Magic Industry Empire - Volume 8 Chapter 84

“Satellites? Ah……chairman Xu, what are you saying? Outer space is so wide, how could I possibly bump into the satellite? I’m telling you, the magic space in outer space is stable to a terrifying degree and I could easily manipulate the elemental magic energy. It really…….”

“Cassandra.” Xu Yi cut Cassandra off, “Akali has told me that the dragons disdain lying.”

Cassandra’s expression froze as she stood there blinking. After a while, she finally lowered her head.

“This……chairman Xu, I just noticed that satellite flying by and felt that it was very fun. Then I chased it and competed to see who could fly faster, I didn’t do anything else……”

Seeing Cassandra finally admitting it, Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and waved his hand.

“I know. I’m just asking you and not looking for trouble with you, right?”

Cassandra let out a sigh of relief. When she looked up again, she became high spirited again.

“Hei, chairman Xu, since you already knew, why did you scare me like that?”

“The videos from the company’s satellites only showed a shadow, it wasn’t certain that it was you. I was just asking, but I never thought that you would admit it so easily which saves me from any further guessing.”

Cassandra was surprised before suddenly becoming angry out of shame.

“Chairman Xu, you humans are all swindlers! I……”

“Didn’t you fly by the satellites? Then again, have you been harassing our company’s satellites for a long time?” Xu Yi asked with a smile.

Cassandra was stunned before giving an angry snort, “So what? It’s not like I destroyed them! I just felt that it wasn’t fun being alone in outer space, so I let it accompany me!”

Xu Yi couldn’t help shaking his head with a smile.

If it was counting by years, Cassandra was already close to two hundred years old.

But when it came to mental age, she was younger than Agnes who was a hundred year old elf.

Other than dragons having a longer lifespan than elves, dragons were more pure. A young dragon like Cassandra didn’t know about plots at all.

If it wasn’t like this, Cassandra wouldn’t have believed the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s first exploration fleet so easily and wouldn’t have agreed to come to the Sines Continent to report for them. She also wouldn’t have believed Xu Yi so easily and wouldn’t have become such good friends with Akali.

Of course, dragons were very powerful and there weren’t many things that could threaten them, so there was no need for them to be that vigilant.

“Didn’t you say that flying in outer space is very interesting?” Xu Yi asked with a smile.

“It wasn’t that interesting after flying for a long time.” Cassandra shook her head, “So I’ve decided to go back to the clansmen and then have everyone fly together.”

“Un……Cassandra, do you think that your clansmen all have the ability to fly in outer space freely?” Xu Yi suddenly asked.

“Of course. There are many clansmen that are stronger than me, so if I can do it, they definitely can as well.”

“That isn’t certain.” Xu Yi shook his head as his expression turned serious, “Cassandra, before you broke through the atmosphere, we put in quite a bit of preparation to gather data to ensure that you wouldn’t be in danger after flying into outer space. Only then did we agree to let you go into outer space. Although you can freely fly in outer space now, that is only in your case and that doesn’t mean that everyone in your clan can do the same. If something happens, do you want to see your clansmen die the moment that they break through the atmosphere?”

Cassandra had an alarmed look, “It’s not that terrifying, right? Didn’t I fly for a long time without anything happening?”

“I’ve said it before, that is only in your case.”

“Then what to do? I also want those fellows from my clan to fly in outer space so we can see who’s faster.”

“Do you really want this?” Xu Yi looked at Cassandra as he asked this.

“Of course.”

“Good. You can fly in outer space and although this is only one example, this shows the general situation of the dragons. I’ve said that this is a separate case because our data on outer space isn’t perfect, so we can’t be certain, so we can’t let your clansmen take this risk. But if we improve our data collection so that we know everything about the situation in outer space……”

“I understand.” Cassandra cut Xu Yi off, “So you want me to help you gather data, right?”

“Smart.” Xu Yi said with a smile.

“Don’t you have the satellites?”

“But the satellites aren’t as flexible in outer space as you. Moreover, the satellites are satellites in the end and they aren’t dragons, so it’s very hard to have actual references for the data that they collect.”

“It’s like this……then I understand.” Cassandra gave a nod. She stroked her chin for a bit before her eyes lit up. She reached a hand out towards Xu Yi with a smile.

Xu Yi was surprised to see Cassandra reaching this slender and white hand towards him.

“What are you doing?”

“If you want me to work for you, won’t you give me a wage?” Cassandra said while smiling, doing her best to reveal a sly look.

Xu Yi looked at her with wide eyes.

“This was something that Akali taught you?”

“Do I need Akali to teach me this? Aren’t all you humans like this?” Cassandra openly said, “Since you humans need rewards to do work, then of course I also need it if I’m doing work for you. Isn’t this very fair?”

“It’s very fair.” Xu Yi rolled his eyes at her before having a thought. After thinking about it, he continued, “Since it’s like this, Cassandra, go and help me ask around after you get back. Are there any of your clansmen who are willing to work for us? If there are, I will give you a satisfying reward.”

“Didn’t you say that it was dangerous for my clansmen other than me to fly into outer space?”

“We don’t just need them to fly into outer space to collect data for us, there are still many other jobs for them.”

“It’s like this……”

“Right, if you’re willing to learn how to trade to get the things you want like the humans do, that would be better. I can just give you gold coins as a reward and it would be more convenient for both sides.”

“If it’s gold, our clan has a lot of it and there’s no need for you to give us some.” Cassandra said with a relaxed look, “Relax, I just want you to give us some more fun things. Like more Magic Illusion Films. Our clansmen will definitely request the same things as me, so there’s no need for you to worry about excessive requests.”

“No……I hope that you can learn so you can adapt to our human trading method. Although gold coins are considered a universal currency, coins and gold are not the same. Perhaps……in the future, we’ll be trading with slips of paper.”

“Paper?” Cassandra looked at Xu Yi with wide eyes that showed her disbelief.

Xu Yi naturally was too lazy to explain currency to her. He changed the topic with a smile and then quickly reached a verbal agreement with Cassandra.

Cassandra was willing to work for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and would go back to convince her clansmen to work for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would give them an appropriate reparation in gold coins.

As for the price……Cassandra settled on half of Akali’s current pay which was sixty gold coins a month.

The other clansmen’s salary will be decided on the work that they do.

Seeing Cassandra turn into her dragon form with an excited look and flying off, Xu Yi couldn’t help revealing a happy smile.

For just sixty gold coins a month, he could get a dragon to work for him. This was simply the most effective deal that he had made in history.

Moreover, Cassandra’s work was something that no one else could do. So not to mention sixty gold coins, even six hundred gold coins a month wouldn’t be considered too much.

It had to be known that after Cassandra did this work for a while, her operating range would increase.

For example, with her ability to freely fly in outer space and easily catch up to the speed of satellites, she could undertake the work of maintaining, repairing, and even recovering satellites.

Compared to earth where they couldn’t do any follow up work on satellites at all, Xu Yi had a great weapon like Cassandra that would cause anyone who worked in a job related to outer space on earth to die from envy.

“Hey, Xu Yi, deceiving an innocent little dragon girl like this, don’t you feel ashamed?” Seeing that Cassandra disappeared, Still came out of the water and came back to Xu Yi’s side.

“How is this called deceiving?” Xu Yi wasn’t surprised that Still had heard his conversation with Cassandra. With Still’s current power as a Great Magician, as long as she was willing and the other side didn’t put up a barrier, she could easily hear sounds that were hundreds of meters away, “I clearly told her everything, I didn’t hide a single thing.”

“Humph, you didn’t tell her how special her work is.”

“The dragons are special to begin with.” Xu Yi said with a serious look, “This is a chance to get the dragons to cooperate with us, I can’t ask for more. But after considering it, it’s impossible for me to put too high of a price tag on this, right?”

“Un, I understand.” Still gave a nod. She sat down beside Xu Yi and after a bit of silence, she asked, “Speaking of this, Xu Yi, it seems like you’re really planning on putting your attention on the Magic Cloud Continent?”

“That’s right. Compared to the Sines Continent, the Magic Cloud Continent’s situation is much simpler. As long as we take care of the goblin problem, I can build the Magic Cloud Continent however I want.”

“Then if something were to happen on the Sines Continent……”

“What could happen?” Xu Yi looked at Still with a smile. He reached his hand out to touch her face that was still smooth, “To be honest, Still, have you ever considered retiring?”