Magic Industry Empire - Volume 8 Chapter 75

“This honoured Emperor Candra, isn’t this considered hitting his own foot with a stone?”  Xu Yi put down the newspaper in his hand and looked at Leslie sitting in front of him with a smile.

Leslie put down the tea in his hand and gave a laugh.

“This idiot, he raised the idea of the Candra Empire opposing your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but he never thought that his subordinates would be so dumb.  They actually misunderstood his meaning and were more radical than him, actually choosing to start a war with your Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

After saying this, Leslie shook his head and gave a sigh before continuing, “It seems like your Frestech Chamber of Commerce has suppressed the Sines Continent so much over the years that their minds aren’t even right anymore.  Otherwise, even if they are dumb, how could they do something like this?”

“No, I’m actually not surprised by this at all.”  Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Anyway, opposing the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had appeared many years ago, so it isn’t strange that it’s developing bit by bit right now.  Moreover, I’m certain that there will be more and more similar matters since after all, no one likes being suppressed by others, right?”

Leslie knitted his brows, “Since you already expected this, why didn’t you come up with measures for them earlier?  Moreover, based on the information I’ve gotten over the past few days that I’ve been back, you really aren’t caring about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and are planning on handing it to Freya?  Can you really feel assured?”

“Then can you feel assured about giving the entire southern continent to David?”  Xu Yi asked back with a smile.

Leslie gave a laugh, “I’m old now, I can’t control these things sooner or later.  I might as well have David replace me earlier so I can be more relieved.”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “Isn’t that same as what I’m doing now?”

The David that these two were talking about was Leslie’s eldest son.

Because Leslie had married later than Xu Yi, even if Leslie was a few years older than Xu Yi, David was a bit younger than Freya.  He was only twenty three years old this year.

With the support of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, Leslie had already expanded his influence from Heaven Island to the new continent to the south.

Compared to the Magic Cloud Continent, the southern continent that Leslie named the Levin Continent was half as big and had far fewer locals.

With the support of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s powerful army, in the past ten years, they had swept over the entire Levin Continent.  He already controlled the entire continent and had already established a basic road and communication network across the entire continent.

It could be said that Leslie was the local emperor of the Levin Continent.  Just the territory under him was far bigger than the two empires.

And David could be considered the prince of the Levin Continent.

So whenever Leslie and Xu Yi met, they couldn’t avoid laughing at the two continents and the other countries on the Sines Continent.

There was clearly a much bigger world outside of the Sines Continent, but they kept fighting over the Sines Continent.  Their eyes really were shallow.

Of course, Leslie also knew that compared to the other continents, the Sines Continent had a greater population because their civilization had developed much longer.  Then adding in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce leading them, they developed much faster than the other continents.

Staying on the Sines Continent was much more attractive to the countries of the Sines Continent.

Leslie had come back from the Levin Continent for the first time in three years just to obtain Xu Yi’s support.  He wanted to keep developing the Levin Continent.

The most important reason was that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had announced just last month that they had completed the long distance communication with the Magic Cloud Continent.

Leslie came back this time in hopes that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would support the Levin Continent, establishing communications between the Levein Continent and the Sines Continent, making it easier for them to communicate with each other.

“Like this, I won’t have to come all the way here and I can just contact you with the Magic Communicator.  It would be much more convenient.”  Leslie said.

Xu Yi nodded, “Actually, even if you didn’t come, I would have thought of a way to solve this problem.  When we built the magic communication network, it was to connect the entire planet.  Since the Magic Cloud Continent has it, the Levin Continent won’t be missed.”

Leslie gave a laugh, “Xu Yi, I knew that you wouldn’t reject it.”

“You shouldn’t be happy too early.  I’m not the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s chairman anymore, so even if I don’t reject this, it doesn’t matter.  If you can’t convince Freya and the others from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, I can’t help you.”

Leslie pursed his lips, “Humph, as long as you the chair…..Alright, former chairman agree, I don’t believe that anyone from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would go against you.”

“That isn’t certain, Freya might have her own ideas.  Moreover, she is new to this job as the chairman, so she has stages for things she wants to do.  If you don’t give her good enough reasons, she might just reject you.”  Xu Yi said with a smile.

Leslie gave another laugh.  He knew that Xu Yi was giving him an off handed reminder that even if their relationship was good, when it came to an important project like this, it couldn’t be decided with personal feelings.

If the Levin Continent couldn’t give the Frestech Chamber of Commerce enough benefits or if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce couldn’t see the attraction of future profits, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wouldn’t provide help for free.

But this was an interaction that the two of them were already used to.

Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce kept supporting Leslie before, allowing him to occupy Heaven Island and then control the entire Levin Continent.

Leslie knew that whether it was Heaven Island or the Levin Continent, large amounts of resources were given to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce which could be considered compensation.

Although this compensation couldn’t compare to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s investments right now, as long as the Levin Continent developed well in the future, a balance would be reached sooner or later.

Other than building a magic communication network between the two continents, Leslie also hoped that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would build a railroad system on the Levin Continent.

“There might be a few problems with this.”  Xu Yi shook his head with knitted brows, “Leslie, how many steel mills do you have right now?”

Leslie gave a snort and proudly raised his head, “What?  You think that we don’t produce enough steel so we can’t construct railroads?  Let me tell you, I currently have seventeen steel mills under me and just last month, our steel production was over three million tons!”

“Oh?”  Xu Yi was a bit surprised, “I remember that when I asked you last time, you only had five steel mills and only produced around eight hundred thousand tons a month?  If it’s three million tons, then we can consider making the railroads……”

“It was three years ago the last time I saw you, alright?”  Leslie waved his hand in a dissatisfied manner, “It seems like you don’t care that much about the Levin Continent at all, you don’t even know these important details.”

Xu Yi couldn’t help smiling, “The Levin Continent is your territory, why should I care about it?  Could it be that you’re not worried that I will take your territory away?”

“Che, if you really cared about territory, the Sines Continent would have already been yours, would you still need to steal the Levin Continent?”  Leslie curled his lips in disdain before suddenly giving a sigh and asked, “Speaking of this, Xu Yi, are you regretting it?”

“Regret?  What would I regret?”  Xu Yi asked in a surprised voice.

“Regret that you didn’t listen to my advice and conquer the entire Sines Continent.”  Leslie had a serious look like he wasn’t joking, “You told me that you didn’t have the time to waste on those things, but look at it now, your Frestech Chamber of Commerce far exceeds any nation and even if it was slow, you could have conquered the entire continent in these ten years.  If you united the continent, your Frestech Chamber of Commerce wouldn’t have so many problems now.”

“Leslie, it seems like you still don’t understand what my true wishes are.”

“What don’t I understand, isn’t it just to promote the magic machine industry?  Don’t you find it troublesome having to deal with all those countries?”

“No, the current situation is better.  Those countries are competing with each other, so they focus more on developing the magic machine industry to increase their own technology.”

“I think that it’s all being used on the military magic machine research, isn’t it?”  Leslie gave a cold snort, “I won’t hide it from you, I’ve also been investing quite a bit on researching military magic machines and I’ve quite the success.  After all, I’ve always had you providing high end military magic machines that the other countries don’t have.  Not only me, the gap with the other countries in terms of military magic machines is much smaller.  Otherwise, how could the Candra Empire have the courage to provoke you?”

“It doesn’t matter.”  Xu Yi shook his head with a faint smile, “They are willing to put their hearts into developing military magic machines, that is what I want to see.  Since you are also developing military magic machines, you should know that military magic machines aren’t things that can exist alone.  You need a complete magic machine industrial system and enough support from powerful technology.  The process of studying military magic machines is actually developing the magic machine industry.”

Leslie knitted his brows to look at Xu Yi for a bit before he couldn’t help shaking his head.

“To be honest, Xu Yi, I’ve known you all these years and I still can’t understand what you are thinking.  Letting the other countries develop their magic machine industries and increasing their technology, are there any benefits to your Frestech Chamber of Commerce or you?  Could it be that it’s just for your dream that came out of nowhere?”

“If people don’t have dreams, what difference is there between them and salted fish?”  Xu Yi said the famous quote on the internet from earth with a faint smile, “Moreover, don’t you think that flying into outer space and exploring the universe is a very wonderful experience?”

Leslie gave a sigh and still felt that he couldn’t understand him.

“Alright, outer space and the universe, a mortal like me can’t understand what that means.  But I have to warn you that you can’t play around too much or you might be swallowed by those fellows from the Candra Empire.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Do you think……I’m someone that’s that dumb?”