Magic Industry Empire - Volume 8 Chapter 56

The war between the Candra Empire and the Mana Magic Kingdom continued.

But even if the Candra Empire had the advantage on the battlefield, facing the Mana Magic Kingdom that was only second to the two empires, it was impossible to completely destroy the Mana Magic Kingdom through this war. So how long the war lasted and how it would end would depend on what goals the Candra Empire had.

Most of the countries on the Sines Continent watched from the side and many people were waiting for the true stance of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

No one believed that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would act as their official statement, completely ignoring the war between the two countries.

If it really was like this, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would be giving up the strong influence they had over the countries over the past ten years, which would not be beneficial to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Even if this time the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, especially Xu Yi, had a vague stance, people still wanted to see how this company would react.

So without the expectations of countless people, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce finally reacted.

But it was different from what everyone expected. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s reaction wasn’t to interfere in the war between the Candra Empire and the Mana Magic Kingdom directly, but through the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s official channels, they declared that they would be protecting the citizens affected by this war. Then they organized a large rescue crew that headed into the battlefield between the Candra Empire and the Mana Magic Kingdom.

This decision was a bit strange and everyone was confused by it.

If the Frestech Chamber of Commerce really wanted to get involved in the war, why didn’t they just give a warning to both sides? Or even send the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards and force them to stop?

They were sending this rescue crew with an unclear meaning, so what did they want to do?

So while everyone paid close attention, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce sent out their rescue crew and really followed what the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had announced previously. They only rescued the Mana Magic Kingdom citizens who had suffered in the war, providing various forms of aid to them. They helped them stabilize their livelihoods and didn’t do anything unnecessary for them.

This action received a “false” accusation in the eyes of many people.

If the Frestech Chamber of Commerce really wanted to help the Mana Magic Kingdom’s citizens, why didn’t they just force the two sides to settle a truce?

If they weren’t willing to meddle, why would they send a rescue crew?

This was simply self contradictory!

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce didn’t give any response to these accusations.

But the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s rescue crew really played a large role.

There were many Mana Magic Kingdom citizens that were forced to escape because of the war that were saved by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s rescue crew. This had filled them with gratitude towards the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Whether it was the Candra Empire side or the Mana Magic Kingdom side, they tactfully didn’t say a word towards the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s actions. They allowed the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s rescue crew to act freely, letting them save the citizens.


“Sir chairman, what benefits are there for our company in doing this?” Bannett looked at the report that came from the headquarters on the Sines Continent in his hands and felt confused, “If you don’t want the citizens to suffer because of kindness, you can just have the Candra Empire make peace. If you want to discipline the Mana Magic Kingdom, you can just ignore this situation and you wouldn’t be blamed like this.”

Bannett still had some words that he didn’t say.

In his opinion, Xu Yi’s current methods were simply indecisive. It was completely different from how he handled matters previously.

Xu Yi turned to him and said with a faint smile, “Do you think…….our company can make the countries of the Sines Continent obedient?”

Bannett fell silent.

He had thought of this question before and clearly knew the answer since he knew that Xu Yi had asked many of his colleagues before.

But when Xu Yi said it, he still felt a bit awkward.

“This……we can’t make them obedient, but at least they should have scruples about our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, right?”

“No, you’ve gotten something wrong.” Xu Yi shook his head, “I’ve said it many times, we are only a company and I am only a normal merchant. With our company, we definitely can’t make the countries of the continent obey us. As a merchant, it’s also impossible for everyone to listen to my orders.”

“That is because you’re not willing……” Bannett couldn’t help muttering.

For most people, they thought that as long as Xu Yi was willing, with the battle power of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards and the even more terrifying influence of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, Xu Yi had the opportunity to become the duke of the Stantine Duchy twenty years ago. Then he could use that to keep expanding and elevating his position.

After twenty years, even if he couldn’t unite the continent, Xu Yi would have been able to become an emperor that wouldn’t have been inferior to the emperors of the two empires.

However, he never had the desire for power. Not only did he not take over the Stantine Duchy, he had given up countless opportunities to be the ruler of the continent.

This made everyone quite confused.

In this world, it was impossible for someone not to desire power.

Xu Yi clearly had the ability and opportunity, so why did he let them go?

Of course Bannett’s words couldn’t escape Xu Yi’s ears. He was familiar with the thoughts of his subordinates, but he just revealed a faint smile when he heard this.

He had already made his desire clear to many people, but no one had been able to understand him completely.

Yes, he had the opportunity and the ability to dominate the Sines Continent.

However, there was no meaning in doing this for him.

Of course he was interested in power, but to him, even if he controlled the Sines Continent, what meaning was there in controlling this backwards society that was still in the half slave and half feudal era?

As a person who transmigrated from a modern earth, Xu Yi still wasn’t able to adapt to how backwards this world was even after all these years.

So he had continued to develop the magic machine industry, hoping that one day, civilization would be able to catch up with the earth’s civilization.

This thought had just been a thought at first, Xu Yi had felt that it was impossible for him to achieve this in his life.

But in the past ten years, the magic machine industry changed every day on the Sines Continent. In just ten years, the civilization on the Sines Continent had already increased by a large margin, letting the lives of normal people catch up to the 60-70’s of the 19th century on earth.

In the past two years, with the development of Nuclear Magic Energy, Xu Yi even found the possibility of surpassing earth’s technology.

In this situation, Xu Yi wasn’t willing to waste time on a thankless job. How could he be willing to let the Sines Continent’s civilization regress because of the conqueror’s path?

If he had this time, it was better to develop magic technology and try to fly into outer space sooner.

Then again, even if he really wanted to take over something, wasn’t there a piece of land that was much simpler and more vast compared to the Sines Continent?

Of course, he couldn’t just explain these thoughts to Bannett.

Xu Yi was silent for a bit before saying to Bannett, “If the countries of the Sines Continent want to fight, let them fight. In any case, no matter how restless they are, it won’t affect our company’s development on the Sines Continent. No matter what the Sines Continent becomes in the end, no matter how many countries are destroyed or created, it won’t affect our company.”

Bannett seriously looked at Xu Yi’s expression and after confirming that he wasn’t joking, he was even more confused.

Without knowing why, since Xu Yi came to the Sines Continent, Bennett felt that whenever sir chairman mentioned the Sines Continent, it felt like he didn’t care. It was almost as if it wasn’t related to him.

Could it be that since he was far away from the Sines Continent that his heart was also distant?


Bannett immediately shook his head.

The Sines Continent was where the Frestech Chamber of Commerce came from. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce was something that sir chairman worked hard to build, so no matter what, sir chairman wouldn’t be willing to give up on the Sines Continent.

Bannett didn’t keep asking and naturally Xu Yi didn’t keep explaining.

The main topic of his conversation with Bannett this time wasn’t related to the Sines Continent, but rather how to effectively use the manpower of the Magic Cloud Continent.

Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had over a hundred thousand workers from the people the recruited and the people the sent.

It was still too little for the giant fifty thousand square kilometer area that they controlled.

So they had to increase their manpower.

It wasn’t realistic to bring people from the Sines Continent because this place was too far from the Sines Continent, so there weren’t that many people willing to leave their hometowns to come here.

Not to mention that many people considered the Magic Cloud Continent a barbaric and backwards place, so no one was willing to come here to suffer.

So to solve the manpower issue, they had to start from the Magic Cloud Continent itself.

Before this, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had recruited the local other races and then they took in the local human tribes that they found.

But the less than ten thousand people population was far from enough.

So Xu Yi was planning on exploring even further into the Magic Cloud Continent, planning on drawing in intelligent races from other places to work for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

To solve this problem, he first had to find these local tribes and build relations with them.

Xu Yi had been in charge of this job during this period of time.