Magic Industry Empire - Volume 8 Chapter 54

Roman put down the newspaper in his hand and focused on the writing as the voices around him rang in his ears.

“Hey, I heard that the Candra Empire’s armies have already pushed three hundred kilometers into the Mana Magic Kingdom. Just a couple days ago, they already broke into Fitlin City.”

“Che, what day’s news is that? Aren’t you afraid of being seen as uncultured by talking about it now?”

“Right, who isn’t in a rush to hear the latest news? The Candra Empire is much stronger than the Mana Magic Kingdom, so it is normal that they would beat them.”

“You only know that the Candra Empire won, but do you know how they won?” The person that was refuted didn’t seem convinced.

“How else could they win? Isn’t it that the Candra Empire army has more soldiers and better equipment? What other reason is there?”

“Nonsense, you’re just talking about more people and better equipment. Forget about more people, do you understand what better equipment means?”

“Better equipment naturally means……” The person who spoke hesitated a bit before awkwardly saying, “Naturally the Candra Empire has more military magic machines, otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to invade three hundred kilometers into the Mana Magic Kingdom in such a short period of time.”

“Then tell me, why would the Candra Empire have more military magic machines than the Mana Magic Kingdom? You have to know that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce sold the same amount of military magic machines to each country, there isn’t much of a difference.”


“Hei, hei, you don’t know this, right? I’m telling you, I heard that the Candra Empire has been developing military magic machines in secret over the past few years……”

When this was said, the voices that had filled this small tavern suddenly fell silent.

Roman secretly looked over and saw the strange expression of understanding, but not being able to say anything on everyone’s faces and he couldn’t help smiling.

The rumours that the Candra Empire had been secretly developing military magic machines had already been public for several years now, but that was only rumours spread by people in casual conversation and no one really believed it.

After all, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had been limiting the development of military magic machines over the past ten years. There was no country on the continent that would take the risk of offending the Frestech Chamber of Commerce by openly developing military magic machines, but it was a different matter if they did it in secret.

In recent times, or more accurately half a month ago, there was a rumour that had spread across the Sines Continent. Moreover, it had become a fact that most people recognized, so it couldn’t be considered a rumour anymore.

The reason was very simple. When the Candra Empire declared war on the Mana Magic Kingdom and the two countries clashed, they took out an amount of military magic machines that far surpassed what others had expected. There were even many kinds of military magic machines that weren’t on the list offered by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

This was simply announcing to everyone that they had been secretly developing military magic machines.

It was even clear that the Candra Empire had invested quite a bit in this, so their research results were deep. They might have even taken the first step in this research.

So the Candra Empire army had much more military magic machines than the Mana Magic Kingdom and adding in the fact that their army was already much stronger, naturally they had the advantage. In just half a month, they had defeated the Mana Magic Kingdom several times and captured such a large piece of territory.

In the minds of the Sines Continent citizens, people naturally felt worried to see war starting out after eleven years of peace. But if it wasn’t related to them, they would watch the fun like in the past and not care about it that much.

For these normal citizens of the Marlow Empire, it was even more so like this.

The Candra Empire choosing to start a war with the Mana Magic Kingdom, whether they won or lost, the Marlow Empire would gain benefits.

Naturally there was no need to discuss them losing, but even if they won, because of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the Candra Empire wouldn’t really be able to expand after the war. The Candra Empire might even be disciplined by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce after revealing that they were secretly studying military magic machines, which would cause losses that would cancel out their gains.

However, while the citizens of the Marlow Empire could maintain a stance of watching the fun, Roman wasn’t feeling that relaxed.

As someone who worked for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he had been very confused by the reaction of the company’s upper management after the war broke out between the Candra Empire and the Mana Magic Kingdom.

Normally speaking, with the attitude the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had demonstrated in the past ten years and because of sir chairman Xu Yi’s insistence, the Candra Empire rashly declaring war on the Mana Magic Kingdom would have been met with a warning from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, which would have forced a truce.

Even if the Mana Magic Kingdom had angered sir chairman before, causing the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to withdraw from the Mana Magic Kingdom, with sir chairman’s personality, they wouldn’t act ambiguously towards this important matter at all.

But facts proved that even after the two sides had fought for half a month, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce did the opposite of what they normally did and didn’t react at all.

Even if several newspapers came to have the Frestech Chamber of Commerce give an official response, they obtained the same answer. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce was a company and they wouldn’t interfere with the matters between countries, so they had no opinions on this matter.

No opinions? What a joke!

If that was true, what had the Frestech Chamber of Commerce been doing in the past ten years?

But the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had remained aloof and didn’t make any statements.

Many people thought that this was simply giving their silent approval.

Many people even suspected that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had reached a secret deal with the Candra Empire, allowing the Candra Empire to invade the Mana Magic Kingdom.

Otherwise, why would the Frestech Chamber of Commerce announce that they were withdrawing from the Mana Magic Kingdom previously?

Moreover, the most important thing was that why did Xu Yi as the chairman suddenly decide to leave the Sines Continent a few months ago, running to the Magic Cloud Continent ten thousand kilometers away?

Everything might have already been planned by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce!

Thinking of the discussions he heard yesterday, Roman’s face sank.

He was from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and was in a management position that wasn’t too high or too low, so he naturally knew more about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce than outsiders.

The company didn’t have any special responses to the Candra Empire suddenly declaring war on the Mana Magic Kingdom. All business continued as usual, as if there wasn’t any effect on them at all.

But when the people of the company discussed it in private, they were also very curious about the reaction of the company.

No matter what, the company didn’t make any statements about the war between the two countries which really was strange.

Everyone knew how much influence the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had on all the countries of the Sines Continent, they even had more power when it came to military affairs.

As long as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce took a stance or even acted, the Candra Empire could only stop. They would no longer expand and invade into the Mana Magic Kingdom.

“Perhaps it really is because sir chairman isn’t here?” Roman suddenly had a guess in his mind.

He suddenly thought of something.

This time, sir chairman personally led the group to the Mana Magic Kingdom. He didn’t just take personnel and resources, but also led five thousand elite company guards.

Although taking away five thousand out of forty thousand guards was only a fraction, it still had influence and would weaken the armed forces of the company.

But the most important thing was that after sir chairman took away the guards, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s attitude had weakened and even their suppression of other countries had weakened.

Xu Yi as the core sir chairman wasn’t there, didn’t that mean that the other countries would seize this once in a thousand year chance to do something?

This was wrong! What if sir chairman hadn’t done this unintentionally?

Roman’s mind suddenly thought of this and his face turned even more pale.

If sir chairman hadn’t been unintentional and did this on purpose……the consequences would be too serious……

Roman shook his head, throwing out this dangerous thought.

No, as long as there was the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the other countries wouldn’t dare act rashly.

After all, it wasn’t as if sir chairman wasn’t coming back. As long as he came back and said something, the Candra Empire troops would have to retreat and would have no other choices.

But……Sir chairman had gone for close to half a year, so when will he be coming back?

Roman looked out the window to the west.

Sir chairman was now over ten thousand kilometers away from him. Even with the speed of the Magic Airships, it would take him two and a half days to come back, so how could it be that easy?

Then again, the upper management had revealed that sir chairman would be staying on the Magic Cloud Continent for some time and hadn’t decided on his return date yet.

When he was thinking about this, there was a tall figure that appeared at the door to the tavern. He blocked the light that came in and the tavern became darker.

The figure stood at the entrance for a bit before suddenly turning and walking in Roman’s direction.

It didn’t take long for him to approach and Roman recognized him with a single look. He was his most capable assistant, the one who was in charge of the school expansion plan, Aryo.

Aryo came over and pulled the wine from Roman’s hand before slamming it on the table. Then he reprimanded him, “I knew that you were slacking off here! Alright, come with me, the Lord City Lord is looking for us!”