Magic Industry Empire - Volume 8 Chapter 87

“Chairman Xu, why do you need to take these goblins as labourers?” After giving up the idea of changing Xu Yi’s mind, Varus quickly shifted to a new topic.

“Yes, if you need labourers, our clansmen are much better than the goblins.” Maine Firehammer said this as he flexed his arm, showing everyone his developed muscles, “Whether it’s in terms of strength or mind, those lowly goblins can’t compare to us.”

“It’s very simple, there’s only one reason.” Xu Yi stretched out a finger, “It’s because there are enough goblins. Maine, your clansmen are very outstanding, but I want to ask you, if you add up all the dwarves on the Magic Cloud Continent, how many of them are there?”

Maine Firehammer’s confident look was no longer as confident.

As a dwarf, he wasn’t good at lying and he wasn’t good at speaking nonsense in front of everyone.

After hesitating for a bit, he said in a low spirited voice, “Around……Probably around five hundred thousand……”

“Five hundred thousand?” Xu Yi turned to Varus, “Varus, how many elves are there in total?”

Varus gave a bitter laugh, “Chairman Xu, I understand what you mean. If it’s in terms of population, our races added up don’t even have a tenth of what the goblins have. But the abilities of the goblins aren’t that strong and can even be considered weak. Even if you use them as labourers, will they be useful?”

“I don’t want them to be that useful.” Xu Yi shook his head, “You should know what many of the factories under our company make, so you should also know that a lot of work doesn’t require intelligence or even that much physical strength. This work is just simple and repetitive work. However, no matter how simple it is, there are still people who need to do this. If we don’t use the goblins, do you think that your races alone can support this scale?”

The representatives of the local race all looked at each other with helpless looks.

On the past Magic Cloud Continent, other than the dragons, the other races could only live under the suppression of the goblins. So they didn’t have the ability to expand their population.

The races that were currently present were the races with the highest population on the Magic Cloud Continent, but even the humans with the greatest population only had a population of around a million. They were far lacking compared to the vast number of goblins.

“Think about it, just in terms of producing agricultural magic machines, I estimate that we need over a hundred thousand workers. Out of those hundred thousand workers, there are over eighty thousand of them that would be doing the most basic work.”

“However, even with all this, we’ve produced no more than five thousand agricultural magic machines a year over the past few years. According to the current survey of our company, it would take at least two hundred thousand agricultural magic machines to reclaim all the fertile land on the Magic Cloud Continent. This means that our production is far from being enough.”

“How many workers do you think that I’ll need to satisfy this demand? Not to mention that other than agricultural magic machines, we still need a large number of other types of magic machines to change the Magic Cloud Continent. We also need lots of manpower to invest in transportation, communication, medical services, management, and all other aspects of life.”

“Adding it all together, even if we use the entire population of all your races, it would be far from being enough.”

After saying this, Xu Yi gave a sigh and shook his head.

“If possible, I don’t want to keep the goblins since that creates a hidden danger, but I need people. For intelligent races like you that can easily learn new skills, I need you to work in more important places. Do you understand what I mean?”

Hearing Xu Yi’s final words, the eyes of these local race representatives all lit up.

Actually, what they were worrying about was that if Xu Yi started using the goblins, it would threaten their future development on the Magic Cloud Continent.

But Xu Yi’s words told them that Xu Yi wasn’t planning on using the goblins that much and would rely on their races much more.

“Chairman Xu is right. I’ve gone to the Sines Continent and it’s clear that there is a large difference between the Sines Continent and the Magic Cloud Continent. To make up for this difference, we need many people to push development.” Mence was the first to speak.

“That’s right, letting the goblins do the most simple work is good. We dwarves are the same as the dwarves on the Sines Continent, we have the highest level of craftsmanship, so how could we be worse than them?” Maine Firehammer added on.

Varus didn’t say anything, but he nodded to indicate his thoughts.

With everyone on the same page, Xu Yi revealed a faint smile.

He wasn’t really worried that people would oppose him since the strength that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had gave them an unshakeable position on the Magic Cloud Continent, the other races couldn’t resist at all.

But since he wanted to use these local races, it was a good thing if they were all on the same page.

After all, to properly develop the Magic Cloud Continent, he couldn’t lack the help of these local races.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi had a strange feeling in his heart.

The situation of the Magic Cloud Continent reminded him of the history of America on earth.

After discovering the new continent, the European people flooded North America and slaughtered a bunch of native Indians. Then after controlling the North American continent, they imported a lot of black slaves from the African continent as labourers to build a solid foundation for America.

If it was compared to the Magic Cloud Continent, the Indians should be the local races that were standing beside him.

But Xu Yi didn’t have any ideas of slaughtering them because even if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could do this, it would mean that they wouldn’t have enough manpower to develop the Magic Cloud Continent.

As for the black slaves, it should be the goblins.

Their intelligence wasn’t high and they could do basic labour, the goblins were the same as the black slaves. They were very suited for doing basic foundational labour.

Moreover, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could treat the goblins like the American forefathers had treated the black slaves, Xu Yi didn’t feel any guilt from this.

He had seen the goblins slaughtering human villages and putting humans into cooking pots, so he didn’t treat the goblins like intelligent beings at all.

After talking with the surrounding local representatives for a bit, Hart came back.

“Sir chairman, we have already surrounded the goblin capital city and guarantee that not a single goblin can escape.” Hart paused before adding, “A group of goblins tried to attack us just now, but I’ve given the order to slaughter them all.”

“I think that this group of goblins wasn’t attacking, but rather trying to escape, right?” Xu Yi shot a look at Hart.

Hart lowered his head, “Sir chairman is wise.”

Xu Yi waved his hand and didn’t question it. He turned to say to the representatives of the local race, “You can work with Hart to surround the capital city. I will go see this so-called Goblin King.”

Hart and the others were all stunned.

“Chairman Xu, you’re planning on going alone?”

“Chairman Xu, you can’t take this risk!”

“Sir chairman, you are very precious, how could you take this risk? Just let us break into the capital and capture the Goblin King for you, then can’t you talk to him as you wish?”

“No need, the goblins are already afraid of us and have lost all courage to resist, how could I be in any danger. Then again……” Xu Yi revealed a confident smile, “Did you all forget who I am?”

Everyone was stunned before they remembered Xu Yi’s other identity as the Sines Continent’s strongest magician other than being the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s previous chairman!

Xu Yi didn’t care about how they reacted. He patted Hart’s shoulder and said “be on guard” before disappearing from that spot.

After that, Xu Yi already appeared in the goblin capital city.

This goblin capital city was just a large goblin stronghold.

There were no proper buildings here and no luxurious decorations. The goblins were scattered all around, either sitting or lying down, not having any order.

After taking a sniff, he could smell all kinds of disgusting smells that made one want to vomit.

Seeing this scene, Xu Yi couldn’t help shaking his head.

Although the goblins didn’t have a high intelligence, it could be said that they were a giant race that had ruled the Magic Cloud Continent for several thousand years. The fact that they couldn’t develop a proper civilization after all that time really filled one with regret.

Of course, if the goblins had developed their civilization to a certain extent, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wouldn’t have been able to develop on the Magic Cloud Continent that easily.

Seeing that Xu Yi had suddenly appeared, after being surprised, the surrounding goblins let out ugly roars before charging at him.

Xu Yi was too lazy to deal with these goblins, so he used a bit of magic to release a magic barrier, keeping all the goblins away. Then he slowly flew into the air and increased the sound of his voice with magic.

“Goblin King, come out. I am the leader of the army outside, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s chairman Xu. I want to meet with you and have a face to face talk. I know that you understand and you should know that you don’t have any other choices.”

Xu Yi used the common language of the Magic Cloud Continent, which was actually a language that evolved from the broken language of the goblins.

As soon as the sound spread, Xu Yi patiently waited for around ten minutes before a group goblin that was completely built differently from the other goblins, that were even wearing a set of clothes made from an unknown material came from the right hand side.

All the other goblins created a path wherever they went to let them go as they pleased.

Xu Yi’s eyes fell to the center of this special group of goblins.

There were four strong goblins that were lifting something that was like a sedan. In that sedan, there was a thin looking goblin that didn’t look different or feel different from any other goblin.

“You are the Goblin King?” Xu Yi asked as he looked at him.