Magic Industry Empire - Volume 8 Chapter 93

When the young couple saw the Magic Car losing control and flying towards them, their minds turned blank and they even forgot to dodge out of the way.

When it was about to hit them, a figure suddenly appeared in front of them and the Magic Car that was racing at them at high speeds suddenly stopped.

It could be seen that the front of the Magic Car had been crushed by a strong impact and had already become flat. The tire wildly turned and even created smoke on the road, letting out a sharp sound, but it didn’t move at all.

The young couple were already standing there in a daze, with a look of disbelief on their face.

The figure standing in front of them turned and revealed a comforting smile.

“How is it? Are you hurt?”

The young couple shook their heads in a daze, still not being able to react.

But after the girl was in a daze, she suddenly recognized this figure that was standing in front of them who had saved them. It was that man who looked similar to the legendary chairman Xu that they passed by earlier.

He……He was a magician?

Seeing the surprised look on the girl’s face, Xu Yi revealed a smile. He turned around and used a bit of magic to forcefully suppress all the magic fluctuations in the Magic Car, stopping it completely.

Looking through the window, he found that the one sitting in the driver’s seat was a young man and there was a young woman sitting in the passenger seat beside him. They both had wide eyes as they looked at him in a daze.

Seeing Xu Yi look over, the young man driving the car was surprised at first before being filled with rage. He opened the car door and came out as he pointed his finger at Xu Yi while cursing at him.

“Do you want to god damn die? Daring to block this young master, do you know how much this young master’s car costs? Now that you’ve ruined it, how will you compensate me?”

Xu Yi shook his head. He thought that these street racers really were a bunch of dumb kids that didn’t even know the wrongs that they had made, it was clear by how they spoke.

Xu Yi was too lazy to waste words with him and just waved his hand. That young man who was still cursing felt a strong wave of air hit him as he was raised up several meters into the air before being slammed down.

He hadn’t fainted in the crash just now, but this time he fainted from the pain.

The young girl who was in the passenger seat saw this and let out a sharp scream. She came out of the care, but didn’t dare to charge at Xu Yi. She just went to the side of the young man who fainted, checking his condition while shouting at Xu Yi.

There were still several Magic Cars that followed this first car. Now that something had happened to the first car, they all stopped by the street and a group of young men and women came out.

Seeing Xu Yi’s actions, the group of young men and women circled him.

One of the young man touched his waist and pulled out a large thing to hold in his hand.

Xu Yi looked over and couldn’t help giving a cold snort.

This fellow was actually holding a small Magic Pistol!

This wasn’t something a normal magic machine company could make, it was strictly controlled in every country and normal people wouldn’t even be able to see one.

Now that this young man was carrying one, it was unknown where he got it or stole it from, but it meant that his status wasn’t normal that he was able to have one in secret.

Xu Yi had heard about this before, but he didn’t make a big deal out of it and didn’t care about it, but he never thought that he would bump into this matter.

But the young man pointed the gun and threatened Xu Yi a few times before one of them stopped him.

“Magician, where did you come from? Don’t you know that Banta City has a ban on violence private affairs?” The person who blocked him asked this.

Xu Yi was surprised as he looked at him. He thought that there were still some people who understood things among this group. He could see that he was a magician and wasn’t easy to deal with.

But Xu Yi was too lazy to play the pig to eat the tiger with them. He took out a Magic Communicator and made a call.

“Hey, is this Count Vegan? I am Xu Yi. Un, I’m currently in the new district of Banta City and something has happened. Can you send some people to take care of it?”


Half an hour later, in the brightly lit City Lord Manor of Banta City’s old district, there was a group gathered. They were all nervously looking at Xu Yi and the Banta City City Lord Count Vegan who was sitting in front of them.

“Speaking of this, chairman Xu, it’s this late at night, why are you interested in walking around the city?” Count Vegan asked with a smile.

Xu Yi looked at him and thought that this new Banta City City Lord really wasn’t as smart as his predecessors.

“It’s nothing, I just wanted to walk around and see how Banta City has developed over the years.”

“Ha, ha, Banta City has always had stable development over the years. I think that chairman Xu should be proud after seeing the situation outside, right?”

“No, Banta City’s development over the years isn’t related to me, this is the merit of your City Lord Manor and the people of Banta City.” Xu Yi shook his head, rejecting Count Vegan’s attempt to get closer to him. He put down the cup of tea in his hand and his eyes turned to the group waiting to be punished, “I don’t have that much time to waste, so let’s talk about how to handle this matter first.”

The street racers who had acted arrogantly were now being honest. All of them had their heads down and they didn’t even dare move.

Standing beside them were their parents or relatives who had come after receiving the news from the City Lord Manor.

These street racers really came from noble families of Banta City. The relatives that came were all dressed in luxurious clothing.

Compared to the street racers beside them, their expressions were more serious, but they still revealed friendly smiles.

Hearing Xu Yi speak, they immediately looked to Count Vegan for help.

Count Vegan was silent for a bit before saying with a smile, “Chairman Xu, these fellows have offended you tonight, it is definitely their fault. But since they didn’t mean to do so, how about you forgive them?”

“Oh?” Xu Yi looked at Count Vegan like he found this funny, “You mean to say that we should forget this matter?”

Count Vegan quickly shook his head, “Of course not. As long as chairman Xu says something, I think that they wouldn’t be against any compensation you want.”

After saying this, Count Vegan signaled to the relatives with his eyes. Those relatives all started talking, saying that as long as Xu Yi was willing to forgive their children, they could pay any form of compensation.

Xu Yi looked at these people and after they stopped, he finally asked with a smile, “Do you think……that I lack money?”

Everyone was surprised before their expressions became ugly.

Everyone knew that Xu Yi as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s former chairman and the largest shareholder of the Frstech Chamber of Commerce was already the richest person on the Sines Continent.

Saying that he lacked money? That was simply the biggest joke!

But Xu Yi making this clear meant that he wasn’t planning on accepting their compensation.

Count Vegan’s expression also changed.

Before Xu Yi came to Banta City, he already knew about him coming.

Because he had long heard of the news that Heinz was in critical condition, he was certain that Xu Yi would come.

Before Xu Yi came, he was most worried about how to receive Xu Yi or it could even be said how to serve him. He wanted to let him spend a few good days in Banta City.

Otherwise, if Xu Yi was unhappy, then his current position as the Banta City City Lord would be in danger.

And now Xu Yi was clearly unhappy because of this matter.

“Chairman Xu…..You……How do you think this matter should be handled?” Count Vegan carefully asked.

Xu Yi pointed at those street racers who shrunk back, “When it comes to street racing at night, does your Lampuri Kingdom have any regulations?”

Count Vegan was in a daze before knitting his brows to think and shaking his head.

“There’s no laws right now. What about it? Chairman Xu, do you think that there needs to be a law about this matter?”

“Of course. If it wasn’t for me, they might have been killed.” Xu Yi pointed at the young couple who had been trembling the entire time after being brought to the City Lord Manor, “A matter that could kill people, isn’t that worth making a law for?”

Count Vegan didn’t think the same, but he kept nodding, “You’re right. But right now there’s no law and because chairman Xu was there, no one was hurt, so do you think……”

“It was fine this time because I was there, but if I wasn’t there, these two innocent bystanders would have been killed. Even the person who was in the car would have found it hard to survive.” Xu Yi said with a serious look.

“Impossible! I have the newest Boval Model Magic Car! Even if it’s broken, the person inside would be fine! That is what your Frestech Chamber of Commerce said!” The street racer who was stopped by Xu Yi and was knocked out by him couldn’t help shouting out.

Count Vegan and the other relatives were all scared by this as they all glared at him.

His mother and father standing nearby quickly covered his mouth in fear before apologizing to Xu Yi.

Xu Yi turned his gaze to them as his eyes turned serious.

“You mean that it’s fine if you’re alright? What about them? Do you know that you almost killed them just now!”