Magic Industry Empire - Volume 8 Chapter 55

Roman and Aryo came to the Marlow Empire’s southern central province’s capital Waterland City for a very simple reason. They were here to promote the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s academy. They had planned on working with the Governor’s Manor to build some more schools in the southern central province.

These new schools would follow the style of the Frestech Academy. They wouldn’t be traditional magic schools, but would teach all kinds of foundational knowledge, building a foundation for the students.

If you had to compare it, it was like elementary schools and junior highs on earth.

The biggest difference was that the schools on earth would be teaching the scientific theory that was related to earth, but these schools would be teaching magic scientific theory.

As the Sines Continent began putting more and more research into the magic machine industry, the research on the magic scientific theory became deeper and more refined.

If a child wanted to become a magician, they would directly start learning magic, but rather would start with the most basic subjects of math, physics, chemistry, etc. After they had a general concept of science, they would then start truly learning magic.

The disadvantage of this was that the students could learn for several years before finally being able to grasp magic.

But the benefits of this was that when each student finally learned magic, they wouldn’t be like magicians from before where they could only release spells that they learned. They would know other related knowledge from their studies and would find the right jobs for themselves.

With the vigorous development of the magic machine industry on the Sines Continent right now, there was no need to worry about not having that opportunity.

This kind of education was only being promoted in the Frestech Academy right now. Although other countries were also learning from them, the effects naturally weren’t as good as the Frestech Academy.

So when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce proposed sharing this new education method, the other countries greatly welcomed it.

The Marlow Empire was one of the main targets of cooperation for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Three months ago, the two sides had reached an agreement and signed the contract.

So Roman and Aryo came to Waterland City not to get the agreement of the southern central province’s Governor Manor, but rather to work out the details of the cooperation.

With the status of the two, it wasn’t enough for the governor to come personally, but the Governor Manor had sent a representative that would work with the Waterland City City Lord Manor to reach an initial plan. They would first create a trial school in Waterland City.

Because the general plan had already been decided, there wasn’t much for the two sides to discuss. They just had to have a simple discussion about some details and they would quickly decide this matter.

Only after they were finished, the representative from the Governor Manor vaguely mentioned the Candra Empire invading the Mana Magic Kingdom matter to Roman, trying to ask about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s attitude towards this matter.

Roman naturally couldn’t comment on this.

The Governor Manor representative also couldn’t keep asking, so they parted after a few words.

On the way back to their dwelling, Aryo actually brought this matter up with Roman.

“Say……what is sir chairman thinking?” Aryo deeply knitted his brows. This matter had puzzled him for a long time, “Even if he didn’t expect the Candra Empire to be this bold to declare war on the Mana Magic Kingdom once he was gone, this news could be delivered with the quickest Magic Airship and sir chairman should already know about this matter. Why hasn’t there been any response at all?”

Roman looked at him and after a bit of silence, he lowered his voice to say, “I received a message before leaving headquarters that sir chairman already sent back a message a week ago.”

“Oh? What did it say?” Aryo immediately revealed a shocked look, “Was it to have the company warn the Candra Empire and have them stop?”

“If it was, do you think the Candra Empire would still be attacking the Mana Magic Kingdom?” Roman asked back.

Aryo thought about it before knitting his brows again, “What does sir chairman want to do? Could it be that it really as people said and that he already made an arrangement with the Candra Empire to destroy the Mana Magic Kingdom?”

Roman glared at him, “How could you say such nonsense?”

Aryo carefully looked around before giving a cough and asking, “Then what did it say?”

Roman shook his head as he still had a confused look.

“According to the information I received, sir chairman’s meaning was…..there’s no need to care about anything.

“No need to care about anything?” Aryo’s voice became a bit louder, “How can that be! We’re the Frestech Chamber of Commerce!”

Roman gave a helpless sigh, “Lower your voice a bit. How could we know what sir chairman is thinking? But since he gave his orders, he must have deeper considerations.”

“Deeper considerations?” Aryo shook his head as the doubt on his face made it clear that he didn’t believe this, “Sir chairman has always stressed that he hopes the Sines Continent can maintain its peace, that way the magic machine industry can smoothly develop. Now that the Candra Empire has declared war on the Mana Magic Kingdom, how could the continent be at peace with these top countries fighting?”

“Are you saying that this should be blamed on sir chairman?” Roman rolled his eyes at him.

“This……” Aryo clearly didn’t dare blame Xu Yi, so he could only fall silent.

Roman gave a sigh and shook his head.

In fact, he felt that what Aryo said made a bit of sense.

Sir chairman’s previous decisions, as well as his choice to go to the Magic Cloud Continent, really seemed different from his usual behaviour.

But this brought him back to that terrifying conclusion.

If sir chairman had done this on purpose, then the eleven years of peace on the continent would disappear without a trace.

Speaking of this, would the continent……become chaotic again?


“To put it impolitely, how is it related to us if the Sines Continent is chaotic?” Ankhto tapped the table in front of him. He had a very spirited look, but the words he spoke were chilling, “We are only just a single company and the countries can go fight whoever they want. As long as they don’t disrupt our business, it isn’t related to us.”

The words fell onto the years of the other members of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s upper management and they all knitted their brows.

“Ankhto, can you not say it like that?” The Frestech Mineral Chamber of Commerce’s chairman Lithorp said in a deep voice, “The other countries fighting wars will definitely affect our business. Like this time, although the flames of far are focused on the Mana Magic Kingdom, they are affecting more than ten mines that have some relations to the Mana Magic Kingdom. If the war continues, the amount of minerals we produce next month will drop.”

“Yes, Ankhto, don’t tell me that your household magic machine department isn’t affected. Anyway, our Magic Car department has already been affected. The Candra Empire’s previous orders have been cancelled and they didn’t even give us a reason for this.”

“Then that means that your Magic Car department doesn’t have a strong enough attitude, otherwise how could the Candra Empire side not give you an explanation?” Ankhto gave a laugh, “As for our household magic machine department……we have been affected, but it isn’t worth mentioning.”

“That is only for now. If several other countries start fighting, do you think that you still won’t be affected?”

Ankhto looked over at the people around him and said with a laugh, “You’re already certain that the other countries won’t stay still?”

“Isn’t that an obvious thing!” Lithorp as a dwarf had a strong temper, so he slapped the table when he heard this and roared, “Those fellows have been secretly developing military magic machines, we don’t even know how many countries have been doing it. Sir chairman was here to suppress them, so no one dared to cause trouble, but now that sir chairman has left the Sines Continent, they definitely won’t let this chance go. Look, didn’t the Candra Empire cause trouble?”

Everyone looked at each other and gave nods.

When it came to the other countries of the continent secretly developing military magic machines, it wasn’t a secret for the high level members of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Xu Yi never said anything before, so they didn’t care about it either.

But now that Xu Yi wasn’t here and the Candra Empire jumped out, there was no guarantee that the other countries would still remain suppressed.

“So what are you planning on doing? Are you going to send out the guards to force back the Candra Empire army and make them stop fighting?” Ankhto asked.

Everyone fell silent.

If it was before, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce might really have done that.

But with Xu Yi’s current ambiguous attitude and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce announcing that they had withdrawn from the Mana Magic Kingdom before, doing this would be hard for people to accept, not to mention the Candra Empire.

Then again, with Xu Yi not here, not a single high level member had enough authority to assemble the guards.

Moreover, Xu Yi had sent a message back with a reply to the matter between these two countries. He had said that this was unrelated to the company, which made his stance clear.

Ankhto paused for a bit before asking, “Do you still not understand sir chairman’s idea? Suppressing the countries of the continent for ten years with just the power of our company alone is already long enough, we can’t keep suppressing them like this. Eventually they will have their ideas and create chaos, we can’t stop them. Then again, this isn’t something that a single company like ours would normally do, right?”

Everyone understood this logic, but they had already been used to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce dominating the countries of the continent for ten years, so they couldn’t truly accept it.

“But……why did he choose this time?”

“Perhaps it’s already long enough that you forgot about it.” Ankhto revealed a smile, showing that he had clearly understood everything, “The «Continent Peace Convention», there was a time limit added when it was signed……”