After having eaten lunch together, they grew a little closer than before but Yang Chen did not notice it as he was a little preoccupied thinking about increasing his lovers’ cultivation.

Yang Chen watched Xiao Zhiqing walk back to the campus and he drove back to the Xijiao villas after that.

He hadn’t been following up on Rose’s cultivation progress. He figured it was a good a time as any and could pass her the pills as well.

Ever since Rose had quit being the leader of the Red Thorn Society, she spent most of her time cultivating.

However, contrary to Yang Chen’s expectations, no one was at home when he reached Rose and Mo Qianni’s villa.

Yang Chen didn’t dare to ask Molin since he didn’t receive any alarm, so he was certain nothing bad happened to them. Yang Chen thought he seemed kind of heartless, being completely unaware of his lovers’ whereabouts.

He took out his cell phone and dialed Rose’s number but the call didn’t go through.

Yang Chen furrowed his brows and contemplated for a while before dialing Mo Qianni’s number.

It rang a few times before she answered the call. “Damn it, Yang Chen, you’re so heartless. Do you finally have time to find me?”

Yang Chen rubbed his forehead shamefully. He didn't have the time to accompany them because of the wedding. Yang Chen felt bad and made a silent promise that he would make it up to them.

He chuckled and said, “Qianqian, actually...I called to ask about Rose, where did she go? Why isn’t there anyone at home?”

Mo Qianni’s breathing quickened. “You called me to ask about this? I’m hanging up.”

“No! Qianni, be nice to me. I’m no longer busy now, why don’t we have dinner together? I’ll accompany you tonight. Don’t get upset at me.” Yang Chen tried to please her. “How about this, I’ll let you get on top of me tonight and you can take the lead.”

Mo Qianni chided. “You barely said anything nice and you started teasing me again. I don’t want to play with you, find Rose instead. I’m busy now. Even since Ruoxi returned, I have been stressed out of my mind. If it wasn't because of my loyalty, I would have quit and joined Rose to cultivate.”

Yang Chen asked curiously, “Dear, do you know where she went?”

“Mhm,” Mo Qianni replied. “The day after your wedding, Rose said that her cultivation base has reached an important point and that she needed to be at some quiet place to settle down, so she went to a town called Jinshan which is in the north of Zhonghai. It’s pretty rural but there are many temples. Rose said she found a place called the ‘Yanyu Nunnery’ where she plans to cultivate in peace and that we don’t have to worry about her.” 

Yang Chen racked through the map in his mind and found out there was indeed a place called Jinshan. However, it was more of a village instead of a town, their population was only slightly more than ten thousand people.

It was mainly because of its location between Zhonghai and the Su province, both of which did not want to invest in a land they did not own. The village was very poor despite its rich-sounding name.

Yang Chen didn’t expect Rose to have this awareness, going to the rural area for a quiet cultivation. Even though it wouldn’t really have a major effect, it would still help to get rid of distractions compared to cultivating in the city.

Yang Chen was looking forward to it. What kind of bottleneck was she facing? During the thunderstorm, Rose said she managed to grasp onto something. Could it be a breakthrough?

“Qianqian, I’m going to go check on Rose. I’ll come back to you tonight. Don’t work overtime.” Yang Chen smiled.

“That’s a promise.” Mo Qianni answered him and gave him a kiss over the phone before hanging up.

Yang Chen called home to tell Wang Ma that he wouldn’t be coming home for dinner before making his way to Jinshan. 

Now that he was sure his cultivation wouldn’t trigger the heavenly tribulations, he didn’t bother driving and chose to teleport instead. It took him a minute or two before arriving at the road leading into Jinshan.

As he walked past the small market in the town, he could hear the clamor of local street vendors shouting over each other to sell their products.

They were selling all kinds of local specialties and poultry products which made the area seem like a separate entity, as though they were far away from the common world.

Yang Chen wanted to ask them where the nunnery was but the stall owners spoke in a completely unfamiliar dialect and instead of telling him the direction, they started to promote their products.

Yang Chen struggled for a long time before finally getting a clear answer from a civil servant.

“Yanyu Nunnery prohibits men from entering and Master Yanyu doesn’t treat men. Why are you going there?” The civil servant asked him with a curious expression after telling him the direction.

Yang Chen was startled at the revelation. “Prohibits men from entering? It’s not a public place?”

“Of course it isn’t,” The person replied. “Yanyu Nunnery was built using Master Yanyu’s money years ago. She’s called the ‘Old God’ here and she has treated many of the women you might have come across. She’s very skilled at traditional Chinese medicine but she hates men so she never lets men enter and nor does she ever treats men.”

Confusion flashed across his eyes and Yang Chen thought it sounded fishy but he didn’t reply further, bidding the civil servant goodbye instead. Yang Chen looked for a secluded area before making his way to the nunnery.

In two flashes, Yang Chen had already appeared outside of a nunnery. On top of the lintel were three words written with calligraphy ink. It said ‘Yanyu Nunnery’, so he should be in the right place.

It was a historical building located in the northeast of the mountain range. Pine trees surrounded the area and as the sunlight shone through the forest, mottled shadows were plastered on the wall.

It was quite a relaxing place to be, Yang Chen thought to himself as the autumn breeze caressed his face.

Just when Yang Chen was complimenting Rose for choosing a good place while stepping into the nunnery, a foreign yet icy cold divine sense swept past him!

Yang Chen didn’t notice it at first but he jolted once he came into contact with it. There was an expert in this nunnery!

The biting cold divine sense felt much stronger than anyone he had met from Hongmeng. It was probably much greater than the one he had met in the Tang Sect.


A cold grunt entered his ears and before he could step into the door, a silhouette dressed in blue and grey blocked his path!

It was a nun dressed in a blue and grey cotton gown and she seemed to be in her thirties. She wasn’t wearing any makeup.

Her body wasn’t busty by any means but underneath that long gown, it still hinted at a pleasing figure.

She was holding a white horsetail whisk with exquisite carvings. It didn’t look common at all as it was emitting Yin and Yang aura.  

Technically a horsetail whisk should belong to a Taoist but it was obviously a mystical artifact so it didn’t really matter who the owner was. 

“Who are you and how dare you trespass onto my nunnery?!” The cold nun questioned him.

Yang Chen squinted his eyes to look at her closely and he found out the nun was in the Tribulation Passing stage! He did a rough estimation and figured she was in the early phase of the Three Yang Fire tribulation. She was probably at the middle stage, therefore the gap between their abilities was still quite huge.

Yang Chen wasn’t here to start a fight, she was probably a rogue cultivator and not someone from Hongmeng. He shouldn’t act rashly so he showed her a friendly smile instead.

“You must be Master Yanyu, right? I bear no malice, I’m just here to find my woman. I heard that she’s here to cultivate.”

Yanyu contemplated for a while when she realized she couldn’t see through his cultivation base. It either meant that his cultivation base was much stronger than her or that he hid his cultivation base. Both were equally plausible and impressive

Judging by Yang Chen’s age, Yanyu felt that even if her cultivation base was lower than Yang Chen, it wouldn’t be much of a difference. Hence, she wasn’t afraid of him. 

“Only women come here to cultivate. You’re a man so you can’t enter. If you want to find your woman, wait for her to come out.” Yanyu said.

Yang Chen felt distressed at how unfriendly she was acting to him, belittling him through her gaze. “Master, I’m not here to peek on the ladies. Your place is like a prison, heck, even prisons allow visitors.”

Yanyu furrowed her brows when she heard that and she flicked her horsetail whisk hard, causing a surge of spiritual power to ripple through!

“How dare you call my nunnery a prison?! Do you think I’ll let you get away with it just because I can’t see through your cultivation base?!”