Yang Chen saw someone standing next to the apartment- someone he never wished to see again.

It was a girl dressed in a pink cartoon hoodie and white pencil pants, she even had a red bow tie with a ponytail.

Her outfit was quite girlish but her busty chest said otherwise.

From the side, her chubby but rosy cheeks made her look especially lovable. She fluttered her eyelashes as if she was wondering about something.

Luo Xiaoxiao?

Yang Chen remembered this girl immediately. She was the one he had met when he accompanied Wang Ma to buy shoes. She sat on his face and wanted him to be her boyfriend as a result.

She even asked for his number but Yang Chen kept rejecting her calls until she decided to give up.

Yang Chen thought that was the end of it. He did not think that he would run into her today of all days!

Oh right, she mentioned before that she was a student at Zhonghai University!

Yang Chen did not plan to confront her though, it would be a completely different story if he were single. After all, who would reject a young girl with such a great figure!

However, he already had many beauties with him and his wife was still mad about that. He wouldn’t dare to be with other women, especially crazy ones like her.

Thankfully, Luo Xiaoxiao rubbed her cheeks in confusion, as though she couldn’t find what she was looking for and skipped in the opposite direction.

Yang Chen sighed in relief before walking to Xiao Zhiqing’s apartment.

Although it was password locked, Yang Chen didn’t face any trouble getting through since he came prepared.

He knocked onto her door and it took up sometime before it opened from the inside.
Compared to their past meetings, Xiao Zhiqing was dressed more casually. Her outfit was a refreshing change of pace with white knitwear and short denim jeans.

Xiao Zhiqing peeked out from her door and looked towards downstairs cautiously when she saw Yang Chen.

Yang Chen was confused when he saw her reaction. “Are you looking for a girl?”

Xiao Zhiqing seemed to be surprised and shrunk back into her room. “You...how did you know that? Is she still downstairs?”

Yang Chen shook his head. “She looked around just now but she’s gone now.”

“Thank goodness…” Xiao Zhiqing sighed in relief.

“Who is she? Do you know her? Why do you look so scared?”

“I…” Xiao Zhiqing pursed her lips and tried to force a smile. “Let’s not talk about this first. Didn’t you say you have something to show me?”

Yang Chen didn’t probe further and nodded before making his way into the living room.

It wasn’t a big place and it had a rather simple design since it was meant to be an apartment for one person. Yang Chen sat on the couch and Xiao Zhiqing joined him on the opposite couch after pouring him a glass of water.

“What do you want me to see? ” Xiao Zhiqing gave him a faint smile.

Yang Chen felt bad for her when he saw her pale face but he didn’t know what to say so he took the mustard Sumeru ring, the other two mystical artifacts, medicinal pills, and some random herbs.

Xiao Zhiqing pulled herself together and scanned through his items. Her cherry lips widened in shock when she realized what they were. “These…where did you get it from?”
Yang Chen told her everything about Hao Changfeng, Lu Huating and the previous Hongmeng messenger, Tianyin Monk.

Xiao Zhiqing was not happy after hearing how things turned out. “Hongmeng is so shameless! They constantly look down on the modern world, thinking they are above us. They’re just monsters that suck on mundane blood! They’re no different from the hidden clans! They’re all just a bunch of losers who only know how to exploit resources from Earth to fulfill their selfish desires!”

Yang Chen could feel the immense hatred coming from her. Even though Hongmeng did act excessively, they didn’t commit any crimes unlike what she had said. However, when he was reminded of what she had gone through, it was understandable for her to feel such strong emotions.

“You should look at the beauty of the world and not the hatred in it. It’ll only bring you pain.” Yang Chen couldn’t stop himself from consoling her.

 Xiao Zhiqing shook her head, her dewy eyes were filled with hatred! 

“That’s because you gained the abilities to change your fate. Things are different for me. I’ve never had hope in my whole life. There’s nothing other than hatred and pain in my world. I want to return the pain I’ve felt to the monsters who had tortured me!”

Yang Chen was stumped for words as he stared at the agitated woman in front of him.

Only then Xiao Zhiqing realized she was being too agitated and she lowered her head awkwardly with a flushed face.  

She examined the mystical artifacts while saying, “……I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that to you.”

Yang Chen chuckled, “I think you’re more likeable now compared to when you tried to seduce me.”

Xiao Zhiqing shuddered and snuck an affectionate gaze towards Yang Chen, not daring to meet his eyes.

About a minute later, Xiao Zhiqing finally snapped out of it and told him with a serious expression, “These few artifacts are of good quality. I think Hongmeng bestowed it to them when they left. This sword is called ‘Xuanshui’ and it belongs to the water element. Even though it’s made out of iron from the North Pole, it’s classified as the mid-lower class artifact because it's a water element sword. It wasn’t crafted with much care. Whereas for the ‘Phoenix Feather’, I heard that it was made from a Phoenix tree where a Phoenix from the Great Ancient times used to rest on. It’s considered a mid-upper mystical artifact, but sadly Lu Huating’s cultivation was too low. You would’ve been hard-pressed to defeat her otherwise. As for the ring, it’s nothing much since it has a really small space. In fact, it can hardly be considered a low-class artifact.”

Yang Chen wasn’t really interested in these artifacts since his Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy was sourced from Heaven and Earth itself. He did not need the aid of artifacts to improve himself. 

He could give these to the ladies as a way to protect themselves when their cultivation was sufficient to use them.

“How about the bottle of medicinal pills and herbs?” Yang Chen asked.

Xiao Zhiqing smiled. “You’re quite lucky. There should be around thirty low-class medicinal pills in here. They’re Bodhi pills, basic medicinal pills which are used to strengthen cultivation. It might not be useful for you and those in the Soul Forming stage, but it can help to speed up the process of transforming from the Xiantian True Qi into the True Yuan stage. Normally, as long as the person’s talent isn’t hopeless, it should increase a twenty percent chance of entering the Soul Forming stage with the help of Bodhi pills.”

“Only twenty percent?!” Yang Chen was exasperated. “That’s too low!”

Xiao Zhiqing shook her head helplessly. “You’re really looking down on the Soul Forming stage. It’s pretty good to have a twenty percent increase. For those in Hongmeng and the hidden clans, medicinal pills are actually more important than mystical artifacts because back in the Great Ancient times, a lot of the medicinal herbs had gone extinct. Most of the ones we have now are from the common world. Even the low-class pills are more important than low-class artifacts. Only the elders in Hongmeng have the middle-class pills and even they would fight for a higher-class pill!”

Yang Chen thought it made sense. If eating a few pills would help you enter the Soul Forming stage, Hongmeng would already have more than a thousand people.

Oh well, it was better than nothing! Twenty percent chance was still a chance! Plus it would help speed up cultivation!

He would give out the Bodhi pills to the ladies. Cai Ning probably needed it the most so he would give more to her and as for the rest of them, he would only give it to them once they enter the Xiantian stage.

Yang Chen calculated it and with the addition of the Exorcist’s Golden Hammer and the Blood Dragon’s Golden Dagger, he already had five mystical artifacts in hand!

However, it was kind of shabby since the only mid-upper artifact he had was the Blood Dragon’s Golden Dagger. Yang Chen wondered when Hongmeng would send someone over with a mid-upper level artifact. Even if he wouldn’t use it, it did not hurt to have something else to protect his women.