Magic Industry Empire - Volume 8 Chapter 8

As soon as the green light indicating it was connected lit up, the Magic Communicator in Lucian’s hand let out an anxious middle aged man’s voice.

“Hello, young miss, where are you? Are you all right?”

“Young miss?” Lucian was surprised. He turned to look at the girl who had turned back after hearing his cry and he understood.

“Hello, I am……”

As soon as Lucian spoke, there was a crude voice that interrupted from the other side.

“Who are you? Where’s the young miss? Where did you take her? Let me warn you! If you dare touch a single hair on the young miss’ head, I guarantee that you and the people behind you will die terrible deaths!”

Lucian knitted his brows as he thought that these words seemed similar to the words he read in novels before?

Although from the moment that the girl pulled out the personal Magic Bazooka, he knew that she definitely wasn’t a normal girl, hearing the anxious and breathless voice from the other side, he was a bit surprised.

This girl…..her backing wasn’t simple. She might even be from one of the large noble families of the empire.

But based on the actions of the girl, she didn’t seem like a strictly trained daughter of a noble family……

“Your young miss is fine, she’s currently……” Lucian looked up, “She’s heading over here, you can talk to her.”

Lucian handed it over like a hot potato, giving the Magic Communicator to the girl who walked over.

“Hello? Is this uncle Harris? Relax, I’m very good right now. Un? Oh, I’m fine, I’m really fine. This group of human smugglers got a bunch of old weapons from an unknown place, but it isn’t any threat to me. Of course, you don’t believe in my abilities? Un……I never said that I didn’t want you to come, rather I hope that you can come as soon as possible……Don’t misunderstand, I’m not in danger, but these kids here need to be protected. Moreover, there should be quite a few more that should be locked up, so you should come as soon as you can……”

Hearing the girl talking on the Magic Communicator, the expressions of the others around her became even more strange.

This strange girl who suddenly appeared seemed to have a very deep backing. Moreover, it seemed like she knew that the enemies were here and based on her tone, she was deliberately caught so she could come here……

With the strength she showed before and her current backing, perhaps she could have taken care of the enemies, but why did she have to put herself in danger?

If she had strong enough helpers, why not just get them to come?

The girl’s conversation didn’t last long. She ended it with a few more words and then gave the Magic Communicator back to Lucian.

“Keep the signal connected.”

Lucian nodded in response. With the method he tested with just now, he used his magic to create a special wave for the Magic Communicator.

The girl gave a shrug to the others before spreading her hands. Her expression didn’t change, but she clearly showed her helplessness.

“Ai, I thought that I could make a mess with you, but now we can’t. There’s no other way, since my helpers have already found me, then there’s nothing for us to do. Alright, everyone can find a place to hide with me and when the helpers arrive, you’ll be safe.”

A girl with a round face couldn’t help asking, “Your helpers should be very far away, right? How could they get here so quickly?”

“Right, unless they have the newest Magic Airships, it’s impossible for them to catch up that quickly……”

The boy who spoke had only finished half his words before stopping, looking up in the sky with everyone else.

There were two shadows that had appeared in the sky, covering the space above them.

With the bright sunlight, everyone could tell that these two giant shadows were clearly two Magic Airships.

Everyone looked on in a daze as the two Magic Airships quickly landed. One of them appeared in front of them while the other one landed on the grass near them.

The Magic Airship’s cabin opened and a middle aged man in a military uniform was the first one out as he rushed to the girl’s side.

“Young miss! I finally found you!” When the middle aged man saw the girl, he yelled in an exaggerated voice, “Do you know, when I lost contact with you, I was almost scared to death!”

The girl laughed, “I already said that nothing would happen to me. Uncle Harris, if you keep scaring yourself like this, you might not live that long.”

The middle aged man called uncle Harris patted his chest before knitting his brows to say with a cold snort, “Which time was I not scared by you? You’re not embarrassed saying this.”

The girl pulled his arm before pointing at the students around her and then pointing at the manor.

“Alright, let’s not talk about this. Uncle Harris, look, this was the group that was brought with me. From the news that I obtained, they are students from the various major academies. As for the manor, it should be the den of the smugglers. You should know what to do, you don’t need me to say anything, right?”

Harris looked at the large number of Magic Combat Vehicles that came from the manor and gave a cold snort. His expression turned extremely cold as he released his killing intent.

“I wanted to catch all these pieces of trash already. Young miss, since you risked yourself and found their den, then it’s easy to take care of. Our Fresh…..Ke, they only have some obsolete military magic machines, so it’s impossible for them to face us.”

After saying this, Harris looked at the confused students before saying to the girl, “Young miss, the Candra Empire’s people are right behind and will be here soon. You should go into the Magic Airship with these students, we’ll take care of the rest.”

The girl rolled her eyes, “I got it, there’s no chance for me to perform once you’re here. But forget it, I had some fun just now, so I’m satisfied. Uncle Harris, there will definitely be other captives in the manor, so you have to take care of them.”

Harris gave her a hand signal to be assured. He waved his hand and he headed into the manor with the other fully armed soldiers that came out of the Magic Airship with him.

“Alright, it’s uncle Harris’ job from now on. You should all evacuate with me.” The girl waved her hand at the others and then headed to the Magic Airship that stayed behind.

The students finally saw the hope of escaping and didn’t dare delay as they quickly followed the girl into the Magic Airship.

This Magic Airship only seemed to be a medium sized Magic Airship on the outside, but it was fifty to sixty meters long and ten meters wide. They found that the space inside was very big, easily fitting all of them.

For these students, it was their first time in a Magic Airship, so they curiously looked around.

After looking around, they found that the inside of the Magic Airship was a bit different from the Magic Airships that they saw in the Magic Illusion Projectors before.

Compared to the Magic Airships used for passenger transportation, this Magic Airship was much more simple. There were no decorations and the interior even seemed a bit cold.

These students knew that this Magic Airship wasn’t used for civilian use, but rather this was a military Magic Airship.

The way that everyone looked at the girl changed again.

When that Harris called her young miss, it meant that the girl should be a descendant of a large noble family that should have had a high position.

Then with this Magic Airship that was a complete military Magic Airship, could it be that this girl was a descendant of a large noble from the Candra Empire army?

But that Harris had just said “the Candra Empire people are behind us”, which meant that they were from another country.

They were even more curious as to what this girl’s status was.

Just who was she?

After Lucian got on the Magic Airship, he didn’t look around like the others and lowered his head in silence.

After a while, he suddenly stood up and walked over to that girl.

“Here, this is your Magic Communicator, I’m giving it back.” Lucian gave the Magic Communicator the girl had given him back to her.

“Oh, thanks.” The girl replied before asking in a curious voice, “Right, what is your name? To be able to ensure that the Magic Communicator wasn’t impeded and maintain the connection, it seems like your skills in terms of magic communications aren’t bad.”

Hearing this girl’s praise, the surrounding students couldn’t help revealing envious looks.

This girl had a deep backing and if one could catch her eye, that would be a good opportunity.

However, Lucian stared at this girl for a bit before taking a deep breath. He shook his head before saying in a cold voice, “Why did you play us?”

When this was said, the Magic Airship cabin erupted in an uproar.

The other students looked at Lucian in a daze. What was wrong with this fellow?

He actually dared to accuse this girl to her face, could it be that he couldn’t tell that the other side’s status wasn’t normal?

“I played you?” The girl had the same expressionless face, but her tone was relaxed. It was like she didn’t care about Lucian’s accusation at all, but rather there was a laugh that was hidden in her voice.

Lucian pointed at the Magic Communicator in the girl’s hand.

“You told me that area’s elemental magic energy frequency, which allowed me to change the wave band of the Magic Communicator, allowing it to ignore the magic space and send out the communication.”

“Un, I did tell you. What about it?”

“Since you knew this value and knew the value to solve the magic signal, then with your abilities, I’m certain that you could have solved the problem. You also would have been much faster than me, which would have been better. Why didn’t you do it yourself?”