Magic Industry Empire - Volume 8 Chapter 45

Speaking of it, it was a bit unbelievable and a bit laughable.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had discovered the Magic Cloud Continent over ten years ago. They had continued to develop the Magic Cloud Continent over the years and even controlled a large area on the Magic Cloud Continent, so they could be considered deeply rooted there.

But Xu Yi as the chairman had never once gone to the Magic Cloud Continent.

Seeing the surprised look on chairman Cruise’s face, Xu Yi gave a nod and a soft reply.

“I should go and take a look. Our company has invested so much into the Magic Cloud Continent and if I as the chairman don’t go take a look, it wouldn’t be right.”

Chairman Cruise shook his head.

There didn’t seem to be any problems with Xu Yi’s logic, but it really wasn’t related to his sudden decision to go to the Magic Cloud Continent.

He wanted to hear Xu Yi’s true reasoning.

“Actually, the reason is…..that the last ten years was important for the development of the company and the Sines Continent. I didn’t want any changes to happen because I left for some time.”

“Then you feel that there’s no problem leaving now?” Chairman Cruise asked.

“No problems.”

“Is that so?” Chairman Cruise looked at Xu Yi with doubt.

He didn’t believe Xu Yi’s explanation.

If it was said that in the past ten years, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was in an important period of development, that wasn’t wrong.

But to say that it was so important that Xu Yi couldn’t even leave the Sines Continent was a little exaggerated.

Moreover, even if this was true, the latter half of Xu Yi’s words weren’t true.

The current Sines Continent seemed calm on the surface and everyone was focused on development during these ten years.

But chairman Cruise had already heard about the waves underneath.

Just take the Mana Magic Kingdom that everyone cared about now, many things had happened because of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s complete withdrawal.

Any changes in the Mana Magic Kingdom couldn’t avoid being related to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

But for Xu Yi, the important decision maker of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to leave the Sines Continent now, that wasn’t a good choice for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Chairman Cruise couldn’t understand why Xu Yi decided to go to the Magic Cloud Continent now, but Xu Yi clearly didn’t explain his idea, so he had no other choice.

After a moment of silence, chairman Cruise threw out the doubt in his mind and turned his attention to a more important matter related to him.

“Xu Yi, you said that you got these ten ships from the two empires and the Lampuri Kingdom. This…..does that mean that they are slowing down their development of the seas and the new continent? Otherwise, they wouldn’t give up the chance to get even a single Magic Ship, right?”

“Un, although they didn’t clearly state it, based on their actions, it should be like this.” Xu Yi gave a certain answer.

Chairman Cruise was filled with doubt again.

“Why? Didn’t they want to participate in developing the new continent the entire time? Why would they actually back down at such a good chance?”

“It’s very simple, it’s because they feel it’s more worth it to pay attention to the Sines Continent.”

“Sines Continent?” Chairman Cruise knitted his brows to think for a bit, but he couldn’t think of a single thing.

But seeing the teasing smile on Xu Yi’s face, chairman Cruise had a bad premonition.

After working with Xu Yi for all these years, chairman Cruise naturally knew that Xu Yi had his own goal in doing all this.

But this time, starting from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce announcing that they were withdrawing from the Mana Magic Kingdom, Xu Yi had done a series of things that chairman Cruise couldn’t understand.

Xu Yi clearly had his own considerations. If he couldn’t guess his real ideas, it would be a hindrance to the Amrit Chamber of Commerce’s future development.

But after thinking for a bit, chairman Cruise suddenly calmed down.

Why would he care about what Xu Yi wanted to do?

After all these years, didn’t he understand one thing?

It was that as long as he hugged Xu Yi’s thigh and followed him, he would gain the biggest benefits and would never miss out on anything.

Although he didn’t know what Xu Yi was thinking this time, since the Frestech Chamber of Commerce suddenly decided to invest in the Magic Cloud Continent and Xu Yi was even personally going, what was there to hesitate over?

He would just follow Xu Yi to the Magic Cloud Continent!

Thinking of this, the doubt and anxiety vanished from chairman Cruise’s face. He laughed as he said, “The two empires and the Lampuri Kingdom have such short sight and shallow eyes, staring at the Sines Continent all day. They’ve forgotten that this world doesn’t just have a single continent. They will definitely regret missing this chance.”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “That’s their matter, it’s not related to me.”


A month later, a fleet of five Magic Airships quickly flew across the endless seas at a location that was six thousand kilometers away from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s main base.

Xu Yi looked at the distant sea through the window and he felt a bit emotional.

When he was still on earth, because he often traveled for business, it was normal for him to ride on airplanes. He would regularly travel across the ocean and would see the scene of the sea underneath him often.

However, after coming to this world, even after he had developed the Magic Airships and he rode on the Magic Airships many times, traveling over the seas in a Magic Airship to another continent like this was the first time for him.

It was no wonder chairman Cruise would be surprised that he would suddenly go to the Magic Cloud Continent.

After all, in the past ten years, he was confident in going to the Magic Cloud Continent, but he had never gone. Now that the situation on the continent was this tense, he as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s chairman had decided to go to the Magic Cloud Continent ten thousand kilometers away. It would have shocked anyone who heard it.

For example, after Seveni received Xu Yi’s message, she immediately contacted Xu Yi and anxiously questioned Xu Yi on what he wanted to do.

But Xu Yi’s answer was very relaxed and ambiguous. Seveni couldn’t get any real answers, but she couldn’t do anything.

The two empires also sent people to contact the Frestech Chamber of Commerce after learning this news. Although they didn’t state it clearly, it was clear that they cared very much about Xu Yi suddenly leaving the Sines Continent.

After the Frestech Chamber of Commerce announced this through the «Frestech Times», countless countries and powers came looking for them to ask about this situation.

The major newspapers even put the news of Xu Yi leaving the Sines Continent and heading to the Magic Cloud Continent on the front page, showing just how much influence this matter had.

When the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s team being sent to the Magic Cloud Continent held a press conference, representatives from countless newspapers came to attend.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce went against the norm and announced their itinerary ahead of time. They invited everyone to come and watch as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s Magic Airship squad departed.

With countless people watching, Xu Yi boarded this Magic Airship and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s team left the Sines Continent.

When he thought of the lively scene, Xu Yi couldn’t help smiling.

Even if he boarded the Magic Airship in front of all those people and flew away from the Sines Continent, he was certain that in the hearts of many people, he didn’t really leave.

Of course, these guesses would only be temporary.

After a while, when Xu Yi didn’t make any appearances, the doubt in the hearts of these people will fade.

When that time comes, these people will start making moves.

Thinking of the matter of the Mana Magic Kingdom half a month ago, the smile on Xu Yi’s face became deeper.

Half a month ago, the Mana Magic Kingdom’s riots became even more intense. There was a province that had its governor killed and the people who took over the government announced that they would be separating from the Mana Magic Kingdom, becoming self governing.

When announcing their independence, the new rulers of this province attacked the Mana Magic Kingdom’s previous policies. They stated that the kingdom’s rulers were fools which led to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce leaving the Mana Magic Kingdom, which also caused the current problems in the Mana Magic Kingdom.

So the new ruler stated that his new self governing state would greatly welcome the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. They hoped that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and other companies would come back to build a better country……

Naturally, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didn’t express any views.

Rather, it was the other countries that supported this view and reprimanded the Mana Magic Kingdom’s approach.

These fellows were anxious to stir up trouble.

After such a serious event happened in the Mana Magic Kingdom, even more oil was added into the flames of chaos.

When Xu Yi left, the latest news was that the Mana Magic Kingdom had already stopped the rebel army and was about to quell the rebellion.

Xu Yi didn’t have a chance to see this battle, but he could guess putting down this rebellion wouldn’t be that easy.

Because of the Mana Magic Kingdom’s previous policies, they had lost the support of their citizens. Moreover, it was clear that many countries wanted to see the Mana Magic Kingdom fall into even more chaos, so they would manipulate things from behind the curtain.

Of course, Xu Yi had decided to stay out of this matter and not care about it.

On a even deeper level, the Mana Magic Kingdom’s current situation was deliberately caused by him.

Even him announcing on a grand scale that he was leaving the Sines Continent was something that he had long planned out.

Of course, now that he was several thousand kilometers away from the Sines Continent, even Xu Yi couldn’t guarantee what kind of things would happen after he left.