Her indifference didn’t come from meeting an unfamiliar man. It was just different from her usual tender gaze when they met.

It was as if…he was just an acquaintance to her! 

Yang Chen’s heart sank. How could she have changed so much in just a few days?

Having taken a closer look at her, Yang Chen found out that her gaze was hollow.

It was as though her mind was void of emotion!

“Rose baby, what’s wrong with you?” Yang Chen grasped her arms tightly and mumbled under his breath.

Rose was unconcerned and she said flatly, “You’re here.”

It sounded like a question and a statement concurrently.

Yang Chen started to become anxious, this was more terrifying than if she were injured!

“Why are you looking at me like that, don’t you remember me?”

Rose shook her head. “I know you, you’re Yang Chen.”

Her voice was devoid of emotions.

Yang Chen felt cold and he turned around sharply to glare at Yanyu.

“Damn it…what did you do to my woman?!”

Yanyu kept her guard up while replying, “What does it have to do with me? She’s extremely talented and has a strong perception. When she came to my nunnery to cultivate, I took her in to teach her. You said you’re her man but how could you let her come to my place to cultivate and only come looking for her after days? She has gotten rid of love and she’s only focused on cultivation. Having me as her Master will only do her good!”

Yang Chen was shocked. “Gotten rid of love…it’s impossible! How can one just throw away a feeling like that?!”

Yanyu snorted coldly. “Why not? Men are no good! You said that she’s your woman but it’s because she’s still young and beautiful. What if she grew older and her hair turned white and she has wrinkled skin? Love is short-lived, the path to cultivation is the right path to be on! If you truly want her to succeed, you shouldn’t come here and stir up trouble! You took away her virginity and if you hadn’t done so, her cultivation speed would’ve been three times faster! You have already caused her damage, do you still plan on stopping her from cultivating?!”
“Get out of my way!” Yang Chen was furious and he spat out with murderous intent.“You turned my woman into an emotionless puppet and yet you dared to spout nonsense?! With that little cultivation of yours, who are you to teach my woman?! You bloody woman, you were dumped by a man and you refused to accept it. I hate bastards like you, you are a coward and you think that you’ve taken the moral high ground!”

“You…you…what did you say?”

Blood rushed into Yanyu’s face and her eyes were filled with murderous intent!

Yang Chen didn’t fear her and he turned to look at Rose with a remorseful gaze instead. Her gaze was lifeless as she listened to his gentle voice. “Rose baby, I’ll definitely treat you after I kill this nun…”

Having said so, Yang Chen summoned a surge of energy from Heaven and Earth to transfer her to a further ground.

Throughout the whole process, Rose was completely blank and didn’t reply to Yang Chen.

Yang Chen was pained to see her like this but he tightened his jaw and turned around to face Yanyu with a gloomy face. He wasn’t going to play around any longer.

Yanyu felt huge oppression filling up the mountains and she still stood still even when she could hardly breathe.

The difference between their cultivation bases was clear as day!

Yang Chen stepped forward with a collected manner and the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy started bustling, causing violent ripples to form throughout the mountain!

The Nanming Li Fire reemerged but this time, they merged into a sea of fire!

Yanyu was encompassed by the flames with absolutely no way out!

Yang Chen locked onto her with his divine sense and even when Yanyu tried to escape, Yang Chen would always be quicker than her. She stood no chance against him!

Yanyu looked around frantically. She didn’t know that Yang Chen was holding back his abilities earlier! 

All her rage had turned into fear!

“I’ll let you die peacefully if you restore my woman or perish!” Yang Chen said coldly.

Yanyu gritted her teeth. “Come at me if you dare! I’ll never surrender to a devil!”

“Devil? Hmph,” Yang Chen snorted. “You’re really great at giving me nicknames.”

He wasn’t planning to waste any more time. Rose probably became like this because of some scripture or medicine, he was sure that he would be able to cure Rose with his Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture.

This old nun was such a detestable person, how dare she used an inhuman way to take Rose in as her disciple!

With a simple command, the Nanming Li Fire started to revolve and a huge vortex was formed!

The scorching fire turned the plants into ashes even though it didn’t come into contact with any of it. The rocks were starting to crack under the high temperature too!

Yanyu watched on with a horrified gaze as the gigantic vortex which was filled with a strange yet powerful True Yuan moved closer to her. It was as if a devil had opened its mouth and was threatening to swallow her whole!

The old nun was already dead in Yang Chen’s eyes but right at that exact moment, something shone on Yanyu’s hands!
She had disappeared from his eyes when the flickering yellow light went away! 

Yang Chen was startled. He never would have expected Yanyu to have a way of escape. It was obvious that she was pretending to be overwhelmed!

Yang Chen cursed instinctively and could only guess that she had some sort of artifact to help her.

Yang Chen expanded his divine sense to search through the surrounding area but he gave up when he failed to locate her whereabouts.

He had actually guessed it correctly. Yanyu had used her sole earth element paper talisman. It was inherited from the Great Ancient cultivators, thus it was a very valuable single use artifact. If it wasn’t for her special background, she wouldn’t have been able to survive past today.

Yang Chen retracted the sea of fire and when he had done so, the nunnery was close to being in ruins. Yanyu’s female disciples had escaped down the mountain, so no one was actually injured.

Yang Chen appeared next to Rose and grabbed her hand. The feeling of self-condemnation filled his mind as he looked at her dazed expression.

“Rose baby, let me see what evil spell she cast on you.”

Having said so, he started to search through her body with his divine sense whereas Rose stared at him with a perplexed expression.

“Yang Chen, I’m fine. Where’s my Master?”

“She’s not your master,” Yang Chen replied to her with a hoarse voice.

Rose cocked her head with an exasperated manner.

Yang Chen focused on searching through each of her meridians and he was shocked to find something which he hadn’t realized earlier. 

“This...Rose baby, when did your internal energy and cultivation base increase so greatly?!”

Yang Chen couldn’t hide his shock. Her True Qi had built up to the point that she was so close to entering the Xiantian stage even though it had only been a few days since they last met!

It was as if she had been cultivating for more than twenty years!

“Internal energy?” Rose was confused. “I don’t know. I cultivated every day.”

Yang Chen sucked in a breath. He knew that even if Rose cultivated on her own using the best cultivation method, it was still impossible to improve in such a short amount of time, especially when she didn’t consume any medicinal pills!

The only possible explanation was an enhancement in the realm!

Could it have happened during the thunderstorm where Rose said she seemed to have grasped some concept but it went by too fast before she could fully understand it?!