should it look like?” Arch Magus Gascione kept asking.

Xu Yi looked at him and shook his head with a faint smile, “Isn’t this the main topic of this conference? We should wait until the conference to discuss this.”

Arch Magus Gascione’s expression sank, but then his smile came back as he gave a nod, “That’s right, the conference hasn’t started yet, so this is a bit hasty.”

After saying this, Arch Magus Gascione changed the topic as their group entered the manor while talking to each other.

The manor this time had gathered the famous magicians of each region on the Sines Continent. It included over ten of the top Arch Magi and over four hundred Great Magicians, so it could be considered the greatest gathering of magicians in the past several years.

The reason for this was closely related to Xu Yi.

When Xu Yi didn’t decide to come to the conference, although because this conference was sponsored by the Magicians Guild and held by the Mana Magic Kingdom, so four Arch Magi and over a hundred Great Magicians came, once the news that Xu Yi was attending this conference, this number increased by several times.

It could be seen what kind of position Xu Yi had in the hearts of the continent’s magicians.

So even if there were more than ten Arch Magi at this conference, once Xu Yi came in, he immediately became the center of attention.

Countless people came over to greet Xu Yi.

At this time, there was another thing that was different between Xu Yi and other magicians that appeared.

When the magicians greeted each other, they would address each other by their magician grade. However, when they greeted Xu Yi who was an Arch Magus, they would all call him “chairman Xu”.

On one hand, it was because his status as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s chairman surpassed his status as an Arch Magus. On the other hand, because Xu Yi had kept emphasizing that he was a merchant and insisted on his status as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s chairman, everyone knew his intentions and didn’t address him with the wrong title.

Seeing everyone’s enthusiasm, Xu Yi nodded at the Great Magicians and would only greet the other thirteen Arch Magi, just exchanging a few words with them.

There wasn’t a single magician who felt his attitude was strange.

Even putting aside Xu Yi’s status as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s chairman, just with his status as an Arch Magi, he was qualified to act this arrogantly.

Everyone took their seats. The ones that were qualified to sit with Xu Yi were naturally the Arch Magi. Even the Great Magicians could only sit in the distance and not disturb them.

However, Xu Yi wasn’t satisfied with this situation.

Breaking the authority of the Magicians Guild and collapsing the structure of magicians, giving magicians a better chance to evaluate their own uses was something that Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had done ten years ago.

But through ten years of change, although with the strong guidance of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, most magicians started joining the magic machine industry, the thoughts of most magicians still couldn’t be changed.

For example, normal magicians didn’t really care about their grades anymore and cared more about their magic machine research and application skills. But once one became a Great Magician or an Arch Magus, every magician still cared about their grades.

Great Magicians would receive special treatment in every country of the continent. If they were willing to work for a company, they would receive payment that was far greater than a normal magician.

As for Arch Magi, their positions weren’t worse than before and after several of them were lost during the war between the two empires and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce ten years ago, causing their population to decrease, their standings of the remaining Arch Magi had even become higher.

But these Arch Magi weren’t like normal magicians, being willing to join the magic machine industry.

Out of the thirteen Arch Magi present, five of them had clearly expressed that they would not join the magic machine industry. They stated that the new scientific magic system that Xu Yi proposed was evil and had always opposed it.

Out of the eight remaining Arch Magi, only four of them supported the new concepts that Xu Yi had proposed, but not a single one of them was willing to join the magic machine industry.

Including Xu Yi, out of the remaining twenty two Arch Magi, there was only Xu Yi, Arch Magus Camilla, and three Arch Magi from the two empires, a total of five people that were willing to invest in magic machine industry research.

Xu Yi was very dissatisfied with this situation, but he knew that the concepts that had lasted thousands of years on the Sines Continent wouldn’t be that easy to change.

Especially the Arch Magi that stood above all magicians. Because of their powerful strength, they wouldn’t easily change the opinions that they always had.

It was a good thing that Xu Yi never really cared about them.

Although the scientific research system required the participation of top experts, the true foundation and the future would be the tens of thousands of low grade researchers.

It was these people who did the research bit by bit that gradually improved the system, making it better and better.

So Xu Yi wasn’t willing to waste that much time with these peak magicians, he would rather invest in training those magicians that hadn’t had much contact with traditional magic theory.

Because these people hadn’t been infected by the fetters of the past magic system, they could easily accept the new magic theory that Xu Yi proposed.

When they grew up, the system would truly become healthy.

At the same time, it would be much easier changing the thoughts of the tens of thousands of low level magicians.

For example, the «Continent Peace Convention» that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and all the countries signed, wouldn't allow magicians to join the army or participate in wars. Although there was some chaos at first, after two years, the tens of thousands of normal magicians on the continent joined the magic machine industry and they had become its backbone.

The development of the magic machine industry on the Sines Continent over these ten years, one couldn’t forget about the contributions of these people.

Compared to this, these Arch Magi that everyone worshiped had contributed the least.

But no matter how little he cared, Xu Yi couldn’t truly ignore them.

The Arch Magi were at the top of all magicians and their understanding of magic far surpassed normal magicians. If they were willing to do research for the magic machine industry, of course they could easily contribute more than normal magicians.

Not to mention that these Arch Magi were important people in any country and were all famous.

As long as they joined the magic machine industry, it would be like a wind that would blow more magicians to join.

So Xu Yi still tried to build a good relationship with these people, trying all that he could to make them join the magic machine industry.

“Chairman Xu, for you to come to this conference, you must have some shocking views to share, right?” Sitting beside Xu Yi was the Mana Magic Kingdom’s Arch Magus Hilbert. After exchanging a few idle words, he asked Xu Yi this question.

This question immediately attracted the attention of the other ten Arch Magi sitting nearby.

Xu Yi had rarely attended the magician conferences, but every time he did, he would raise a very different view from the past magic system. It would often shock the magicians that participated and would make them doubtful.

But after several years of experience, the views that Xu Yi proposed each time had been proven and were recognized by all magicians.

So as time passed, the other magicians would often ask Xu Yi this question and would be expectant of his new views.

Xu Yi shook his head with a faint smile, “I came this time not to publish a new theory, but rather to discuss the situation of the continent’s magicians with everyone.”

Everyone revealed doubtful looks.

The situation of the continent’s magicians?

What was this?

Arch Magus Gascione deeply knitted his brows at this.

Xu Yi’s words and his past performance, it made him sense that something was very unusual.

Xu Yi’s trip this time might not be as simple as he said it was.