Magic Industry Empire - Volume 8 Chapter 67

“Your majesty, this is the report the magic machine industry department handed in today……” The royal palace servant carefully placed the report in his hand in front of Emperor Candra before silently moving back.

Emperor Candra had a dark look on his face as he looked at the report in front of him for two minutes before finally reaching out to open it.

After just looking through for less than a minute, he threw it aside.

The pages of that neatly stacked document went flying into the air. It looked quite beautiful, but because of the anger of Emperor Candra, it also looked quite fierce.

“Go and call Marquis Carmen!” After a while, Emperor Candra finally spoke in this low and deep voice.

The servant quickly ran off.

Not long after, a middle aged man who wasn’t that all but looked very buff quickly came in with the servant.

“Your majesty.” The Candra Empire’s magic machine industry department’s chief Marquis Carmen gave a bow to Emperor Candra, “You summoned me?”

“I summoned you?” Emperor Candra gave a scoff before he pointed at the pieces of paper scattered on the ground, “Could it be that you didn’t hand in this report?”

Marquis Carmen fell silent before lowering his head and saying in a deep voice, “Since it’s something that happened in the empire, I didn’t dare hide it from your majesty and naturally reported it.”

“If you report everything for me to handle, what is the point of having ministers like you?” Emperor Candra’s face turned even colder, “The great Candra Empire’s magic machine industry department, you can’t even take care of this small problem?”

Marquis Carmen looked at the pieces of paper scattered on the ground and he couldn’t help reveal a faint bitter smile.

He knew what issue this report included and it definitely wasn’t a small problem.

He knew that his majesty also knew that this wasn’t a small problem.

His majesty was this angry because he couldn’t think of any good solutions, which made him as the honourable emperor feel like he had suffered a setback which also angered him.

Actually, it wasn’t Marquis Carmen’s first time giving this kind of report.

Since two months ago, he would give a report like this from time to time and this one was already the seventh one.

As for the contents of this report, it was that some company of the Candra Empire wasn’t able to pass the continent’s primary magic machine industry evaluation.

That damn Xu Yi!

If it wasn’t for that fellow coming up with that continental magic machine industry technological foundation, as well as declaring that all magic machine technology on the continent would be graded, how could there be such a troublesome thing?

Although this fellow made it sound nice, saying that with these evaluations, it would help the overall growth and stability of the continent’s magic machine industry, benefiting every country and person.

At least in Marquis Carmen’s eyes, this thing caused endless trouble for him right now.

It had to be known that in the past two months, because of that damn evaluation, there were thirteen Candra Empire magic machine industry companies that had gone out of business. The number of companies that suffered heavy losses and even came close to closing because of bankruptcy numbered thirty six.

That fellow Xu Yi wasn’t embarrassed to say that he wasn’t targeting any country or any company, saying that this was just an evaluation with an objective grading.

Why were so many Candra Empire companies affected? Not even half of the Marlow Empire’s companies were affected by this?

As for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce?

In the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s evaluations, they all reached at least a fourth grade evaluation. It was much higher than the average levels of the other companies!

Of course……calmly speaking, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was already the benchmark of the continent’s magic machine industry, so it was natural that they had leading technology.

Even in terms of some smaller technology, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wasn’t the best and was just a bit lower than the outstanding companies.

It had to be known that this would have been impossible ten years ago.

But even if Marquis Carmen knew this, he couldn’t just stay calm.

Xu Yi’s actions had greatly affected the Candra Empire’s magic machine industry. As the chief of the empire’s magic machine industry department, how could Marquis Carmen praise Xu Yi’s actions?

“This Xu Yi, even when he isn’t the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s chairman, he is still this annoying!”

Marquis Carmen looked up in surprise, seeing the unhappy look that Emperor Candra had.

This was what he was thinking, but he never thought that the emperor would say it first.

Marquis Carmen’s mind quickly turned and he immediately understood.

His majesty wasn’t angry because he was dissatisfied with his work, but rather he was venting his anger at Xu Yi on him.

Thinking of this, Marquis Carmen was much more calm. After thinking about it, he said in a deep voice, “Your majesty, this isn’t a small problem, so I hope that you can treat it seriously and place great importance on it. Xu Yi can take out this standard casually and cause serious losses for our empire’s companies. Then if we don’t limit this, as long as Xu Yi wants, wouldn’t he be able to hurt a bunch of companies at will? He might even… able to seriously affect the empire’s entire magic machine industry.”

“Of course I know this.” Emperor Candra gave a cold snort, “The problem is, how are you planning on limiting him? Could it be that you want to learn from the Mana Magic Kingdom and chase out the Frestech Chamber of Commerce?”

“No, of course not.” Marquis Carmen immediately shook his head, “The limitations I’m talking about isn’t to target the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, there’s no benefits to the empire like this.”

“Humph, so you do know this.” Emperor Candra’s expression relaxed a bit before he asked, “Then what do you want to say?”

“Your majesty, when the Magicians Guild was found, it wasn’t just the Magicians Guild alone that evaluated the grade of magicians……” Marquis Carmen tactfully expressed his opinion.

“You want us to make our own organization and resist Xu Yi’s foundation?” Emperor Candra’s eyes lit up, but then he knitted his brows again, “Xu Yi has the Frestech Chamber of Commerce behind him and his own authority as a guarantee, what can we take out to resist him?”

Marquis Carmen revealed a faint smile, “Your majesty, we have all the countries of the Sines Continent behind us.”

“All the countries?”

The smile on Marquis Carmen’s face became a bit strange.

“Your majesty, I think…..that the people on the continent who think that Xu Yi is annoying isn’t just you……”


The continental magic machine industry technology foundation that Xu Yi created had already yielded results in less than a year since it was founded.

Because of Xu Yi’s high prestige and his absolute authority in the magic machine industry, every time a standard was announced, it became the standard that everyone followed.

Although there wasn’t a strong method to support the methods of the Xu Yi’s foundation, because of Xu Yi’s authority, once the foundation announced that a company didn’t reach a high enough level of technology or even the most basic level of technology, everyone would start looking down on that company.

Not only would companies cut off cooperation with that company, even the citizens would treat that company’s goods as inferior goods and would refuse to buy them.

It could be said that once the foundation gave an evaluation, it divided the magic machine companies of the continent into clear grades.

If a company received a high evaluation, naturally countless people would turn their eyes to it. They would receive many cooperation deals and their brand would become famous, so it was hard to estimate the profit that came from it.

At the same time, this evaluation wasn’t just limited to companies.

Actually, when Xu Yi announced this evaluation, he was targeting technology itself.

It was just that most of these patents were owned by the companies. So the companies that had high levels of technology were considered the highest ranked companies.

But there were some small research teams and even individuals that had made breakthroughs in technology. So once they received the recognition of the foundation, their single piece of technology would be considered high grade.

Naturally what awaited them was fame and opportunity, as well as a large amount of gold coins.

During this less than half a year, there were over twenty small research teams or researchers who weren’t that famous before in the magic machine industry that were pulled out. Their evaluated technology quickly demonstrated excellent results which raised the authority of the foundation even further.

On the current continent, studying magic machine industry technology was the most popular line of work.

But because there were so many different kinds of technology, there weren’t that many that were being used.

Now that there was this foundation evaluating and recommending technology, there were more useful pieces of technology that were being promoted.

Then adding in the large financial reward from the foundation for high grade technology, people became even more enthusiastic about their research.

So in less than half a year, the level of technology on the Sines Continent had gone up a level.

There would always be shock when the major newspapers reported on this matter.

Xu Yi really gave people a pleasant surprise and his actions made his original intentions clear, wanting to develop the magic machine industry.

If this trend continued, the foundation that Xu Yi created would be the same as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, becoming an important organization that could affect the entire Sines Continent.

However……as this foundation developed, just like the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it was impossible for there not to be any problems.