Magic Industry Empire - Volume 8 Chapter 59

“Sir chairman truly is powerful.” Akali praised. She pointed at the fourth diagram that seemed like the diagram of a Magic Array, “Then sir chairman, do you see anything from this diagram?”

Xu Yi looked at the fourth diagram for a bit before slowly shaking his head.

“No, this diagram isn’t complete.”

“Oh?” Akali revealed an excited look.

Xu Yi looked at her and laughed, “You are also a Great Magician now, you can’t see that this diagram is incomplete? Look, here, here, and here, it’s clear that the lines aren’t linked and that something is missing.”

Akali revealed a smile, “As expected, we can’t fool sir chairman. That’s right, elder Undine and I have studied this diagram for a long time and have confirmed that there are parts missing. If we had to make an inference, it should be because we haven’t found all the ruins, so this array diagram isn’t complete.”

Xu Yi knitted his brows and pointed at the diagram, “Since you’ve found this array diagram, isn’t it easy to infer where the corresponding ruins are? Why haven’t you found them yet?”

Akali helplessly shook her head, “We have confirmed that there are seven ruins that haven’t been found yet, but after we’ve looked in the area, we’ve only found that there was seawater there. There aren’t any signs of any islands, let alone ruins.”

“Is that so?”

Xu Yi thought about it before suddenly realizing something.

The Abyss Demon Race had already left this world for ten thousand years.

Life changed as time passed, ten thousand years was enough to greatly change this world.

The sea where the ruins should be changing wasn’t that strange at all.

“Elder Undine also said the same.” Akali agreed with Xu Yi’s inference, “But like this, we can’t find the remaining ruins at all. There’s still an even more important problem……”

“What is it?”

“Ten thousand years is already enough to make the small islands with the ruins disappear, so it isn’t strange if the location of the other ruins have changed. How are we certain that this array diagram is accurate?”

Xu Yi looked down at the fourth diagram and gave a sigh.

Akali was right.

It wasn’t strange if an island with the ruins shifted during ten thousand years. This diagram that represented the array didn’t have any real meaning.

“No, there is something.” Akali shook her head, “At the very least, we know that the Abyss Demon Race used magic. Elder Undine also said that according to the legends passed down by the elves, the magic of the elves wasn’t developed by them and learned from somewhere else. We didn’t know this before, but it seems like it was learned from the Abyss Demon Race.”

Xu Yi was a bit surprised.

According to the history of the Sines Continent, the magic that humans and other races grasped was secretly learned from the elves and then developed to have the characteristics of their race.

But no one had thought about where the magic of elves came from.

If Akali and elder Undine’s research was real, the discovery that the elves learned magic from the Abyss Demon Race was enough to change the entire history of the Sines Continent.

Xu Yi’s thoughts were even deeper than this.

Just what was magic?

To Xu Yi, it was just an application method of energy.

If the elves learned magic from the Abyss Demon Race, this magic shouldn’t be called magic, but rather an advanced energy conversion method from the Abyss Demon Race.

The ancestors of the elves only learned some knowledge from the Abyss Demon Race and didn’t understand the principles, but this had evolved into the mysterious and amazing magic that was used on the Sines Continent.

The scientific view of magic that Xu Yi proposed was bringing out the principles hidden in magic, going back to the source.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi felt his heart clear. It was as if he had received an answer for the question that had been in his heart the entire time.

Why could the humans of the Sines Continent grasp something as amazing as magic even though they had such a backwards society?

Why was it that after years of studying magic, Xu Yi found principles that far surpassed the level of technology from earth?

Why was it that the people of the Sines Continent had such slow development even having something as amazing as magic? Why did they only start developing after Xu Yi guided them?

Xu Yi had thought that these questions went against the principles of society development, but he finally knew that this magic was stolen by the elven ancestors from the Abyss Demon Race. This explained everything.

“Sir chairman, what are you thinking about now?” Akali saw the changing expressions on Xu Yi’s face and waved her hand in front of his face with a bit of worry.

Xu Yi took a deep breath and forced the ripples in his heart to calm down.

If this was the truth of the world, it really was shocking.

After calming down, he suddenly realized a problem.

“Akali, do you know why the Abyss Demon Race was called that name?”

Akali shook her head, “I don’t know this, you should go ask elder Undine.”

“Un…..Right, where’s elder Undine?”

“She’s waiting ahead of us.”

After around two hours, the Magic Airships had gone north around four hundred meters before stopping over the seas.

“We’re here.” Akali stretched herself out as she finished discussing the Magic Array of the ruins with Xu Yi and stood up.

Xu Yi looked out the window and revealed a doubtful look.

“There isn’t an island below.”

“You will know in a bit.”

Akali gave a laugh as she had the Magic Airship descend. They stopped when they were a bit over ten meters from the sea and then she opened the cabin door.

“Sir chairman, let’s go down. Elder Undine is waiting for us below.”

“Below?” Xu Yi looked down at the dark seas with a strange look, “You’re not telling me that she’s in the water right now, right?”

“That’s right.” Akali gave a laugh and jumped out the cabin door.

When she reached the surface of the water, she stopped and looked up to wave her hand as she shouted, “Sir chairman, quickly come down!”

“What is going on?”

Xu Yi helplessly shook his head. He turned to give an order to his subordinates in the Magic Airship before jumping out.

Akali was already at the level of a Great Magician and there was no need to mention Xu Yi. The seas were a forbidden place for normal people, but for the two of them, it didn’t hinder them at all.

When he came to sea level, the two of them used their magic power to push away the sea water before wrapping themselves up in a magic barrier. Then they entered the sea with a large air bubble around them.

Akali kept diving deeper with Xu Yi following behind her. Not long after, they were already several hundred meters below the surface.

These deep seas were completely dark and the two casually made some light from their magic.

After going down around another hundred meters, there was suddenly a bit of light that appeared below.

Akali pointed at the direction of the light for Xu Yi before moving faster.

Xu Yi also started moving faster as he followed behind her.

When they came close, Xu Yi found that this light seemed very weak from a distance, but he could clearly see everything in these deep seas, so it was actually quite bright.

When he came close, he found that this light was actually coming from a cave entrance.

Xu Yi wasn’t surprised by this at all.

With the terrain that the seabed had, it wasn’t strange to find underwater caves at all.

But it was a bit strange that this cave would release light.

Akali waved her hand at Xu Yi before entering the cave.

Xu Yi followed along and found that the light was actually coming from the depths of the cave.

After going in a bit deeper, Xu Yi felt the water pressure around him relax, almost as if the water pressure around him was disappearing.

“Sir chairman, let’s go down. There isn’t any water here already.” Akali had landed on the ground under the cave and she waved her hand at Xu Yi.

Xu Yi doubtfully landed. After he landed, he stepped down hard and found that the ground was quite hard, as well as making some deep thud sounds. This didn’t seem like the normal bottom of the sea no matter how he looked at it.

“Sir chairman, you can release your barrier. We can breathe here, it’s no different from the outside.” Akali said.

“Is that so?” Xu Yi looked at Akali before checking with his magic power. He found that this space really was the same as any space above the seas.

After releasing his magic barrier, there wasn’t any water that surged forward. Taking a deep breath, he could smell the very fresh air.

Xu Yi looked behind him and revealed a look of surprise as he saw some kind of invisible barrier keeping out the seawater.

“This place……does it have a natural magic barrier?” Xu Yi wanted to say oxygen mask, but that didn’t seem appropriate.

“It might not be natural……” Akali revealed a mysterious smile.

Xu Yi was silent for a bit before reaching his hand out towards the invisible barrier that kept out the seawater. He found that there was a strange energy coming from this barrier and although it was like a magic barrier, it was very different.

But no matter what, it didn’t seem like something that was natural.

“Alright, let’s go in first.” Akali pulled Xu Yi along as she headed deeper into the cave.

After passing around the first corner, there was light that appeared in front of them.

Xu Yi looked forward and saw two slender figures standing in front of a wall in the distance.