When it came to cultivation, ‘enlightenment’ yielded much better results than just ‘diligence’! This was also why it defied the generalization that Heaven would reward those who are diligent, she was defying the Heavens!

Rose must have found her own ‘Dao’ which caused her True Qi to build up so greatly during cultivation.

Yang Chen was sure that Rose could enter the Xiantian stage in a day once he had given her two Bodhi pills!

Judging by her speed, the concept she had grasped wasn’t an ordinary one!

His utmost priority though was to help her recover. She couldn’t possibly remain in her current state like a doll with no soul.

Yang Chen grasped her hand and continued to search her brain carefully. In the midst of searching, he found something very peculiar!
There was a weird blob of True Yuan near her Bai Hui acupoint. With the use of an unknown medicine, it stayed there and affected her nerves.

This was obviously a crooked method used to control one’s mind! This must have been done by none other than the nun!

She said she wanted to take Rose in as her disciple but she must have laid her eyes on Rose’s cultivation speed. She probably wanted to get the cultivation method that he had given to Rose.

It sucked that he came here too late and Yang Chen wondered if she had already done so!

If he ever saw her again, it would be the last time he let her slip past him!

Yang Chen didn’t know that Yanyu did plan to do so. From the moment when Rose entered the nunnery, she had been trying to learn about Rose’s cultivation method. Unfortunately, Yang Chen interrupted her before she could take full control of Rose’s mind.

Now that Yang Chen had found out the cause, it was easy for him to remove it.

After all, Yanyu’s cultivation base was much weaker and his Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture was the best at removing poisons and curing others. He just needed to be careful with it.

“Rose baby, why don’t you take a nap.”

Yang Chen had to knock her out to prevent her from fiddling with her True Qi since she was still in a daze and she might not listen to him.

He hugged her and started to clear up the True Yuan and medicine which was near her Bai Hui acupoint.

Yang Chen wondered what cultivation method Yanyu used. It certainly didn’t seem like an ordinary one, seeing how the True Yuan in Rose’s acupoint was cold and dense. 

Sadly her perception wasn’t strong if not she wouldn’t have been stuck in the Three Yang Fire.

It took an hour of full concentration for Yang Chen to remove the toxin and the icy True Yuan from Rose’s body completely.

Rose’s eyelashes fluttered at the same time and she opened her eyes, looking at Yang Chen who was near to her with an innocent gaze.

Yang Chen breathed out in relief when he saw that Rose had finally recovered. Rose’s eyes gleamed as she started to recall the things that have happened leading up to this point.

“I think…I had a dream.” She mumbled.

“Is that so? It looks like you still remembered some of it, what did you dream about?”

“You were standing in front of me. I wanted to call out and hug you but I couldn’t do anything as if I’ve lost control of my body…”

Yang Chen carried her up and pecked her cheek.

“Why did you come to a rural area like this? Who knows what could’ve happened to you if I had come any later.” Yang Chen nagged her. 

Rose smiled at him. “I didn’t think much about it. I searched online and they say this place is quite peaceful and it wasn’t crowded, so I thought what’s the harm? I asked around at the bottom of the mountain and the locals said the Master is a reputable person, so I thought I could lodge here for a while. I didn’t expect her to do this to me…”

“Don’t act so recklessly anymore. You’re not just an ordinary person anymore. Most cultivators would try to abduct you if they saw you. You have to be extra careful.”

“I know, but…I’m happy to see you worrying about me.”

Yang Chen brushed her nose. “It’s just worrying, I was about to lose my mind when you didn’t seem to remember me!”


“Duh, what if I lost my memories one day and I forgot you? Would you just accept it?” Yang Chen looked dejected.

Rose pouted instead. “I would be overjoyed.”

“What?!” Yang Chen was confused.

She bit her lip and said, “I would have the chance to elope with you if you had amnesia. I wouldn’t need to fight for you then……”

Yang Chen was amused. It was a ludicrous way of thinking but it made him especially remorseful and helpless. He caressed her cheeks and comforted her with a gentle voice. “Promise me, try to discuss anything with me before deciding it. You don’t have to be so wary about what I’m doing or who I’m with. I'll do my best to fulfill your wishes, be it having breakfast together or shopping with you, or even if you wanted me to chat with you. Think about your safety.”

“Why are you talking about this so suddenly? You make it sound like I’m very pitiful. I just came out to spend some time on my own.” Rose chuckled.

“I’m not joking. I’m being serious,” Yang Chen said earnestly.

Rose stared at him for a while before nodding. She leaned on his chest and asked him, “Is the wedding over? When did you return to Zhonghai?”

Yang Chen scratched his head and smiled bitterly. “Let’s walk down first. A lot of things happened in the past few days and I need to inform you about some new changes. Your cultivation…it looks like we have to speed things up.”

Rose was startled. She couldn’t understand what he meant and was confused at first but she reckoned that it wasn’t a simple matter, so she followed obediently. The sky wouldn’t be dark for a while since it was still early September, therefore with the setting sun as their background, they walked down the mountain as Yang Chen told her what had happened for the past few days.

Her mouth opened slightly with widened eyes when she heard that Yang Chen was planning to fight against Hongmeng and the hidden clans and that he had killed two of their messengers. 

Yang Chen asked nervously, “Rose baby, do you think that I’m being too vicious?”

Rose blinked and shook her head. “Nope, you did this to protect us so that we can live like you. I can understand that.”

“But I…might have to kill even more people and they might become my enemies.” Yang Chen sighed.

Rose smiled cheerfully. “It’s alright, I can help you kill them when I become stronger. You can also bring them to me and I’ll kill them for you.”

Yang Chen was amused by her. “This is what I like most about you. It’s just killing the weaker ones, that’s how the world works. Those who refuse to cooperate will die. They’re the ones to blame for blocking my path. I won’t be merciful so you don’t have to worry about it.”

“Mmh, I believe in you,” Rose said softly.

Yang Chen looked into her sparkly eyes. Her tenderness remained but there was also tranquility and calmness in her gaze.

“Rose baby, you seemed to have reached a new realm. I’ll bring the Bodhi pills to you and if you use it correctly, you would definitely enter the Xiantian stage.” 

Rose couldn’t mask her joy. “Hubby, I understood what I learned at the hill! The thunderstorm enlightened me but…but…”

“But you can't say it out, am I right?” Yang Chen smiled.

Rose nodded in frustration. “ I just can’t say it out. I understood a lot of things but I don’t know how to describe it.”

“That’s right, everyone’s understanding towards ‘Dao’ is different. It can’t be described with words.” Yang Chen sighed. “Granny Yan from the Yang clan, the one I told you about? She gave me some rough pointers and I managed to enter the Soul Forming stage with her help. It all depends on my potential. Just like how I have a better understanding of ‘Dao’ than her now, but she was one who helped me. Things like this come from within and cannot be expressed with our human language.”