Magic Industry Empire - Volume 8 Chapter 88

The negotiations with the Goblin King were very relaxed.

The Goblin King’s intelligence was clearly higher than the other goblins. In Xu Yi’s opinion, he could even be considered smart among humans.

He clearly knew that the enemy the goblins were facing had a large difference in strength, so after knowing that Xu Yi was here to negotiate with him, he was first very surprised before quickly accepting these negotiations.

As for when Xu Yi gave his conditions, he didn’t react at all. The only condition that he made was that his life would be spared and he would be allowed to survive.

Xu Yi wasn’t stingy about this. He guaranteed the safety of the Goblin King and he would give him a comfortable life that he never imagined before.

As for the goblin race, the Goblin King guaranteed that they would work with Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. He would give the order to all the other goblins of the Magic Cloud Continent.

Of course, the Goblin King also explicitly stated to Xu Yi that the goblins were never a race that came together. His orders wouldn’t make all the goblins obey and it would even be hard to pass his orders down to all the goblins.

Xu Yi didn’t care about this. He just needed some goblins to work for him as labourers.

With the news that the Goblin King had already surrendered, he believed that the other goblins wouldn’t be foolish enough to go all out against the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. It would save the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the other races quite a bit of trouble.

The surrender of the Goblin King meant that the several thousand year rule of the goblins on the Magic Cloud Continent was finally over.

But that didn’t mean that Xu Yi could relax.

Accepting the surrender of the Goblin King was just the first step. Next, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had to work with the other local races to capture these goblins and train them into a proper work force.

The work that needed to be done was complicated and couldn’t be solved with just a few words.

After around four months, when Xu Yi was still in the process of taking care of the goblins and the new territory, there was a message from the endless seas that disrupted his work.

Two days later, Xu Yi appeared on Sky Island.

“Sir chairman, look.” Akali, who had been waiting, immediately handed a stack of thick documents to him the moment she saw him.

Xu Yi roughly looked over the documents and found that this was the data about the Abyss Demon Race ruins.

“What’s wrong? Did something happen?” Xu Yi looked through it while he asked this.

“There haven’t been any changes with the ruins in the past few years, but in the last half a year, there have been some inconspicuous changes. Look at this……” Akali flipped to a page in the report and pointed at the data for Xu Yi, “This is the first stone pillar that we discovered and based on the data, the surrounding magic space’s elemental magic energy fluctuations have increased in the past half a year.”

“Elemental magic energy fluctuations have increased?” Xu Yi knitted his brows.

Normally speaking, if there was this kind of change in the magic space, it meant that some magic phenomenon was about to begin.

“Can you calculate the possible direction of this change?”

Akali’s expression became serious.

“According to the calculations that we made with all the various data, it can be seen that…..the way that the pillar is affecting the magic space is very similar to Spatial Magic.”

Xu Yi was shocked, “Is it a sign of their return?”

Akali gave a nod, “Yes. If it’s like this, just like the legends passed down by the elves ten thousand years ago, the Abyss Demon Race’s return to this world will be very mild. Moreover, over the past years of research on these stone pillars, we are certain that in the three hundred square kilometers range of this stone pillar formation, there is a giant transfer Magic Array.”

“This means……the Abyss Demon Race’s ruins had already started changing at an unknown time and finally formed this giant transfer Magic Array that you spoke off. So the Abyss Demon Race will return like the legends say?” Xu Yi blinked before revealing a strange look, “What kind of damn novel setting is this……What did elder Undine say?”

“Elder Undine naturally thinks that this is a confirmation of the legend.” Akali gave a shrug, “To be honest, I don’t know if she’s happy about this or if she’s afraid of this……”

Xu Yi was surprised, “Why do you say this?”

“Ask her yourself.” Akali pointed behind Xu Yi.

Xu Yi turned to see elder Undine walking over with a clear trace of excitement on her face.

In Xu Yi’s mind, elder Undine had always had a calm appearance. Now that she showed this kind of clear excitement, it really was surprising.

“Chairman Xu, the Abyss Demon Race are coming back!” Elder Undine said right away, “We should quickly prepare ourselves, otherwise once they return, all the living beings in this world will be in danger!”

“Why are you so happy that there’s danger?” Xu Yi looked at her with a confused look. He thought that Akali really was right, this elder Undine was saying such terrifying words, but she had such a happy expression.

What did she want?

“Elder Undine, how much do you know about the legend of the Abyss Demon Race’s return?” Xu Yi asked, “For example, do they have any plans after they return? What conditions will they return in?”

“I don’t know.” Elder Undine just shook her head, “The legends about the Abyss Demon Race was something from ten thousand years ago. The elves only passed down fragments, so we only know a few details.”

“It’s like this……Elder Undine, I’ve always felt that there was a problem. In your elven legends, the Abyss Demon Race was always said to be very strong, but just how strong were they?” Xu Yi asked.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know either. But according to the legends, the strength of the Abyss Demon Race couldn’t be resisted. Because the legends said that any normal Abyss Demon was stronger than an Arch Magus of the elven race.”

Akali’s eyes popped wide open, “Are you kidding!”

Xu Yi looked at her and shook his head, “No, Akali, have you forgotten the essence of magic research over the years? The Abyss Demon Race might not be that strong physically, but they grapes a very high level of magic technology, so each person can demonstrate this kind of power with some kind of tool. Just like how a normal person can use military magic machines to demonstrate incomparable destructive might.”

“Oh……that’s right. If everyone was as strong as an Arch Magus, then what could have forced them to go to another world?” Akali let out a sigh of relief.

“No, chairman Xu, Akali, you’re wrong.” Elder Undine shook her head with a serious look, “The Abyss Demon Race left this world because they chose to leave this world. They wanted to look for a new place and it wasn’t because they couldn’t stay in this world anymore.”

Xu Yi and Akali looked at each other with “so it was like this” looks.

Elder Undine must know a lot about the Abyss Demon Race, but she wasn’t willing to say it, so it was unknown what she was thinking.

“But no matter what, it doesn’t seem like the Abyss Demon Race’s return is something worth being happy about. Elder Undine, I have to ask you to collect more elven legends about the Abyss Demon Race so we can be prepared to deal with them.” Xu Yi said.

“Alright.” Elder Undine replied before saying, “Chairman Xu, what are you planning on doing with these ruins? Are you……going to destroy them?”

“Why would I destroy them?” Xu Yi asked in a surprised voice, “These things are important tools for studying the Abyss Demon Race and they are hiding the Abyss Demon Race’s secrets to going to another world, how could I bear to destroy them?”

“Is that so?” Elder Undine looked at Xu Yi and seeing his firm look, she said with a smile, “Alright. I will go back to the tribe tomorrow and see if there’s any information on the ruins that was missed.”

“Alright, then I’ll have to trouble elder Undine.”

After elder Undine left, Akali suddenly created a small barrier that covered her and Xu Yi.

“Elder Undine is definitely hiding something.” Akali said with a heavy look.

“Perhaps……” Xu Yi gave a nod, “But that doesn’t matter. Akali, keep investigating these ruins. Moreover, how long will it take for you to investigate that giant Magic Array?”

Akali rolled her eyes at Xu Yi, “If sir chairman is willing to stay and help, perhaps I could finish studying it in three months.”

Xu Yi fell silent for a bit before saying with a nod, “Alright, I’ll stay and help you study it.”

Akali had just said to casually and didn’t expect Xu Yi to agree, but she was filled with joy.

“That’s great! With a powerful Arch Magus like sir chairman here, I will have the best research materials…..Oh, no, research assistant. To begin with, an Arch Magus like you understands transfer magic much better than me. Then again, you are the best when it comes to magic science theory, so with your help……”

Akali was saying this in an excited voice, but then her expression changed and she stopped. She released the magic barrier around them and reached into her chest to pull out her exclusive pink small Magic Communicator.

“Un, Cassandra? Where are you playing right now? Why did you suddenly think about calling me? What do you want to talk about this time?”

Thinking of how a dragon like Cassandra was used to calling Akali, Xu Yi’s expression couldn’t help becoming a bit strange.

“Hey, Akali, I’ve made a new discovery that might help your research with those ruins!” Cassandra’s voice came from the Magic Communicator that caught Xu Yi’s attention.

Seeing that Xu Yi was paying attention, Akali raised the volume of the Magic Communicator so that both of them could hear it.

“Where did you find it? What is it?” Akali asked.

“I don’t know what this thing is, but it’s related to the ruins. Oh, right, I’m currently on the moon. That’s where I found it.”

The moon?

Akali and Xu Yi looked at each other as both of their expressions became even stranger.