Yang Chen was taken aback by her feisty response. She did not look or act like any nun he was familiar with.

“Master, do not misunderstand my intentions. I’m really here to look for my woman. Her name is Rose. I’m not here to deceive anyone.” Yang Chen said. 

Yanyu‘s eyes glinted but she still stayed firm. “Hmph! Only my disciples stay in Yanyu Nunnery, they’re nuns who are focused on cultivation. Your woman isn’t here!”

Yang Chen was getting frustrated by this roundabout conversation. She really wasn’t listening to him. Did she really underestimate him that much?

“I won’t believe your words. If you won’t let her go, I’ll have to go in and look for her myself.” Having said so, Yang Chen was about to move past her but she blocked him with her horsetail whisk.

“Yanyu Nunnery prohibits men from entering. If you insist, I will show you no mercy!”

It looked like she wanted to start a fight!

Yang Chen almost laughed, wondering if the nun was abandoned by a man when she was young. She really hated men with a passion!

However, Yang Chen didn’t have time to waste since he had to return to Zhonghai soon to have dinner with Mo Qianni.

He ignored Yanyu and with a flash, he went past her and entered the front yard.

Yanyu yelled after him, “I see you have chosen death! Face my Taiyi horsetail whisk!”

Following that, Yanyu turned around and somehow her horsetail whisk lengthened, aiming straight towards Yang Chen’s throat!

Even the most docile person would get angry at her actions, let alone Yang Chen who wasn’t an easy target. Murderous intent was already building up in him! 

He didn’t even care what kind of artifact the horsetail whisk was, nor did he care about the material. 

Yang Chen raised his hand and was about to catch the horsetail whisk but he managed to grip it, it started to twist around his arm! 

“You have overestimated yourself!”

Yanyu sneered and continued to summon more True Yuan, causing cold aura to fill the whole yard.

Yang Chen summoned the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture and the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy to protect his body. He tried to get rid of the long hair but it was impossible to do so!

It was made so that the more he resisted, the tighter it got. Besides that, they were very flexible and could grow faster by absorbing spiritual powers!

As time went by, the long hair on Yang Chen’s arm was starting to wrap around his body and legs, even advancing towards his neck and head!

“Keep struggling. No matter how hard you try, it’ll only become tighter and tougher! Men are the worst. I shall kill again to get rid of a pest like you!”

While saying that, a cold gust of spiritual power was emitted out of the horsetail whisk. It probably had something to do with her cultivation. Not only was she planning to crush him, but she was also planning on freezing him in the process!

Yang Chen was suffering, being tied up because of his carelessness. He became furious when he heard that!

She didn’t want to let her woman go and she even wanted to kill him?!

Even though he wasn’t a merciful person and he killed rather often too, it was a different story when someone else was trying to kill him!

As the icy cold True Yuan was about to invade his meridian, Yang Chen hurriedly summoned the energy from Heaven and Earth and ignited Nanming Li Fire around him!

A ball of golden-red flame appeared out of nowhere!

It burned strongly and wrapped Yang Chen inside it. The long fur seemed to be afraid of the scorching heavenly fire and it retreated after a huge part of it was burnt!

“Nanming Li Fire?!”

Yanyu exclaimed and took a few steps back after retrieving the Taiyi horsetail whisk.

She was still in the early phase of the Three Yang Fire and she withstood three rounds of heavenly tribulations by the Nanming Li Fire. Therefore, she was extremely familiar with the heavenly fire!

Yanyu had suffered the loss of three mystical artifacts just to get through the heavenly tribulation. She even swallowed lots of pills and barely managed to get through it with a heavy injury!

Even though it wasn’t exactly the same heavenly fire she had faced during her heavenly tribulation, it was still the actual Nanming Li Fire, judging by how mighty it looked and how it was burning brightly!
Yang Chen spat out the burnt fur and cursed while jumping up and down. “Bloody nun, we don’t even know each other and you’re already trying to kill me?!”

Yanyu didn’t have time to care about Yang Chen’s bizarre logic. She was staring at the Nanming Li Fire which was surrounding Yang Chen with a dazed expression, unable to believe her eyes.

Even though she had heard of cultivators who could control the Nanming Li Fire, Kui Water, and some other low-level heavenly fire, they were all-powerful people in the late phase of the Tribulation Passing stage. They had unorthodox methods of cultivation and many high-level mystical artifacts to help them!

Could it be that this young man in front of him was in the late phase of the Tribulation Passing stage?! If not, how did he manage to summon such a docile Nanming Li Fire to protect him with just a simple gesture?

Yang Chen didn’t care about her reaction and controlled the Nanming Li Fire to form into a fire dragon, summoning it towards Yanyu!

Yanyu jolted in shock and waved her Taiyi horsetail whisk to draw a Tai Chi Eight Trigrams. It was probably a defensive formation that was already found on the horsetail whisk. The horsetail whisk broke when it came into contact with the fire dragon, but it also bought her time and she jumped onto the wall.

“Who are you?!” Yanyu finally realized that she didn’t have the ability to kill this young man. 

Yang Chen lost the mood to talk any further and he lifted his hand with a dark expression!

Behind Yanyu was another fire dragon made out of the Nanming Li Fire and it went to her while roaring!

Yanyu jumped up hurriedly and landed on a corner while staring at the two fire dragons above her with a panicked expression. 

Yang Chen was already skilled at controlling the most basic Nanming Li Fire and even though he was still weaker than the ‘mysterious old man’. This was more than enough to defeat a cultivator like her!

“Why, are you afraid? It’s too late,” Yang Chen said and his whole body was surrounded by the Nanming Li Fire, he went charged at Yanyu like a flaming ball!

Yanyu could never have imagined that Yang Chen was so skilled at controlling the Li Fire, being able to switch attacks with such fluidity!

She didn’t dare to touch the heavenly fire and could only dodge it!

But Yang Chen kept up his pace. He kept inching closer to her as though he was a predator who was teasing his prey. The sparks licked her long gown and there were already multiple black holes on it.

Yanyu was bitter over the fact that he was doing it on purpose. While he was chasing after her to kill her, the two fire dragons were moving back and forth between the houses!

The wall and houses collapsed with loud crashing sounds which made Yanyu tremble with rage!

“Attack me! Why did you ruin my nunnery!” The nun yelled.

Yang Chen cornered her casually with his flaming limbs and chuckled while saying, “You wouldn’t let me in so I have to tear your houses down to look for my woman.” 

“You’re shameless!”

“Hehe, I would be a match for your unreasonableness!”

Yang Chen stood above Yanyu like a war god who was being bathed in flame, beating her down as she tried to defend herself with the horsetail whisk! 

Red rays shone across the sky and the horsetail whisk spinner around to block it. Most of the fire rays were scattered around and the clouds were covered with red which made it seemed as though they were burning!

Under the bright light, the two fire dragons danced around in matching paces in the sky and it looked as if the whole mountain peak was being swallowed by fire!

Yang Chen was getting more used to controlling the Nanming Li Fire and he started to understand the energy of Heaven and Earth. He was benefiting from every single bit of it!

Considering the gap between the abilities, Yanyu would’ve been dead by now if it wasn’t for the Taiyi horsetail whisk protecting her.

Yang Chen kept her on her toes while he used his divine sense to search through every room, scanning through the female disciples who were scrambling out of the houses because of the fire dragons.

They were dressed in plain outfits who either had hats on their heads or left their hair down. 

They were screaming as they tried to run from the lapping flames.

Amongst the crowd, a woman walked out of one of the rooms and stayed still before looking up at the sky silently.


Yang Chen was delighted. The bottom of her hair was dyed in red and she was tall yet busty. Her lustrous face was filled with cold arrogance, it was Rose whom Yang Chen had been looking for!

Yanyu looked completely miserable, trying to avoid being caught by Yang Chen. Panic and worry flashed across her eyes when she saw Rose.

However, she realized very quickly that she couldn’t stop Yang Chen. In fact, the reason why she wasn’t burnt by the Nanming Li Fire yet was that Yang Chen hadn’t gone all out to kill her.

Considering how skilled he was at controlling the fire, he could make a huge ball of Li Fire appear in front of her within a split second! How could she avoid it?

Yang Chen didn’t have the mood to care about Yanyu. His body disappeared in the sky and reappeared in front of Rose.

The two threatening fire dragons also dispersed immediately since he had found Rose which made the nuns exhale in relief.

Just when Yang Chen was about to give her a hug, having not seen her for a long while, he realized her gaze was filled with indifference?!