The others were curious to know what they were whispering about in secret but were afraid of eavesdropping.

Yang Chen couldn’t be bothered for the most part. But when he heard the last part, his eyes glinted with a small ray of light.

He stood there in a daze even after Yue Weibing was done talking. 

Yang Chen never would have imagined that Yue Weibing would drop a major bomb like this on him!

He was confident in his lie-detecting abilities in situations like these. Yue Weibing showed no signs of fibbing or untruthfulness. Yang Chen trusted him without a doubt.

“The thing you just said...does the man know about this?”

“Old man?” Yue Weibing thought about it. “You meant Marshal Yang? Hehe. I don’t think so. I don’t think many people know of this.” 

Yang Chen fell silent again, as though he was deep in thought.

“Think about it, Young Master Yang. You and your clan wouldn’t lose anything by helping our clan. My father and I left Beijing and kept the secret hidden for decades. Don’t we deserve some reward?”

“Are you threatening me?” Yang Chen snapped out of it and squinted his eyes.

“How was that a threat?” Yue Weibing showed a warm smile. “I was just suggesting a win-win situation.”

“Do you really think the Yang clan would collapse over something like this?” 

“Of course. Once something like this spreads, your clan would have to relinquish its control over the army. The members of the four major clans might start to shift around.” Yue Weibing grinned.

Yang Chen recollected his thoughts and ran through all the details in his mind before replying to him with an emotionless face. “Don’t you fear death, telling me this?”

Yue Weibing chuckled. “Young Master Yang, I came prepared. Look at the era that we’re in. Anything on the internet is forever. I’ve already commanded my subordinates to upload the information that I’ve given to them if I were to die. No matter how powerful the Yang clan is, you could only restrict the spreading of information within China but I’m prepared to release the information globally. Young Master Yang, if the Yang clan became an embarrassment to China, would the citizens allow the existence of a general from your clan in the army?”

Yang Chen’s lips curled into a sneer and somehow it invoked fear in Yue Weibing’s heart but he still kept his cool.

“Do you really think I care?”

“What do you mean?” There was a tinge of confusion in his voice.

Yang Chen said flatly, “What does it have to do with me if the Yang clan has authority over the army? What does it have to do with me if the Yang clan becomes an embarrassment?”

Yue Weibing’s heart dropped but he still forced a smile. “Young Master Yang, you don’t have to put on an act. I’m sure you know how it’ll affect the Yang clan. As the heir to the Yang clan, you shouldn’t do anything that will harm your own future.”

“You’ll know by tomorrow if I’m putting up an act. I’ll give you one day to leave this university and if you’re still the headmaster tomorrow and that you’re damn son is still harassing Zhenxiu, I swear that you and your son will face death in unimaginable ways.”

Yang Chen said that coldly and turned around immediately.

Yue Weibing stared at Yang Chen as he strolled away. He tightened his fists and gritted his teeth, brimming with anger.

What he did not see was the worried look on Yang Chen’s face after he had turned around.

As a matter of fact, although Yang Chen personally did not care, he was worried that the secret would affect the people around him.

If it wasn’t because of this, Yang Chen would’ve killed Yue Weibing when no one was around based on the fact that he dared to threaten him!

However, Yang Chen was forced to make a proper decision.

Zhenxiu asked worriedly even though Yang Chen had returned with a nonchalant attitude, “Brother Yang, is there something wrong?”

Yang Chen glanced over at Yue Zipeng who was cowering by the corner. He was too lazy to care about him so he smiled at Zhenxiu instead. “There’s nothing wrong. I wanted to ensure that you had a new headmaster by tomorrow.”

Fang Zhongping smiled bitterly at the side. “I knew you weren’t one to listen to me anyway. I don’t know how I’m going to face him now..”

Yang Chen’s tone of voice was flat when he replied. “You better make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid. You must be familiar with my methods of conflict resolution.”

Shock flashed across his eyes and he gulped hard, not daring to ask further.

Yang Chen turned around and said to Zhenxiu, “Let’s go, give me a tour around your campus. I want to check out your classes and the cafeteria.”

“Why do we need to go to the cafeteria?”

“How else am I going to find out if you are eating enough?”

Zhenxiu pouted. “You’re treating me like a child again.”

“Don’t dilly dally and move.” Yang Chen raised his hand to push her head.

“Don’t touch my head! Everyone’s watching!” Zhenxiu ducked down and looked around to see if anyone was watching. “I don’t think it’s a good idea, military training has started.”

“I’ll notify your instructor later. I doubt he’ll say anything about it.” Yang Chen said nonchalantly.

Zhenxiu rolled her eyes adorably. She nodded eventually since she knew Yang Chen wouldn’t make her suffer. Besides, she was glad to spend time with him too.

Even though Yang Chen had visited Zhonghai University a couple of times, he had only been to a small part of the vast campus. He didn’t really visit the places where students mostly spent their time.

He followed Zhenxiu into the campus and he couldn’t help but think of what might have been if he was an ordinary person.

It was all wishful thinking.

Occasionally, couples would walk past them and some even glanced at them.

They had obviously thought of them as a couple. 

Zhenxiu was reminded of some personal matters, causing her to lower down her head without uttering a single word.

“Xu Zhenxiu, what are you thinking about?” Yang Chen found it amusing.

Zhenxiu bit her cherry lips. “Brother Yang, say…do you think I’ll have a boyfriend? I mean, I’m already in university and a lot of my classmates are already thinking about marriage…”

Yang Chen stiffened for a second before chuckling. “What’re you talking about? Of course, you’ll have a boyfriend. Don’t you always remind me that you’re not a little girl anymore?”

Zhenxiu looked up and stared at Yang Chen with dewy eyes. “Would you be happy if I have a boyfriend?”

Yang Chen thought it sounded weird and he struggled to nod his head. “Of course, as long as it’s a guy that you like and that he treats you well.” 

Some things were not meant to be said out loud even though he was well aware of it. Yang Chen knew he was being cruel to her, but it was the responsible thing to do.

“Oh…” Zhenxiu looked away disappointedly and said nothing else.

Following that, they walked back to the field slowly, as though they had lost the mood to chat.

The students stared at Yang Chen in awe when he sent Zhenxiu back to her military training. They were obviously curious yet afraid of him but Yang Chen didn’t think much about it.

After bidding Zhenxiu goodbye, Yang Chen didn’t linger and went straight to where Xiao Zhiqing was staying since he was hoping to return home for lunch.

He already knew about her exact location and her contact details since he did ask Molin to send his men over to protect her.

Yang Chen wasn’t sure how he felt about Xiao Zhiqing but he was sure that he didn’t fall for her. He protected her out of pity as they had come from similar backgrounds.

Xiao Zhiqing was living in a quiet middle-class apartment near the edge of Zhonghai University. 

It was easy for her to rent a whole unit since she had quite a bit saved up from her time in the states. 

Yang Chen reached the entrance and froze when he was about to enter the building!

“Damn it, why is this woman here?!” Yang Chen mumbled in frustration while contemplating walking away for today!