Back at the school field, Yang Chen waited for Yue Zipeng to finish his phone call and did not bother walking up to him. Since he had already called for the headmaster, all  Yang Chen needed to do was wait.

While waiting, he made Zhenxiu introduce her new friends to him.

Zhenxiu had good relationships with others since she looked cute. She didn’t have a temper like other pretty girls and her mature attitude made her easier to talk to. A lot of girls befriended her when the semester had just begun.

However, they were afraid of Zhenxiu’s brother-in-law so when they greeted him, they stood a fair distance away from him.

Yang Chen didn’t mind it since he only wanted to make sure Zhenxiu had no problems in university and that her social circle was normal. As long as he could assure those two things, his trip here would not have been a waste.

Barely five minutes had passed before the crowd got rowdy. It seemed that they stood in anticipation of someone but did not dare to bring light to the person’s arrival.

They naturally moved aside and a buff man walked out of the path they created.

Yue Zipeng yelled out in excitement when he saw the man. “Brother Le! I’m here!”

Yue Zipeng’s shoulders dropped in relief.

The man whom he called ‘Brother Le’ was almost two meters tall. He was decent looking but his eyes were filled with murderous intent.

He had a black suit and strode towards them with firm steps.

His expression remained stoic and only nodded towards Yue Zipeng as a greeting.

“Young master, who is it?”

It was a random but direct question.

Yue Zipeng pointed towards Yang Chen who was talking with the girls.

“It’s him! He punched my brothers!”

Yang Chen waved the girls goodbye after being pointed at and strolled towards the middle of the crowd.

The man walked forward too and he scanned Yang Chen with hawk-like eyes. He found it weird that although Yang Chen didn’t look like he knew any martial arts, he did not come across as somebody easily dealt with.

But then again, he didn’t think he’d lose.

Yang Chen, on the other hand, saw through his abilities, he was surprised to know that the man cultivated internal energy too. Even though he was only in the Houtian stage, he would be an ace in the army. So why was he a headmaster’s bodyguard?

“Ah Le, you?” The man asked.

Yang Chen showed him a friendly smile. “There’s no need to exchange pleasantries for a fight. We won’t be friends anyway.”

Ah Le furrowed his brows and his eyes glinted with excitement. “I don’t think I need to fight you. You should kneel down and kowtow to our young master if you’re sensible enough. Do so or I will break your bones.” 

Yang Chen was taken aback, it looked like he had met someone who was better than him at fronting.

Oh well, he didn’t really have a choice. Yang Chen couldn’t start a fight with a man who was only in the Houtian stage so he wiggled his finger at him.

“You may come over first, I’m too embarrassed to hit you.” Yang Chen sounded troubled.

Ah Le was startled at first but it immediately turned into anger. He wasn’t taking him seriously at all! He had given him a chance and Yang Chen didn’t appreciate it.

“Brother Le! Go! Kill him! Let him shed blood!” Yue Zipeng yelled from the side. To him, there was no one stronger than Ah Le!

Ah Le glared at him with fiery eyes which shut him up immediately.

He took two steps forward and cracked his knuckles in anticipation.

“Consider yourself unfortunate to have provoked the wrong people today. I won’t kill you but you better arrange for an ambulance.”

Yang Chen couldn’t help but laugh. “Do you usually ramble this much before a fight?”

Anger flashed across his eyes and he dashed forward like a bolt of black lightning!

He swung his fist and threw a punch at Yang Chen’s stomach without using any internal energy but only pure strength!

Yang Chen estimated his strength and figured the impact would be around ten thousand Newtons of force. He was indeed a powerful man but too bad his opponent had to be Yang Chen.

Ah Le thought Yang Chen would fly a few meters back under the impact but when his fist came into contact with Yang Chen’s stomach, it felt as if he had hit a cement wall!

The students couldn’t bear to watch it and even though Zhenxiu wasn’t worried, she closed her eyes instinctively.

When they realized nothing happened even after Ah Le threw his punch, their jaws dropped.

Ah Le was dumbfounded too. This was definitely not a dream!

“How…how can this be?”

Yang Chen yawned. A mundane man like him wouldn’t dare to imagine his raw body strength.

In the past, his body had been reconstructed by the God’s Stone but now the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture summoned the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy constantly to refine his body.

Ah Le was shocked at first but his instincts made him summon his internal energy and he swung his left arm towards Yang Chen’s chin!

But before his fist could touch Yang Chen’s chin, Yang Chen held out a finger and put it under his chin.

Ah Le threw this punch with all his strength but it was blocked with ease!

Yang Chen was not pleased at him. “Why did you go for my face? I would’ve continued to let you pummel me if it were elsewhere. You’re going to make me lose my job by hitting my face. Don’t you know I have to entertain a lot of women?”

The students were about to lose it when they heard his shameless speech.

Zhenxiu blushed, finally knowing why Lin Ruoxi was almost constantly angry with him.

As for Yue Zipeng who was hoping for Ah Le to avenge him, he was already on the ground since his legs gave out.

Ah Le felt humiliated and his body trembled out of rage.

“You played me!”

“What do you mean by play? I’m not interested in men.”

“You’re stronger than me so why did you pretend not to be?!” 

“Because the one I’m looking for isn’t here,” Yang Chen sounded bored. He grinned suddenly when he sensed something. “Alright, I think he’s here.”

Yang Chen didn’t wait to wait any longer so he grabbed Ah Le’s wrist and twisted it upwards!

“Ah!” Ah Le groaned. 

“I’ll just break your arm for the insults you had said.”

Having said so, Yang Chen threw Ah Le out as if he was a metal ball and not a man who was almost two meters tall!

Ah Le flew across the field like a cannonball despite weighing over a hundred kilograms! 

Just when he was about to land, two middle-aged men dressed in suits were walking in the same direction!

“Master, watch out!”

Ah Le yelled in midair when he saw who he would be knocking into!

Yue Weibing was walking with Fang Zhongping and was shocked to hear him. Luckily he was still agile so he avoided him with a simple step back!

“What happened?!” Yue Weibing questioned furiously.

Ah Le stumbled onto the ground but he wasn’t badly injured since he had a sturdy body. He quickly got up and reported the situation. “Master, he’s trained in ways that I cannot beat!” 

A tinge of shock flashed across his eyes. He made his way through the crowd and laid his eyes on Yang Chen who was grinning.

Fang Zhongping was extremely shocked. From what he knew, Ah Le was the ace of the special forces back in the Jiangnan army district. If it wasn’t because he was saved by Yue Weibing over misconduct, he wouldn’t have worked for Yue Weibing after his retirement.

His expression changed into a complex one when he saw Yang Chen. It was at this point he understood the feeling of crying and laughter simultaneously.

“Dad! You’re finally one! He’s the one that hit me!!”

Yue Zipeng dashed towards his dad and pointed at his swollen face as though he had found his savior.

Yue Weibing’s head was throbbing as he pushed past his useless son and walked towards Yang Chen in large strides. His eyes gleamed with authority and he said with a deep voice, “Do you know what happens if you defy the Yue clan in Jiangnan?”