Magic Industry Empire - Volume 8 Chapter 58

There was silence from the Magic Communicator for a bit before Freya gave a soft snort, “I’ll tell you when it’s my birthday!”

Xu Yi gave a laugh before suddenly changing the tone of his voice and asking, “Akali, stop secretly listening. Tell me, can you do video calls? I want to see Still and Freya right now.”

There were surprised gasps from three people that rang out at the same time.

After a while, Akali’s awkward voice rang out.

“This……Sir chairman, being able to do voice calls is already good enough. As for video calls… still have to wait a bit.”

Xu Yi acknowledged this and wasn’t surprised.

After chatting with Still, Freya, and his other family members for a bit, this first transcontinental call with a very significant meaning finally came to an end.

But as soon as Xu Yi hung up, the Magic Communicator rang out again.

“Sir chairman.” Akali’s voice rang out again, “About the ruins, we’ve made some new discoveries, so you should find some time to come and see it.”

“Oh? You made new discoveries this quickly?” Xu Yi was a bit surprised.

“Un, we’ve found……” Akali paused before saying, “It’s not convenient talking like this, we’ll talk when you come over.”


After putting down the Magic Communicator, there was a bit of expectation that flashed in Xu Yi’s eyes.

A part of why he was researching the Abyss Demon Race was because he was curious about this legendary past civilization, but the other part was that Xu Yi wanted to understand why they had left this world.

Since the Sines Continent had many different legends from different races that confirmed the method that they used to leave the Sines Continent, even with the dragons and elves knowing quite a few details, this confirmed that this wasn’t a legend and had actually happened.

But the various races didn’t have an explanation for why they ‘left this world’ in the first place.

Xu Yi guessed that this wasn’t because the records were lacking, but rather the ancestors of the various races didn’t know what happened. They only understood a few fuzzy details about the Abyss Demon Race leaving this world.

The reason wasn’t hard to guess, it was because these ancestors had been lower class citizens in that society. They naturally wouldn’t understand what the Abyss Demon Race wanted to do.

Based on the ruins that were found before, the level of civilization of the Abyss Demon Race was quite high. Perhaps their ‘leaving this world’ was the hyperspace jump that even earth technology was far from achieving.

Actually, speaking of hyperspace jump, even earth’s technology couldn’t do it. Rather the Sines Continent already had this ability because any magician above the Great Magician Grade was able to use spatial magic.

Spatial magic could allow a magician to teleport themself and the objects connected to them a long distance, so it could be considered very similar to a hyperspace jump.

But the magicians of the Sines Continent only have superficial knowledge about teleportation magic. They only knew how to use it, but they didn’t grasp the principle behind it, so at most they could only teleport themselves several kilometers away and couldn’t do more than that.

Only in the most recent years, they gradually understood more about it with the scientific view of magic Xu Yi proposed.

But compared to teleporting to another world like the Abyss Demon Race, they were far from comparing.

Xu Yi wanted to research the Abyss Demon Race ruins to find the secrets hidden within and then see if he could grasp the true hyperspace leap technology.

As for the goal of getting this technology……

Xu Yi looked up at the sun that was in the sky that was much bigger than the one from earth, but wasn’t burning as bright and revealed a faint bitter smile.

“If I could really achieve hyperspace jump and explore the boundless universe, how will I be able to find earth?”


Half a month later, Xu Yi’s Magic Airship slowly landed on Sky Island.

As soon as the cabin door opened, Akali charged in first and blocked Xu Yi who was about to come out.

“Start flying again! Here, these are the coordinates, fly there.” Akali casually gave some coordinates to the driver and then pulled Xu Yi back into the cabin.

Xu Yi was confused as he looked at Akali. Why did she seem even more excited than him?

“Hei, sir chairman, do you know what we discovered these past few days?” Akali asked with an excited look.

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “I haven’t seen it yet, how can I know what you discovered?”

Akali gave a laugh as she already expected Xu Yi to say this. She swept the things on the table aside and took out several diagrams from her bag, spreading them over the table.

“Look, these are the first ruins that we discovered, right?” Akali pointed at the first piece of paper.

Xu Yi looked down and found that on the diagram, there was the pillar of the first ruins that they discovered, so he gave a nod.

“Didn’t you say last time that this pillar was a precise instrument?” Seeing Xu Yi’s nod, Akali pulled away the first diagram and revealed the one underneath, “Look, this is what the inside of the pillar is like based on our investigations.”

“The Investigation Magic equipment was finished?” Xu Yi asked in a surprised voice as he looked down at the diagram.

After taking a look, Xu Yi couldn’t help standing up in shock.


Seeing the shocked look on Xu Yi’s face, Akali’s proud smile became even wider.

“Were you scared by it?”

Xu Yi looked at the diagram on the table and couldn’t help being shocked.

This diagram had a drawing of what was inside the pillar.

Through the diagram, he could tell that this pillar was made of finely made plates of an unknown material. These plates were densely packed together, but they were also neatly arranged, not showing any traces of disorder at all.

Seeing this diagram, he suddenly thought of a word that he had almost forgotten.

Circuit board!

Yes, the things in the diagram were similar to the circuit boards from earth that Xu Yi was familiar with.

As a high level mechanical engineer that had always been interested in electric appliances since he was young, Xu Yi was very familiar with this thing. Back when he was on earth, he had already seen it countless times since he was four years old.

But he never would have thought that he would see a circuit board here.

This was wrong!

Xu Yi knitted his brows and after carefully looking at it for a bit, he slowly shook his head.

This thing looked like a circuit board, but there were many places that were different. It wasn’t the same as the circuit boards that he was familiar with.

But still couldn’t answer the question in Xu Yi’s heart.

Why would there be a circuit board?

Even if the ruins left by the Abyss Demon Race had precise instruments, but for this thing to be made up of circuit boards, this really was too shocking.

Moreover, based on the reaction that Xu Yi received when he used electrical energy on the pillars before, this made Xu Yi feel that this was all even more strange.

Could it be……This Abyss Demon Race had actually reached a similar level of civilization as the people from earth?

“Sir chairman, what’s wrong?” Akali saw that Xu Yi had looked at the diagram for a while without saying a thing, even looking a bit stunned, so she couldn’t help calling out to him.

“Ah?” Xu Yi came back to his senses. He took a breath and shook his head, “I’m fine, I just felt that the things inside the pillar are a bit too surprising.”

Akali looked at Xu Yi with a doubtful gaze.

The things inside this pillar were indeed very strange, but who was sir chairman? Why did he have such a large reaction towards these strange things?

But since Xu Yi didn’t explain anything, Akali didn’t have any intentions to keep asking these questions. She patted the diagrams on the table and asked Xu Yi, “Sir chairman, do you know how many ruins we’ve found during this time?”

“How many?”

Akali gestured with both her hands.

“A total of thirty seven.”

“That many?” Xu Yi said in a surprised voice.

“Un. Moreover I’m certain that there are still many ruins nearby, we just haven’t discovered them yet.”

“Why are you so certain?” Xu Yi was a bit confused.

“You’ll understand after you see this diagram.” Akali pulled away the second diagram to reveal the third diagram.

Xu Yi looked down and found that it was a map.

“This……is a map of the surrounding seas?”

“Sir chairman, you truly are wise.” Akali immediately gave Xu Yi a thumbs up before pointing at the map, “Look, this is Sky Island.”

Then she moved her finger to the upper left corner, where there was a clear mark made.

“This is where we found the first ruins.”

Xu Yi calculated the distance and gave a nod.

“Then all these marked places were where you found ruins?”

“Yes.” Akali nodded in confirmation, “Until now, we’ve found thirty seven of them and they are all marked on this map.”

Xu Yi looked at the thirty seven marks and didn’t find anything special about them.

“This was what you discovered recently?”

“Not just this.” Akali pulled out the fourth diagram from below and put it together with the third diagram, “Can you see it now?”

Xu Yi looked at this fourth diagram which had a complicated pattern on it. It seemed like a diagram of a Magic Array.

After looking at the third diagram again, Xu Yi fell into deep thought. He reached a finger out to trace along the third diagram, drawing several connecting lines that he compared with the fourth diagram before suddenly understanding something.

“These ruins actually form a Magic Array when they come together?”