Now that Yue Zipeng’s peers had received their leader’s command to attack Yang Chen, they weren’t going to let him leave unscathed.

Eight of them dashed towards Yang Chen at the same time!

Zhenxiu wasn’t worried. Instead, she felt a sense of pity for Yang Chen’s attackers.

Yang Chen was fixated on replacing the headmaster and once Yang Chen was dead set on something, nothing was going to change his mind!

They were already closing in and before they could throw a punch at Yang Chen’s face, Yang Chen made an unexpected movement and swept them down in one move!

These guys were only able to enter the university through Yue Zipeng. Even though they weren’t very good at their studies, they were infamous for fighting on the streets. They did not expect one man to bring them to their knees in one move!

Yang Chen wasn’t going to fight them. Although he didn’t mind hurting them in front of other students, he had to be careful because of Zhenxiu. He didn’t want her to suffer the consequences of his actions.

So in one quick move, the guys dropped to their knees in front of everyone. It was the ultimate form of humiliation for these guys. Pride was everything to them.

Yue Zipeng started at them in shock. He had seen the most elite soldiers because of his father. But none of them could attack eight guys in the blink of an eye.

He only saw a silhouette moving and his peers were down!

Although he was impressed, Yue Zipeng couldn’t submit to Yang Chen despite wanting to be his student.

He took a few steps back when he saw Yang Chen coming towards him and stopped himself when he realized what he was doing. How am I supposed to continue studying here if I submit to his power now?

So, he straightened his back and shouted out, “You're good. If you have the guts, why don’t we wait for my father to send someone over? You will rot in jail as a disabled person!”

Yang Chen retorted with an indifferent tone. “Where's your dad, bring me to him.”

Yue Zipeng was startled. Was he crazy? Was he really going to tell his father that he wanted to have the headmaster replaced?

“You think you can meet my dad so easily?” Yue Zipeng sounded disdainful.

Yang Chen said nothing and slapped him!

It rang out as clear as day and if Yang Chen hadn’t held back, he would have fainted or maybe died on the spot!

The students were dumbfounded. Some were impressed but some were pitying him, thinking that his life was over now.

Zhenxiu stood aside helplessly. She wasn’t worried about Yang Chen, it’s just that Yang Chen’s earlier attitude bothered her.

On the other hand, Yue Zipeng stumbled backwards after the slap. He touched his left cheek and it stung. It was clearly swollen!

“You hit me?! You…even my own father wouldn’t hit me so how dare you?!”

Yang Chen frowned. “I’m asking you about your dad. Stop spewing nonsense from that trap of yours.”

Yue Zipeng was getting anxious. This guy just hit him without a doubt. He took out his phone from his pocket.

He dialled his dad’s number and stood further away from Yang Chen while yelling at him. “You…just you wait. I’m calling my dad now! You will leave this place in pieces!”

The students were getting rowdy over the turn of events. The instructors didn’t dare start the training since Yue Zipeng was the headmaster’s son.


Things were completely different on the topmost floor, of a modern looking building located in the middle of the campus.

The headmaster’s office was a huge room with gorgeous decorations and it smelled like natural wood with all the wood furniture in it. 
Countless trophies and medals filled up the transparent display cabinets which sparkled under light.

A middle-aged man sat on a leather swivel chair with a black suit and red tie. He had a neat look on and was talking to his guest with bright eyes.

The only guest in the office was a middle-aged man dressed in a suit too. He looked rather handsome and more friendly than the other man.

“Old Fang, did you really have to come in person for such a trivial matter? She’s just coming in late, you could’ve just called me.”

The guest was Tangtang’s biological father, Fang Zhongping.

Fang Zhongping smiled warmly. “Old Yue, you have no idea how naughty she is. We thought she was quite pitiful, having to travel around frequently. We hardly got the chance to eat together as a family. All I could do was fulfil her and her mother’s wishes. If she wasn’t naturally smart, it would’ve been a problem for her to even enter university. There are many girls like her in Zhonghai University and they are all princesses in their own houses. What if my daughter caused trouble and was kicked out of school? I have to meet you and talk about this.”
Yue Weibing smiled weirdly. “Things still didn’t work out between you and Miss Tang?”

Fang Zhongping felt awkward and sighed. “She’s not interested in me and I’ve already given up. I’m blessed enough to have my daughter.”

“Tsk, you’re useless. Back when we were still in the army, you were always a coward when we went out to look for girls. Your daughter’s already grown up and you still haven’t taken her down.” Yue Weibing shook his head. 

Fang Zhongping smiled sheepishly. “You know me too well.”

Yue Weibing sighed. “I heard things have changed in the Tang clan. Central blocked off the news and the Yue clan is far from Beijing so we couldn’t learn much about it. Your daughter and her mother should be busy with the clan matters.”

Fang Zhongping’s face twitched slightly. “Old Yue, we shouldn’t talk about this. It’ll only bring you much harm if you knew more about it.”

Yue Weibing grunted. “Why should I be afraid? The four major clans faced a change but it has nothing to do with us. Why can’t we talk about it?”

Fang Zhongping smiled and said nothing about it.

“I’m not interested in the Tang clan. But I heard that…Commander Yang Pojun was suspended and the Vice Commander is in charge of the army in the Jiangnan district, is that…true?”

Fang Zhongping thought it was weird of him to mention this but he still nodded. “That’s right, why are you talking about this…”

“I heard that the Yang clan found their eldest grandson, a young man called Yang Chen and that he’s now in Zhonghai. You should have known about this since you’re close to the Yuan clan as the secretary of the municipal party committee, am I right?”

Fang Zhongping furrowed his brows. “Old Yue, are you still thinking about returning to Beijing?”

“I’m just asking. Why are you getting anxious?” Yue Weibing smiled lightly.

“Hear me out,” Fang Zhongping continued on, “If you wanted to gain support from the Yang clan through Yang Chen so that you can return to Beijing, you’re just asking for trouble. Yang Chen is not like anyone you know.”

Yue Weibing chuckled and was about to smoke a cigarette when his cellphone rang.

He picked it up and his face darkened within a few seconds.

“Hmph, useless. Alright, I’ll ask your Brother Le to go over!”

Fang Zhongping watched on with a confused look. He waited for Yue Weibing to hang up the phone before asking, “What’s wrong? Do you need my help?”

“It’s fine, some dude hit my son.” Yue Weibing said.

“That’s it? You could’ve just handed it over to the police, why send Ah Le over?” Fang Zhongping found it hilarious.

“He might be a useless son, but he’s still my only son. If I don’t avenge him, wouldn't that make me and my son an easy target?”

Fang Zhongping let out a bitter smile. “Aren’t you spoiling him, he’s still a boy after all.”

Yue Weibing breathed out. “I know he misbehaves outside, but it’s normal for boys at his age. He’s a good kid deep down.”

Fang Zhongping looked down on him secretly but he still smiled and nodded his head. He couldn’t refute him, all was good as long as his son wouldn’t bother his baby girl.

Yue Weibing got up and said, “Oh yeah, you haven’t met our Zipeng in a while. Why don’t we have lunch together? Zipeng will be your daughter’s classmate after all?” 

Fang Zhongping immediately tensed up. “Old Yue, our Tangtang is already engaged to Yuan Ye.”

Yue Weibing wasn’t pleased to hear that. “You’re overthinking things. I wouldn’t want a disobedient daughter-in-law. Only the Yuan clan would want her. Come, let’s go, I want to see who dared to hit my son!”

Fang Zhongping mourned for the guy in question. The man before him might look gentle but he had a reputation for having a hot temper.

His wife passed away after giving birth to his only son and he never remarried. It was obvious he loved his son dearly.

He wondered who was the unlucky man, why did he have to hit his old comrade’s son of all people. This wasn’t going to end well.

Fang Zhongping shuddered when he thought of Ah Le, the bodyguard who worked for Yue Weibing.