Fang Zhongping walked up to stop them when he saw Yue Weibing about to confront Yang Chen. “Old Yue! Stop it!”
“Why, you think I’ll be afraid of him?” Yue Weibing asked with a dark look.
“I don’t mean it like that…”
“Then don’t waste my time!”
Fang Zhongping pulled him back and said with an anxious expression, “Don’t make things worse! He’s Yang Chen!”
“I don’t care if he’s Yang Chen or Wang Chen…wait! What…what did you say?!”

Yue Weibing’s mind was clouded with rage so it took some time for the pieces to snap together. “You…you called him…Yang…”

“Yang Chen.” Fang Zhongping gave him an exasperated smile. “Didn’t you want to meet him? Now that he has appeared before you, are you still going to confront him?”

Yue Weibing was still at a loss. He never would have guessed that the man before him was heir to one of the four major clans in Beijing!

Ah Le and Yue Zipeng looked at both of them with a confused look, not knowing what had happened.

A tinge of confusion showed up in Yang Chen’s eyes and he asked, “Secretary Fang, why are you here?”

Fang Zhongping turned around and smoothened out his suit. His lips curled into a courteous smile as he replied to him, “I’m here to request a leave of absence for Tangtang. Yue Weibing here is the headmaster who’s also my ex-comrade back in the army.”

Yang Chen nodded in understanding and asked Yue Weibing, “You're his dad?”

Yue Weibing glared at his son and recollected himself quickly. He nodded with a friendly expression and said, “It’s all a misunderstanding. Young Master Yang, why didn’t you tell us beforehand that you’ll be visiting our university? We would have prepared a welcoming party.”

While talking, Yue Weibing gave a signal to Ah Le.

Ah Le understood his signal and dismissed the students. They didn’t dare to stay any longer anyways since they had to attend the military training.

Zhenxiu wasn’t in a hurry to leave since Yang Chen was around.

“There’s no need for that. YOu son greeted me in the most peculiar way,” Yang Chen replied. “But it’s a good thing you’re here now. I don’t need to find you myself.”

Yue Weibing smiled in a polite fashion. “Young Master Yang, I’m sure you’re still angry at my son. Why don’t we sit down and talk things through while having tea? He’s my only son after all, and it’s not like you suffered any harm.”

“Dad, he told me that he wanted the headmaster replaced…” Yue Zipeng whispered from the side.

Yue Weibing’s facial expression changed and he furrowed his brows when Yang Chen didn’t look like he was kidding.

“Young Master Yang, even though I respect the Yang clan, this isn’t something to joke about. My position as the headmaster was decided by the central government,” Yue Weibing said.

Fang Zhongping tried to persuade him as well.“That’s right. Yang Chen, I know he overreacted but anyone would be upset if their son was hit by someone else. Just let it go.”

Yang Chen shook his head. “If it wasn’t for me today, Zhenxiu would have been bullied by the gangsters in this university. I wouldn’t have known it. If I wasn’t skilled, I could’ve been beaten up badly by your son’s followers. Don’t pretend that you don’t know this. This must not be his first time judging by your reaction to the situation, right?”
Yue Weibing went stiff, not knowing what to say.

He would’ve sent Ah Le out to punish whoever was being disrespectful to him. Even if they chose to sue him, they would only suffer in return!

But the person in front of him was Yang Chen and he had to rely on him for help. Also, the Yang clan wasn’t an easy target. 

“You’re the worst candidate as the headmaster. I wouldn’t care about you if you were a gangster, as long as you don’t bother those around him. But you chose to be a headmaster whose decisions would affect the lives of thousands. I don’t want Zhenxiu to have a shitty headmaster like you when she has worked so hard to get into this university. You have to leave today,” Yang Chen said flatly.

Fang Zhongping was turning pale, how could he call him a shitty headmaster?

Yue Weibing’s face darkened. “Young Master Yang, I’m afraid that you’re unaware of the relationship between the Yue clan and the Yang clan.”

Yang Chen was slightly confused. “What relationship?”

Yue Weibing started to grow confident. “My father, Yue Zhong worked under your great grandfather, Yang Ye. The generations before me worked for the Yang clan and after the passing of Marshal Yang Ye, we came to Jiangnan and joined the political field.”

Yang Chen found it amusing. “What does it have to do with this?”

Yue Weibing was startled. He didn’t expect Yang Chen to be so disrespectful. He hesitated for a while before telling him, “Young Master Yang, I’ve been hoping for a chance to meet you, I have…something that I’d like to talk to you personally. You might not want to replace me after hearing this.”

Having said so, Yue Weibing extended his arm and invited Yang Chen over to the empty field nearby.

Yang Chen had a weird suspicion and he made Zhenxiu wait for him before joining Yue Weibing over at the field.

Fang Zhongping and others were curious but no one dared to eavesdrop on them.

Yue Weibing made sure no one was around them before giving Yang Chen a mysterious smile. “Young Master Yang, do you know why our clan moved to Jiangnan when we were originally doing great in Beijing? We gave up our positions in the army and started to venture into the political world instead. I gave up my powerful position and became an ordinary headmaster.”

Yang Chen raised a single eyebrow. “It’s not a low position. The headmaster of Zhonghai University should be equivalent to the bureau-director level.”

“So what? It’s just a civil service. My dad was the vice commanding officer in the Jiangnan army district. He was a general!” Yue Weibing said proudly.

Yang Chen was surprised to hear that. It didn’t look like he was lying but why didn’t he hear of the Yue clan when he went back to the Yang clan. He even talked to Yang Gongming many times and met the core members of the Yang clan though.

If his father was the vice commanding officer, the Yang clan should have valued their clan.

“Maybe your father acted like your son and was kicked to Jingnian because others couldn’t stand him anymore.” Yang Chen chuckled.

Yue Weibing grew stern., “Young Master Yang, when my father was still alive, I obeyed his words and kept the secret to myself. We might have left Beijing but our lives were fine as we relied on the old marshal, Yu Yin. But ever since my father passed away, our status at the Jiangnan district has been going down. I can’t allow the situation to go on, so…I need your support!”
Yang Chen squinted his eyes. “Are you trying to return to Beijing?”

“I’m not particularly fixated in that but I hope that your support would mean a revival in the Yue clan. At least let me reach my father’s level so that my descendants can lead a great life.” Yue Weibing smiled confidently.

Yang Chen scanned him up and down. “Your father’s level? You want to become a general and lead the army?”

“Can’t I?”

“You must be joking!” Yang Chen lost his smile. “I might not be interested in taking over the clan, nor am I interested in taking over the army, but civilians would only suffer under your lead!”

Yue Weibing shook his finger. “Young Master Yang, let’s not idealize things. How many people do you think are genuinely good in the office? I’ve done a fair share of dirty work but at least I rose to this position with my own abilities. Besides that, from what I heard, Commander Yang Pojun is gone. If the Yang clan wishes to control the army in Jiangnan district, they’d have to assign their people inside the army. Our clan has worked for your clan for generations, our loyalty has been proven.”
Yang Chen’s gaze turned icy. “I don’t want to listen to you anymore. If that’s all you wanted to say, you should just leave. Give your position as the headmaster to someone else.”

Yue Weibing wasn’t upset, instead, he smiled weirdly. “Young Master Yang, my father told me the main reason why our clan left Beijing before he died. Hear me out before you make your decision.”

Having said so, Yue Weibing inched closer and whispered something into Yang Chen’s ear.