Rose agreed with his explanation as she had experienced the same thing. She furrowed her brows and said, “I feel like I possess some magical skills but I don’t have the energy source to support it. Maybe it’s because my cultivation base isn’t a match to my realm.”

Yang Chen smiled. “I look forward to seeing what you have understood. I'll help you once we get back and hopefully, you’ll reach a breakthrough in two days.”

Rose asked curiously, “Hubby, you’re leaving again? Why are you in such a hurry?”

Yang Chen sounded helpless. “It's all because of Li Dun from the Li clan in Beijing. He’s having a wedding with Miss Tang soon. I have to be there and I’ll be back after the wedding.”

“With your wife?” Rose’s lips curled into a teasing smile.

Yang Chen smiled sheepishly. “Don't mention it, I’ll be grateful if she doesn’t bring our daughter.”

“Daughter?!” Rose exclaimed. “Hubby…when did you guys have a kid?!”

 Out of everything he had mentioned, this was the thing that set her off.

Yang Chen quickly explained to her about Lanlan’s adoption and also introduced her to Lanlan.

Rose finally understood it and she giggled. “I’ll have to meet her when we get back. She’s our child too since she’s adopted.”

“What are you talking about! Everyone has to treat the child as their own, even if she were our biological child!” Yang Chen feigned anger.

“You’re thinking too far ahead.” Rose pouted. “But by the looks of it, adopting one seems more probable. I kind of feel like adopting too, then I can exchange parenting tips with Sister Lin.”

Yang Chen burst into laughter. “Hehe, I see you’re not afraid of Ruoxi. Anxin gets so nervous in front of her when she’s usually so sly.”

Rose’s lips twitched. “There’s nothing to be afraid of, didn’t you say you had a one year contract with her?”

“Well, that’s what we agreed on but…it’s almost been a year. It should terminate next March and it’s already September now.” Yang Chen sighed. “Time went by so fast, but I don’t think Ruoxi will do anything since we have all changed.”

Rose nodded. “We should move faster. Qianni should be getting off work soon and your mother-in-law should be coming back soon.”

Yang Chen’s head throbbed when he heard of Ma Guifang. But when compared to Jiang Shan from the Cai clan, she was a much better person which made things better for Yang Chen.

It took some more time to bring Rose back and it was already night time when they reached home. 

Mo Qianni knew Yang Chen would be home together with Rose so she requested her mother to buy some fresh ingredients on her way home.

They were already preparing dinner in the kitchen when they entered through the door. Mo Qianni walked up to Rose happily and wiped her hands on her apron before hugging Rose. “You’re finally back, did you get into trouble there?”

Their relationship had become tighter now that they had been living together for some time.

Rose nodded and replied to her, “I’ll tell you later over dinner, I’m fine now.”

On the other hand, Ma Guifang cleared her throat and said, “Yang Chen, I’m not sure how busy you are and even if we didn’t attend your wedding, you shouldn’t stay away for so long.” 

Sweat started to form on Yang Chen’s forehead when he heard that. It looked like she was still holding grudge over the fact that her daughter couldn't have a wedding. 

He nodded respectfully. “You’re right Mom. It’s just a habit of mine, I keep forgetting to call you guys.”

Ma Guifang just wanted to give him a light reminder since things had already come to this point so she just went along with his excuse. She beckoned Yang Chen to sit down before pouring tea for him.

It was rare for him to have dinner with two of his lovers and mother-in-law that it made him feel warm inside.

Although Ma Guifang didn’t really show it, she still cared for her son-in-law, serving him dishes occasionally and she even made two pots of rice for him.

Thankfully Yang Chen had a big appetite so most of the dishes were finished.

However, Ma Guifang couldn’t smile at him since she was still resentful towards Yang Chen. Her heart dropped when she heard that Lin Ruoxi had adopted a child.

“Yang Chen, you have to make sure that President Lin’s child wouldn’t bully you and Qianni’s child.” Ma Guifang was already concerned about her future grandson.

Yang Chen was embarrassed whereas Mo Qianni’s face turned scarlet.

“Mom! What are you talking about! We still have a long way to go!” She was absolutely abashed.

Yang Chen quickly interjected. “Mom, you’re overthinking it. Ruoxi likes kids more than me. She’ll love all of them regardless of their birth mother.”

“I believe that. I heard from Qianni that she’s been doing charity work with the old president ever since she was young. She even volunteered in the orphanage before. It’s a pity that she got together with you.” Ma Guifang shook her head and sighed.

Yang Chen’s face fell. Why did she make it sound like Lin Ruoxi was way out of his league?

Mo Qianni pouted. “Mom, what’re you talking about? How can you say that to your son-in-law?”

Ma Guifang hit her daughter’s head with her chopsticks. “You silly girl, you could’ve had a wedding if President Lin didn’t fall for him.”

Mo Qianni stuck out her tongue. “Even if Ruoxi didn’t fall for him, there's still Sister Rose in front of me. They met before me.”

“Is that true?” Ma Guifang glanced over at Rose who had been quiet.

Rose pursed her lips and smiled. “I wouldn’t marry Yang Chen. I do not match well as his wife.”

Yang Chen felt uncomfortable. Ma Guifang was trying to make him feel guilty and she did. He didn’t have the courage to face his lovers because of this. 

Now that he thought about it, if he hadn’t married Lin Ruoxi by accident, Mo Qianni could have become his official girlfriend since they dated first and that she was also a suitable candidate.

However, there were no ifs or buts in the world.

Yang Chen could only do his best to take care of everyone. While he was grinning as a response to Ma Guifang’s complaints, a couple was landing at the burnt Yanyu Nunnery.

The woman was dressed in a long gown with familiar-looking cold and elegant facial features. 
It was actually Master Yanyu with her hat off.

The man looked slightly similar to Yanyu but he was taller and more well built. He was wearing a black gown and had an arrogant look on his face.

“Damn it! They’re already gone, we were too late!” Master Yanyu stomped her feet out of frustration.

The man’s face was dark. “Don’t worry, Feiyu. You've seen his face and with your eidetic memory and your outstanding drawing skills, you can send it the ones from the Huang rank to search for him. There aren't a lot of young male cultivators in China. I’m sure there’ll be traces around.”

Master Yanyu’s eyes brightened at his words. “Big brother, that’s very thoughtful of you! I’ll draw it later. That bloody man, how dare he ruin my place! We’ve never faced a humiliation like this before!”

“I’ll go with you when you find him. My sister shall not be bullied by a mere cultivator. You know our father cares the most about his reputation, if he knows that you were humiliated, he would feel humiliated too. Both of us would be admonished!”

“Hmph, what does it have to do with him? It’s not like he cares about me,” Yan Feiyu said disdainfully.

“Sis, you can't say that! He had always cared about you and our sister. Can you stop with the feud, haven’t you caused enough trouble over the incident?” Yan Feiyun knitted his brows.

“If he really cared about us, why would he ignore me for so many years! He didn’t even bother looking for our sister!”

“You…is it that hard for you to acknowledge your own mistakes?!”

Yan Feiyu’s voice turned chilly. “Big brother, I asked you for help, I didn’t come here to listen to this. I’ll find a way by myself if you’re unwilling to help me. I’ll never acknowledge my mistake in front of that old man! I did nothing wrong!”

Yan Feiyun sighed. “Fine. If that’s the case, you can look for him yourself. Let me know if you found him, I’m going back to Gods’ Island first.”

Having said so, his body disappeared from the mountains with a flash. 

Yan Feiyu stood next to the broken walls silently and stared at the stars, as though reminiscing about the past.