Magic Industry Empire - Volume 8 Chapter 36

The trouble caused here should be taken care of by the Mana Magic Kingdom, so Xu Yi wasn’t willing to meddle in this. He could only shake his head and prepare to leave.

He didn’t want to cause trouble, but trouble came to find him.

That group of people causing trouble saw that there was someone over here and charged over as a group.

“Hei, look, this fellow seems to be Xu Yi!” After the group came over, one person pointed at Xu Yi and called out in a loud voice.

“It’s really him!”

“That’s right! It’s Xu Yi!”

“Brothers, this fellow actually dares to come here, we definitely have to teach him a proper lesson!”

“Right, this fellow has caused all over us to have nothing to do, it’s the greatest crime!”

“Right! Teach him a lesson! Let him know our power!”


Xu Yi narrowed his eyes to look at the group shouting, but he didn’t prepare to head over. He gave a cold laugh and turned to Fanhorn, “If this was arranged by you, I can only say that it is too lacking.”

Fanhorn’s expression changed and he quickly waved his hands, “Chairman Xu, you’ve misunderstood! How could this be arranged by us? I also don’t know where these fellows came from……”

After saying this, as if to prove his words, Fanhorn came forward and shouted at these people, “Hey! What are you doing here! Chairman Xu is the distinguished guest of our kingdom and you dare to be rude to him! Do you believe that I won’t send people to arrest you all?”

“Hei, come and arrest us if you have the skills?”

“Right! Anyway, we can’t make a living, so what is there to fear?”

“Father didn’t even fear dying on the battlefield, how could I be scared of you?”

“What a joke, we were army magicians. What kind of thing are you that you dare to arrest us?”

“Army magicians?” Xu Yi looked over this group and had a bit of understanding, “Fanhorn, were these the army magicians that were eliminated from your kingdom’s army because of the «Magicians Peace Convention»?”

Fanhorn awkwardly gave a nod, “Yes.” Then he immediately explained, “Actually, most of the magicians that were dismissed have already found work in various companies and research facilities, but some people aren’t willing to do this. They preferred being in the army, so……”

“Oh, I understand.” Xu Yi looked at this group, “It seems like it’s just a bunch of beaten dogs, they aren’t that important at all.”

Xu Yi didn’t lower his voice, so naturally these people had heard him.

Everyone’s expression changed and they started roaring out again.

“Who are you calling a beaten dog?”

“How are you qualified to call us this? If it wasn’t for your Frestech Chamber of Commerce coming up with that damn «Magicians Peace Convention», how could we become like this?”

“Right, it’s all your fault! You’re not embarrassed saying these random things in front of us, do you really think that we don’t dare make a move?”

“Oh?” Xu Yi looked at them with a smile, “After shouting all of this, if you want to make a move, I won’t stop you.”

The group angrily glared at Xu Yi, but not a single person dared to make a move.

Since they recognized Xu Yi, they were clear on Xu Yi’s status and knew that Xu Yi was a powerful Arch Magus.

With their group that didn’t even have anyone past the Seventh Grade, how could they dare make a move against an Arch Magus like Xu Yi?

Xu Yi gave a smile of contempt before being too lazy to pay attention to them. He turned to Fanhorn and said, “Please pass on your majesty that if your country doesn’t take care of these minor matters, then I will doubt your country’s attitude and ability to cooperate. I’m afraid that this will greatly affect our future cooperation.”

He was too lazy to care about Fanhorn after this as he flew into the sky.

Fanhorn and that group looked up in a daze and found that there was a Magic Airship that had suddenly appeared. It welcomed Xu Yi and Xu Yi entered it.

After watching the Magic Airship fly away, Fanhorn and that group of people were all stunned.

After a long while, one person looked at Fanhorn with a confused look.

“Sir Fanhorn, this fellow……why didn’t he play along at all?”

Fanhorn glared at them and was speechless.

After a long time, he gave a long sigh and shook his head.

“This chairman Xu really is unpredictable……”


The Magic Airship could fly at a speed of two hundred kilometers per hour. It had already passed Sorcery City not long after and soon landed in a town that was forty kilometers southeast of Sorcery City.

When Xu Yi came out, there was a slender figure that charged forward and jumped into his embrace.

“Father, you’re finally here!”

Freya tightly hugged Xu Yi and rubbed her face in his chest with a happy look on her face.

Xu Yi gave a laugh and reached his hand out to pat her head before moving her away.

“Alright, you’re already such a big girl, how can you still act spoiled like a little girl?”

“In front of you, I will always be a child.” Freya replied with a giggle before revealing a doubtful look, “Right, didn’t you say that you would have some things to discuss with the Mana Magic Kingdom’s people and would take some time? I thought that I would only see you tonight, I never thought that you would come this early.”

Xu Yi thought about what had just happened and knitted his brows as he shook his head.

Seeing Xu Yi’s expression, Freya was shocked and quickly kept asking.

Xu Yi thought about it and described what happened just now to Freya in detail.

“Freya, if you were in my place, what would you do?”

Freya blinked in a daze, knowing that this was Xu Yi taking this chance to test her.

But after thinking for a bit, she knitted her brows and said without any politeness, “Father, you’re being emotional.”

“Oh?” Xu Yi found this funny as he asked, “Why do you say this?”

“You can certainly sense that those Mana Magic Kingdom fellows not only are not willing to cooperate, they don’t even want to care about it. They’re using these small tricks, so you are angry and want to break it off with them, right?”

“Un……It should be like this, but how is this considered being emotional?”

“Of course it counts! Didn’t you always tell me that no matter what you do, you have to know your goal and work hard to achieve it? You shouldn’t let other things affect your judgement? You clearly want to cooperate with the Mana Magic Kingdom, but you are giving up because of these small tricks. Isn’t this getting emotional?” Freya accused him without holding back at all.

Xu Yi broke out in laughter, “You’re right, but Freya, you still haven’t understood my real goal yet.”

“Real goal?” Freya tilted her head with a confused look, “Isn’t it to cooperate with the Mana Magic Kingdom and to promote the magic machine industry?”

“That is only the short term goal.” Xu Yi turned his head to look in the direction of Sorcery City before giving a sigh, “If we can smoothly develop the magic machine industry in the Mana Magic Kingdom, I’m willing to put in the effort. But based on the clear facts, the Mana Magic Kingdom has a serious internal problem and they can’t unify their opinions. They are even using these dumb little tricks in front of me. So I feel that it is better to let them go first.”

“But when the other countries did this before and they caused many problems, you never mentioned giving up, right?” Freya was still very confused.

“The past was the past, but now……I have already completed my task on the Sines Continent and they should solve the rest themselves. If they’re willing to follow the trend, then that’s good, but if they’re not……they can just be eliminated.”

Freya deeply knitted her brows as she looked at Xu Yi with doubt.

The lord father in her memories was always filled with power and vitality. He would always head towards his goal without stopping, never flinching and compromising his ideas.

Why was it that he had decided to give up because of a small setback this time?

Even if it was temporary, it was different from his style before.

Thinking of this, Freya grabbed Xu Yi’s hand with a worried look and asked, “Father…..could it be that you are discouraged because of all these things happening?”

Xu Yi was surprised. Seeing Freya’s concerned look, he knew that she had misunderstood.

“He, he, there are some things that have greatly disappointed me, but I’m not discouraged. Un……do you think that I’m working differently compared to before?”

Freya gave a strong nod.

“There is a reason.” Xu Yi was silent for a bit before suddenly asking, “Freya, how did the Candra Empire reply to your question about Teresa?”

Freya was stunned, not understanding why Xu Yi changed the topic to this.

But after thinking for a bit, she suddenly gave a clear laugh.

“Ha, ha, father, you never would have imagined it. When I took out the two pieces of paper and asked Duke Giarbot and Marquis Askander about Teresa, their expressions were that amazing!”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “I can guess. This is after all a closely guarded secret of the Candra Empire and they thought that no one knew. But now that you’ve revealed it, it would be strange if they weren’t shocked.”

Freya laughed for a while longer before slowly restraining herself and saying, “When I left, Duke Giarbot personally sent me off. He wanted me to tell you that he hoped you could come to the Candra Empire when you have time, he had some things to discuss with you.”

“If it’s about this matter, I’m not interested.” Xu Yi shook his head, “Anyway, you’ve already given them the two pictures and you’ve already asked the questions, there’s no need to care about anything else.”

Freya was shocked, “This means……that you aren’t planning on pursuing this? But they were secretly researching military magic machines!”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “Let them research it. As long as it’s not public research, I’m too lazy to care.”

Freya deeply knitted her brows as she looked at Xu Yi with a very confused look.

Why……did lord father’s method of handling this suddenly become so gentle?

Could it be because……he was old?

Freya looked at Xu Yi’s young face that seemed no more than thirty that didn’t have any wrinkles. No matter what, she wasn’t willing to believe her own guesses.