Magic Industry Empire - Volume 8 Chapter 79

“This means……that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s whatever Magic Rocket actually flew into outer space?”


“This so-called outer space, how high up is it from the ground?”

“This subordinate does not know.  But according to the information the Frestech Chamber of Commerce released, their satellite will be at an altitude of around one hundred and thirty kilometers from the ground.”

“A hundred and thirty kilometers from the ground?  How far is it from here to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s main base?”

“It should be over two thousand kilometers……”

“Tell me, since the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could send something like the Magic Rocket to such a high place, if they were to send it to a far place, wouldn’t it be able to fly to a very far place as well?”

“Based on the launch data that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce has released, there is this possibility.”

“Then…..isn’t there a possibility of flying from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s main base to here?”

“This……subordinate doesn’t know.”

“Tell me, if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didn’t load a satellite on the Magic Rocket, but rather a Magic Missile, couldn’t they just launch it from their main base to above our heads?”

“This subordinate doesn’t know.”

“Doesn’t this mean that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce has a long range attack that can target any place at any time?”

“This subordinate doesn’t know.”

“If the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wanted, wouldn’t our most guarded places be meaningless?”

“This subordinate doesn’t know.”

“Don’t know?  You don’t know this and you don’t know that, what do you know then?”

“This subordinate……This subordinate doesn’t know……”


“Sir chairman, this is the synchronous orbit based on altitude that I’ve calculated.  Do you have any problems with this?”  Sancheli turned around and pointed at the number on the Magic Illusion in front of him as he asked Xu Yi this.

“Thirty two thousand seven hundred and fourteen?”  Xu Yi narrowed his eyes as he thought this over before giving a nod, “Since your team has calculated this, then I don’t have any problems with it.”

Sancheli revealed a proud smile before patting the table to say, “Sir chairman, it’s just calculating a number.  It’s nothing for this Deity at all.”

“Is that so?”  Xu Yi revealed a smile as his eyes fell onto the incomparably monster in front of Sancheli, feeling an absurd feeling.

Since Sancheli had been recruited by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he had always been focused on automation research.  He had yielded great results, allowing the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s semi automated and automated production magic machines take over the entire continent’s market.

But Xu Yi never would have thought that Sancheli would make the monster in front of him.

This thing called “Deity” by Sancheli was without a doubt a precise machine.  This metal monster that took up most of the space in the room, based on its function, was clearly a computer!

That’s right.  Sancheli in the process of his automation research had created a thing that whether it was based on the principle or the function was no different from the computers on earth.

Of course, this Magic Computer was still very primitive and had a performance no different from the first computers of earth.  It was just that the operational method was based on magic instead.  It was slightly different from the computers on earth that relied on electronics.

Moreover, for someone like Xu Yi who understood both sides, this “Deity” was actually more advanced than the first computer on earth.

The first computer on earth was made of countless electron tubes and relying on the simple signals of those electron tubes, it was able to perform more complex calculations.

But the Deity that Sancheli had developed actually worked on magic signals and could even directly perform complicated calculations before communicating the results as commands.  It was without a doubt much better than the first computers on earth.

The reason the performance was similar was because of the difference in craftsmanship and that Sancheli didn’t have enough knowledge.

If the level of craftsmanship on the Sines Continent was increased and Sancheli had more knowledge of math, this Deity’s performance would certainly be increased and its performance would surpass the first generation computers on earth.

But even so, when Xu Yi learned about the existence of this Deity, he still couldn’t help being shocked.

Of course he wanted to have a computer like on earth to help do all kinds of work and he thought that once the magic machine industry on the Sines Continent had developed to a certain extent, computers would come naturally.

But he never thought that the Deity would appear so early and so quickly.

Xu Yi couldn’t think of any explanation for this, he could only credit Sancheli as a talented individual.

If it wasn’t for this fellow with this monstrous level of talent, by Xu Yi’s estimates, it would have taken at least twenty years before this Deity appeared.

“Sir chairman, are the synchronous orbits that you’re making me calculate useful?”  Sancheli asked in a curious voice.

“Oh, this thing is very useful.  For example, if I want to cover the entire planet with magic communication signals with satellites, it’s necessary to have several dozen satellites in synchronous orbit.”

“Is that so?  But hasn’t the company made the outer space magic signal relay and has already solved the long distance communication between continents problem?”

“This is different.”  Xu Yi shook his head, “Although the outer space magic signal relays have solved this problem, it isn’t stable.  It’s very easy to be affected by high altitude currents or other phenomena.  So when we contact the Magic Cloud Continent, the signal will be frequently interrupted.  We won’t need to worry about this with satellites in synchronous orbit and also because they are further from the ground, they will have a much wider range of coverage.  In theory, we would only need three of these communication satellites to cover the entire planet.  If we use the outer space magic signal relays, we would need at least four hundred of them based on our current estimates.  You should be clear on the difference in costs.”

Sancheli gave a nod, signaling that he understood.

“Other than this, the synchronous orbit satellites have some special uses.  They aren’t clear now, but you’ll understand in the future……”

After saying this, Xu Yi deliberately stopped talking.

Sancheli looked at him with a curious look, but he didn’t keep asking him about this.

“But sir chairman, based on my estimates, to launch a satellite into synchronous orbit, the Magic Rocket demands far surpass our current abilities.  So we won’t be able to launch this kind of satellite right now.”

“Did you secretly calculate this?”  Xu Yi revealed a faint smile.

Sancheli’s face turned red, but he still gave a nod.

“Yes……”  Then he thought of something, “What is it?  Did I calculate it wrong?  But I’ve already imported all the data and have already calculated it many times?  To launch a Magic Rocket of several dozen tons to a place that is over thirty thousand kilometers in the air, it requires a shocking amount of propulsion.  Not to mention right now, I feel that it would be very hard for our company to achieve this even in the future.”

Xu Yi couldn’t help laughing before patting Sancheli’s shoulder, “Sancheli, you should communicate more with the researchers of the astronomy and physics department.  Your calculations might be right, but before calculating this, you made a fatal mistake.  Sending something into the sky isn’t just as simple as throwing something into the sky.  In fact, it requires much less propulsion than just throwing something into the sky.”

“Is that so?”  Sancheli awkwardly scratched his head, “I don’t know too much about this and it seems that I really do need to learn a bit more.”

“No, the most important thing for you right now is not to learn about astronomy, but rather to progress your mathematical knowledge.”  Xu Yi pointed at the giant Deity behind Sancheli, “To me, Deity is more important than launching the satellites.  I hope that you will spend more time on it and do your best to increase its performance as much as possible.”

Sancheli turned to look at Deity and felt a bit of doubt.

This thing was just an automated magic machine that he made for himself to easily calculate things.  It was nothing more than a convenient tool for him, but he never thought that it would be this important to sir chairman.  This really was a pleasant surprise.

“Alright.  Sir chairman, I will properly develop it.  But……how is this related to you having me study math?”  Sancheli asked in a confused voice.

“You don’t understand now, but when your research has reached a certain level, you will find that math will be very important.”  Xu Yi said with a serious look.

Sancheli immediately agreed to this in a serious voice.

After talking about a few things about Deity with Xu Yi, Sancheli suddenly thought of something and asked Xu Yi, “Sir chairman, since we can send satellites into the sky, doesn’t that mean we can send people into the sky in the future?”

“Of course.”  Xu Yi gave a firm nod and then looked at Sancheli, “What?  You want to fly around in the sky?”

Sancheli revealed a look of endless desire.

“Of course!  I have a dream of seeing the planet under our feet from outer space, it must be beautiful!”

“Hasn’t there been countless images sent down from outer space?  Aren’t you tired of it?”

“It’s not the same.  How could looking at it from a Magic Illusion be the same as seeing it with my own eyes?”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “Alright, I can only tell you that you can definitely send people into the sky in the future, but I can’t tell you exactly when.  When the time comes, it’s not certain that you’ll be the one to go.”

“Flying to outer space is my dream!”  Sancheli said in an earnest voice.

Xu Yi couldn’t help smiling.

Flying to outer space had always been the slogan and dream that he told others.

There weren’t that many people who believed him in the past, but after the launch of the satellite, it became the most popular phrase on the Sines Continent.